How much money do models make in Nigeria?

How Much Money Do Models Make in Nigeria?

 How much do models make in Nigeria?
How much money do models make in Nigeria?

Before starting a modelling career in Nigeria, modelling aspirants usually want to know how much money do models make in Nigeria. That question will be addressed in this blog post. Not only will you get an idea of how much money one can make from a modelling career in Nigeria, but you would also learn how to maximize your earnings potential as a model in Nigeria.

1. How much money do models make in Nigeria?

Modelling is one of those careers where one has to be at the very top to become super-rich. To elaborate, look at football for instance. There are many football players, but one might have to be in one of the top leagues in order to make a six-figure earning.

To get a realistic figure of how much models make in Nigeria, we spoke with Adaora Gabriella Ikpeama, a professional model in Nigeria. Adaora started part-time modelling in SS1 and has been modelling for close to 7 years. She was also a contestant in the recent most beautiful girl in Nigeria (MBGN) contest.

Adaora Gabriella Ikpeama - Nigerian model
Adaora Gabriella Ikpeama – Nigerian Model
Adaora Gabriella Ikpeama - Nigerian model

According to Adaora, an average model earns around fifty thousand Naira depending on the job. She said, “modelling is not lucrative in Nigeria”, and “in order to succeed you need strong connections”. This buttresses the point made earlier that you have to be at the very top in order to become rich with modelling. In other words, one needs to be a supermodel.

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Modelling requires various skills, some of which are charisma and networking. Both are somehow intertwined because networking often requires charisma. Fashion modelling and commercial modelling are some of the most popular modelling types in Nigeria. For a list of popular modelling types in Nigeria, see this post.

These modelling types also happen to be very competitive nowadays due to the popular use of social media platforms. Many roles which used to be mostly reserved for professional commercial models are now also being taken by social media influencers who also model technically.

2. How to maximize your earnings potential as a model in Nigeria

2.1 You can increase your earnings potential by becoming a freelance model

Back in the day, models usually rely heavily on modelling agencies for work and being a freelance model was quite difficult. But nowadays, the emergence of social media platforms on the internet has made freelance modelling a lot easier so you do not have to rely on agencies alone. You could create a modelling portfolio by uploading soft media to a freelance modelling profile online.

2.2 Let your online profile show exactly what you do

Networking in the 21st century requires that you have an online profile. However, don’t just create an online profile and stop there, you need to ensure that your profile reaches the right audience. There are several posts on Scrollforth about networking which you might find useful and you can find them here.

Create a profile that you can share easily with potential clients. Ensure that your freelance profile tells what you do and that it is visible in search engines.

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For example, when I did a search for my name on Google I got the following results:

My profile on Linkedin
How my Linkedin profile showed in the results
My profile on Scrollforth
How my Scrollforth profile showed in the results

You would notice that the second search result shows precisely what I do. Another great benefit of that search result is that a quick search for ‘editor on Scrollforth’ should also show my profile in the search engine results pages (SERPs) as well.

Likewise, when you create profiles on the internet, try to ensure that your profile shows relevant information in SERPs. Doing so could significantly increase your networking reach. Unfortunately, you might not always have control over how a platform optimizes your profile for SERPs but you can try to use the appropriate networking platform and include sufficient information about the types of modelling that you do.

2.3 Types of media to include in your online modelling portfolio

Your online modelling portfolio should contain images as well as vlogs. With vlogs, you can demonstrate that you are articulate as well as show off your knowledge on relevant topics. Beauty + brain = more potential earnings in a modelling career.


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