Freelance Writing Jobs in Nigeria

Freelance Writing Jobs in Nigeria.
Freelance Writing Jobs in Nigeria

Make money from freelance writing jobs in Nigeria

We have freelance writing jobs in Nigeria. If you would like to make money from freelance writing, consider switching to our monetized membership.

Monetized membership allows you to make money from freelance writing and other creative activities. For instance, you could make money as a freelance writer.

Also if you are an artist, blogger, or other content creator, you could make money from your activities on Scrollforth. You can make money on Scrollforth in the following ways:

Make money by creating mini blogs and memes on Scrollforth

Boost your freelance writing income.

You could blog on Scrollforth social networking platform in many ways, one of which is through posting memes on the activity wall. When you sign in to your Scrollforth account and ‘write something’ on the activity wall, it is counted as a blog. Likewise when you post other media such as a picture or video, you are actively blogging.

Make money as a content creator in Nigeria.

You should however desist from posting other people’s work or content as your own. Doing so might constitute an infringement of intellectual property right. Originality is very important. We may also suspend or remove your Scrollforth account if we notice such infringement.

Make money from freelance writing by submitting blog posts for publication on Scrollforth

Make money from freelance writing.

To maximize the amount of money you can make from freelance writing, consider submitting blog posts for publication on Scrollforth. The post could be on a topic of your choice that fits into one of our blog categories.

We would review the posts you have written and you would be rewarded if your written blog post is published on Scrollforth. The amount of money you could make would vary depending on the word count and quality of your written post. Minimum word count is usually 500 words.

Make money from freelance writing.

More money could also accrue to your monetized membership account when people interact with the blog post. Before submitting a blog post for publication on Scrollforth, we suggest that you read our post on writing a blog post .

Start making money from freelance writing

If you want to start making money as from freelance writing, go to your Scrollforth Profile Settings and select monetized membership under ‘Membership type’ menu.

Monetized membership is only available to members resident in Nigeria. By choosing to monetize your membership you get to benefit from other earnings on Scrollforth social networking platform. You could switch back to default membership if you so wish.

Monetized membership option is free and subject to our Terms of Use.

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