Food Combinations You Never Knew Existed

Published on: June 13, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Food is life and I thank God immensely for the gift of food to mankind. But why we are grateful for this wonderful gift called food, humans are slowly developing large appetites and a need to consume a large amount of food. This need to consume a large amount of food has led to people creating many food combinations.

We started by combining rice and beans and it has turned into a widely accepted meal that fully complements each other. Now, some people have gone the extra mile in creating food combinations that would surprise you.

Below is a list of food combinations for you to catch up on so you don’t feel awkward when you see people eating them:

1. Rice with Okra Soup

rice and okra food combination

This combo has to be the first on this list despite how popular it is becoming. You know the way you eat white rice with vegetable soup, that is exactly the same way some people eat white rice with okra soup and some have stepped it up to jollof rice and okra soup. The moment you ask them why, you will hear things like 'what is the difference between the normal vegetable soup and okra soup', or 'if you can eat rice with vegetable soup why not do the same with okra'.

Well, whatsoever their reason is, I personally do not buy into eating a drawy rice because the only soup I can compare okra to is draw (Ogbonno) soup.

2. Akara and Agidi

akara and agidi combination

People mostly refer to akara as 'fried bean cake' and agidi as 'corn jellos', whatever name you call it, I’m definitely sticking to the native name.

This food combination is still very unpopular and mostly frowned at by people, but some people still eat it and call it flex. Personally, I tried this food sometime in the past and the only good thing I can say about it is that it is a balanced diet: Corn - carbohydrates, beans - protein, oil - fats and oil plus all other food ingredients in them.

Asides from the case of a balanced diet, there is nothing special about akara and agidi, the taste is bland and will make you feel sick. Imagine eating akara that has little or no taste with white agidi that’s generally tasteless and cold, nothing can be weirder than this. Please, let’s not compare this with bread and akara.

3. Beans with Garri

food combinations - a combination of garri and beans with plantain

This is not your regular beans and garri combo where your beans are on a separate plate from your drinking garri. In this food combo, your drinking garri mixed with sugar and water is poured directly into the bowl of hot beans, stirred and eaten together.

In the case where the beans prepared are watery, just put the garri and sugar directly into the beans without water and stir it well. You are probably imagining what this tastes like just like I did when someone told me he did it a number of times in secondary school.

While you are imagining and thinking it is irritating, there is a Ghanaian dish prepared just like this and it’s called 'borbor'.

4. Garri with Suya

Garri and suya combo

The fact that someone puts suya in garri that’s mixed with sugar and milk is alarming. Why will I want to be chewing something strong, oily and peppery while drinking garri. No matter how long you preach this as a balanced diet, I will still not consider it, allow me to enjoy my garri and groundnut or coconut in peace.

5. Bread and Suya

Bread and suya combination

This combo is mostly eaten by students in the higher institution and it’s prepared mostly by abokis. Usually, it is eaten alongside fried egg. It is prepared by opening up the bread and putting the fried egg and suya inside, then pressing it down on a frying pan with little oil till it becomes flat.

Bread and suya is a very torturous combo, I tried it one time and I couldn’t chew rice the next day. But no matter what, I would still prefer bread and suya over garri and suya.

You can let me know in the comment section which one of these food combinations you would be trying out.

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