Flaw of the Women-folk

Published on: December 10, 2020 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

It was our lunch break at LPL Holdings Inc. My friend Miriam and I went to the
company restaurant and ordered for a meal.
"Miriam, anything for me?" I asked knowing my friend for always having gist.
"Yes o." She replied.
"Oya download for me na."
She looked around and then began. "Could you believe that the Boss is chopping life
with Clara?"
"Ehn?" I screamed my eyes wide.
"Shhh. Don't make noise na!" She cautioned me. "Wetin you don hear self?"
"No vex." I replied.
"Ehen, in fact she just aborted for him last week."
"Heu!!! Miriam, how and where did you get this information?" I asked alarmed.
"From the horse's mouth baby." She replied airily.
"Which of the horses?" I whispered.
"The female one."
"Why did Clara tell you?" Miriam was BBC in the flesh and everyone knew it so why did
Clara tell her knowing that the news would spread round the company once Miriam
heard it?
"She said she's tired of giving in to his advances."
"Tired bawo? E don tey wey e don dey knack am ni?"
"Siddon dia. The last abortion she committed last week was the 5th."
My face froze in shock. What!!!!!! "Wetin u talk now?"
"Hm. They done dey collabo for like 7 months now." My friend continued.
"But Clara doesn't look like an office prostitute, I mean she's a decent girl nau." I
thought aloud. "What happened?"
"True she is a nice girl but you know how Clara dresses nau. Not that she exposes
anything but her figure is always out so, the boss got interested and asked her to be his
mistress. When she refused, he gave her two options: lose the job or be his mistress.
Poor Clara that is still managing her life with a job couldn't afford losing it as it is not
easy to get a job in this country. Na so she gree for oga o."
I was pained for her. "He took advantage of her knowing she needed the job." I said as
I shook my head sadly.
Miriam looked at me. "Pele o lawyer. You wanna sue your boss for sexual harassment?"
"Swearz but then I'm more of a business lawyer than a human rights activist." I
"All these things: rape, sexual harassment and the likes is caused by the flaw of the
women-folk." Miriam said thoughtfully.
"How exactly do you mean? What's our flaw?" I asked her.
"The way we dress. That's it."
I still couldn't put two and two together."…expantiate."
"Women love to dress in a way that will show of all their curves forgetting that men are
moved by what they see. We say they should take their eyes off and some even stupidly
say 'see but don't touch' but we are just kidding ourselves. Say you've been hungry,
starving even for 3 or more days, and some delicious food which is not yours crosses
your view, you will agree with me that it will take self-control and in some cases, God
for you to not touch that food. Let me relate it to humans now. A single unmarried,
babeless guy wey konji don dey hold tey tey con see one haunty wey come visit am
wearing next to nothing, if there's no self control, what do you think will happen or
rather what do you think is on his mind?"
"…sex." I replied beginning to see her point.
"Ehen and if he can't get it willingly from her, he'll forcefully have his way. Check most
rape cases that's what happened. A lady half unclad was in the presence of a man and
I thought over it. Truly, indecent dressing was the flaw of the women-folk.