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Frequently Asked Questions on Scrollforth

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FAQs on Scrollforth and answers

Scrollforth is a top-notch social networking platform for social activity and business growth. You can blog, chat, make new friends, promote your business, and much more. Check out the about page for detailed information on what you can do on Scrollforth.

Scrollforth is free to join.

You must be at least 13 years of age to use Scrollforth.

You can list your product or service on Scrollforth free of charge through this link.

You can make money on Scrollforth by changing your membership type to monetized membership. With this membership, you can submit blogs for publication on Scrollforth and you would be rewarded if your blog is published on the platform. Monetized membership is only available to members resident in Nigeria at the moment. More information can be found here.

Blog post

Yes, you can submit blog posts on Scrollforth.

If you want to receive remuneration for publishing a blog post on Scrollforth, you would need to switch to monetized membership before submitting your blog post. At the moment, monetized membership is only available to members in Nigeria. If you are on monetized membership, you will be paid if your blog post is approved and published on Scrollforth.

Topics must be approved first. You can send a topic proposal to

The requirement for approval of topics is to prevent an instance where the same topic would be simultaneously written by multiple authors. Another reason for the requirement is to ensure quality of contents. 

For guest posts, minimum word count is 300 words. For monetized membership, minimum word count is 500 words.

No you can’t. Only fresh contents are accepted on Scrollforth.

Other writers might be interested on writing on the same topic. This is why you should submit your blog post within 5 days of approval otherwise it will be deemed as abandoned and the topic could be approved for someone else.

Monetized membership

Withdrawal requests are usually processed withing 24 hours but it may take up to 48 hours for you to receive payment.

We strive to review and publish posts withing 48 hours of submission. However, if your post does not comply with our guidelines for submitting blog posts, it won’t be published. If your post is not published after 48 hours of submission, you can contact us for feedback.

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