Falz Was a Smart Student in Law School

Published on: September 23, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Folarin Falana popularly known as Falz was a smart student in law school
Falz was a smart student

Folarin Falana popularly known as Falz the Bahd Guy or simply Falz was a smart student in law school. There were only around 300 students undertaking the Bar Part 1 Course at the Nigerian Law School in 2010. With such a number, you can recognize virtually all faces. A guy that wore glasses and wristwatches with coloured straps wasn't particularly difficult to notice. I wasn't sure whether he had several wristwatches with different strap colours or maybe he just changed the straps. His wrist though, with a bright coloured wristwatch, wasn't hard to notice.

Bar aspiration and rap ambition

Falz was a close friend of my law school roommate (and I'm sure they are still friends) and he would pop into our room every now and then. I had seen him holding what appeared to be a demo CD a few times and wondered if he was serious with his studies. Maybe he was just having a brief stint with rap music, I had thought.

Law is a creative discipline and it's not unusual for lawyers to exhibit their versatility in various forms of art. Notable examples of such arts are writing, acting, and oratory. Rapping, however, seemed unusual. Bar aspiration + rap ambition? It just didn't add up in my mind.

Falz's spontaneous presentation in front of the class

We usually received lectures in the auditorium with a large capacity and the first lecture usually started at 9 am (if I remember correctly). I remember that Falz came into the auditorium some few minutes late when the lecture had already started. That lecture was on common law history, one of my favourite subjects. On entering the class, Falz was stopped by the teacher who asked him to tell the class how common law started in England. There I was, somewhere in the back row seats (dubbed the House of Lords), thinking let's see if the rap aspirant knows a thing or two about the law.

Falz stood in front of the class in the auditorium and narrated the common law history confidently. I was flabbergasted! You would think he had been preparing for it. At that point, I knew Falz was a smart student and his rap ambition had no impact on his academic performance. It seems he just prefers the 'Soft Work'.

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