The Unfading Beauty of a Woman

POEMS FOR WOMEN: Womens world The womens world is full of varieties. The womens world is like a stream, Of rivers in the midst of a deserted land Walking through the midst of her I felt comfort, life and get refreshed I love it and desire to stay long with her Because every moment with her Is excitement unlimited! Come to my world, she says... Perfecto in Woman Women are perfecto of all creatures She made history in the beginning, The whole world was waiting For her arrival Her coming made a help for man And she crowned the works of God And the beauty of God was Practically reflected in her Women are prefect indeed. I am a woman I am a woman of style & elegance I will walk with pride and with my head raised very high I am my husbands helpmate I am the angel that creates children I am Gods special creation I am a mother to all my mates I am beautiful from the crown of my head To toe, God I thank you There is no mistake in my creation A complete woman of substance & grace He who creates me is worthy to be praised I come with ease & remain A comfort to the world For making me an Angel on earth, I am so grateful I am the kings mother I take care of all I am the salt of earth, rejoice with me I am different from others My creation is unique No-one can replicate me My beauty is heaven-made For my head is perfectly moulded My wealth is incomparable For I am a jewel (rubies) Of inestimable value I am the mostly beads I am sweet nectar Which is hard to come by? And my love cannot be bought For I deserve to be pampered Coz inside of me There is a girlish nature That needs to know by all men And get true love from me Without me, There is no conception & recreation I am the fulfilment of the creators mandate Babies are formed in my womb Is the sole-carrier of children? I am every childs passage Into the world with my blood And the suckling child Feed on my breast My back is a haven of comfort And rest for high And I nurse him With utmost care & love I am a mother, minder, comfort Natural teacher & cook Providing healthy food That nurtures him to full growth Without mine assistance the child Goes thru a lot of hardship & pain I am not one to be trodden upon And I am a woman with special creation

Olajide Adeyeoluwa


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Woman are wonderful creatures.

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