Spiritual health from a Christian perspective

From a Christian perspective, spiritual health basically entails being spiritually sound, the habitation of the Holy Spirit and yielding to His voice and instructions. A believer that is spiritually sound will always be led by the Holy Spirit. Most of the time, people mostly talk about their emotional health, physical health, or mental health. Spiritual health is often neglected, but it's unknown to them that spiritual health is important because when you're sound spiritually, it helps to control your emotional and mental health. It creates a balance for you. When a person is spiritually sound, it makes it easier for God to reveal your life's purpose on earth. Anything as regards to spirituality in a believer's health must entail the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the anchor of a believer's life How to be spiritually sound. Just as there are certain habits or routines you do to maintain your physical health, there are also things we need to do in order to be spiritually healthy. When we neglect specific things with regard to our physical health, it usually comes with side effects. For example, it is required to brush daily. When you neglect this routine, you're left with the aftereffect of mouth odour. Our spiritual health needs a daily routine to be followed so we won't flop in our purpose on earth. Below are five routines we shouldn't neglect as believers.  1.Studying the Bible and meditating. The Bible is one of the physical representations of God's thoughts, deeds, and plans. You can't be sound spiritually without knowing God's word. There are Bible plans you can follow each day to help study the Bible easily. Most of the time, the Holy Spirit leads us to specific Bible verses to encourage, warn, or confirm something to us. Meditating is also reflecting on what you have read, through that, God can also speak to us. Knowing God's word equips us for any situation. 2. Fasting, prayer, and worship Praying is communicating with God. The concept of prayer is intimacy. Prayer creates intimacy between God and man. When you pray to Him from your spirit, your spiritual senses will be quickened. He will reveal things to you. When a particular time is dedicated to prayer and this time is religiously followed, you're constantly feeding and enriching the spirit. Your spiritual senses will be sharpened. The Holy Spirit will open your eyes to see the mysteries of the kingdom of God. He will show you things, and even when you're busy with any activity, He can still talk to you to guide and lead you. Worshipping is also vital because it brings glory to Him. Fasting can be incorporated also; it helps. In Matthew 17:21, there was an instance where Jesus said fasting was also required. There are certain problems we may encounter that praying alone is not enough. We have to add fasting. 3. Christian fellowship The Bible says, in Hebrews 10:25, that we shouldn't forsake the gathering of the brethren. In the gathering of the Brethren, many revelations are shared; either a prophecy or God giving an instruction to you through another person. When testimonies are also shared, it increases the faith of the believer. 4. Speaking in other tongues, Speaking in tongues helps to edify oneself. To edify yourself means to improve in the knowledge of God. Speaking in Tongues takes us to another realm we cannot explain. God can also reveal Himself while we speak in other tongues. How to balance physical activities and spiritual health: Many people find it difficult to incorporate their spiritual journey into their activities. You will make time for God if you love Him. You wouldn't let procrastination or laziness interrupt your time with God. To make everything easy, check your schedule, look for a free time that you know you'll be dedicated to, and reserve it for God. Set an alarm, if you must, to remind you each day. If you're very busy during the day, you can set aside an hour or more during the night to seek God's face. Also, Paul urges us to pray continually in 1 Thessalonians 5:17. While walking you can pray, while carrying out your activities you can also pray. Prayer shouldn't always be for specific occasions. The Importance of Maintaining a Good Spirit. Please know that a good spirit in this context refers to the Holy Spirit. 1. According to John 14:16, 26, The Holy Spirit is our comforter, He teaches us and brings all things to our remembrance 2. To receive guidance and direction from the Holy Spirit on what to do. 3. The ability to distinguish between good and evil.