How to Formulate a Title For Your Blog Post

how to formulate a title for your blog post

So you have an idea that you want to write about and you've quickly thought of a suitable title for it. Then you think its time to put pen to paper or fingers on the keyboard. Well, it's not that simple. Knowing how to formulate a title for your blog post is one of the most important things when writing blog posts. You are probably not the first person to think of the idea you have in mind. There could be thousands of blog posts or more that have been published on the internet on the same topic.

So a good way to start is to put your title in search engines first and see what comes up. If nothing matched your query in search engine results pages (SERPs), then you are lucky. But in many cases, there would be similar posts on the same topic. You could try reading what others have written about.

If you think the contents of the posts with similar title are different from what you have in mind, then formulate your title in a way that shows the uniqueness of your blog post.

Also, when formulating a title for your blog post, try to keep the title short. Ideally it shouldn't be more than 65 characters (including white spaces). This is because your the title of your blog post might be truncated in SERPs if its too long. Some search engines would not even index your post if the title is too long.

Michael Akerele