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    Respect is a powerful word both in meaning and action .But i think not all men knows it men who believes a women’s place is in the kitchen has none but can they be blame it is indeed true everywoman ends up in the kitchen which makes men believe the female power is in how good their food tastes. Alot of women have believe this fallacy over the years but u can’t blame them if they grow up being told by their mom everyday that is a woman without her man is incomplete and that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach who is to blame the proud men or the mothers fallacy .
    I know am powerful and strong so i will cook and marry but the kitchen will not be my office but luxury room and my strength will determine by the taste of my food but the success of my handiwork
    With or without a man am a complete and powerful being


    Great post

    Blessing Nwabueze

    True. Not feminist but it’s the reality of life. I believe that women deserve better

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