BB Naija Evicted Housemates

Yesterday, the 26th of September the BB Naija evicted housemates were revealed but there was a twist

On Monday, the 20th of September, 6 housemates were put up for eviction after the veto power game was played, these six housemates were: Pere, Whitemoney, Angel, Queen, Nini and Saga. One of these six housemates have been saved and is now among the big brother finalists, this housemate is Whitemoney. The BB Naija evicted housemates are; Queen, Nini and Saga. These three housemates have been evicted from the BBN house leaving us wondering about Pere and Angel. BB Naija Evicted Housemates: Queen BB Naija Evicted Housemates: Nini BB Naija Evicted Housemates: Saga Big Brother brought in a twist during yesterday's live show which left viewers shocked, but most viewers dismayed. There were 2 fake evictions, these fake evicted housemates are Pere and Angel. One of them has to redeem their place in the house by playing a game. In this game, they are to disassemble trucks making sure that the parts and screws are complete. Any of the housemates to finish before the greenlight goes off will go back into the house and the other will be evicted. Most of the viewers are not pleased with this because from the voting result, Pere had a higher vote than Angel, therefore he should be among the top 5 finalists without any of these twists. But then, this is Big Brother’s house, his games and his rules.