Diet or Exercise: Which is important?

Published on: January 19, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Diet or Exercise: Which is Important For Health Goals?

When you think of creating a healthy lifestyle, building new habits for your health goals or even weight loss, what comes to mind? I bet it's one of these two options: Diet or exercise.

Diet or Exercise: Which is important for health
Diet or Exercise: Which is important for health goals

The struggle, however, is to pick the one we think works best. Yes, we honestly wish we could just do both, consistently and religiously. However, but it seems like a lot of work. So, perhaps we should just find out which works best and stick to it.

Again, diet or exercise? Which should I devote more of my time and effort to?

Let's start with how the body operates. It should help us understand why we even need both in the first place.

You see, the body is like every automobile that you know. It is designed to "wear and tear" over time. Even though that doesn't sound like something you want to hear. It's the truth. The human body deteriorates with time, which is why the older a person gets, certain organs in the body begin to fail.

Anyway, even though it's true that the body deteriorates with time, we can determine the rate at which it will occur. That's the point where diet or exercise comes in.

A healthy diet and exercise aren't only reserved for people who are overweight

Yes, people who are overweight have a higher tendency of losing their health quickly than people who are not. Here's why. The body is like an elastic material that has an expansion limit. So, the more it expands, the weaker it becomes. When the body becomes weak, it can no longer fight to keep you healthy longer.

Back to our point of discussion. To stay healthy longer, whether you are slim or fat, it is important to consider one or two of these options; diet or exercise.

To help you choose better, here's something you should understand. All human activities involve calories. So, you're either consuming or burning calories.

Everything you take in contains calories. Likewise, every activity you do involves burning calories, whether you are just sleeping, breathing, walking, running, etc.

Diet vs Exercise

When calorie consumption becomes more than the rate at which you are burning it, the extra calories are stored up as fat in the body. On the other hand, however, when the rate of burning calories is higher than your consumption, you lose weight. It means that to a large extent, your diet is responsible for the state of your body

So, if your diet is responsible for the state of exercise, what then is the point of exercises?

Exercise is what's responsible for giving you the sculpted body that you desire. So, to mould your body, it is important to exercise. Also, because you can't predict the exact amount of calories you take in, even if you try to be conscious and calculative about it, how about increasing the rate at which you burn calories? That way you'll have just the right amount of calorie in your body.

An average man requires 2,000 calories to survive daily, and a woman, 1,500. However, in one portion of a meal, it is possible to take in the entire calories for the day, Imagine doing that 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). How then do you get rid of the extra calories?

PS: Don't eat all your calories in one portion of your meal.

So, back to the question, diet or exercise, which works best? I guess you know the answer now.

Diet and exercise are crucial for your well being. However, put more emphasis on your diet. It all starts with what goes into your body.