Christmas Celebration in Nigeria - Popular Activities

Published on: November 10, 2020 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

It is that time of the season again. Christmas celebration is something you need to celebrate in Nigeria. That is, if you haven't. It doesn't really matter where in Nigeria you are celebrating yours. We all have that similar drive and excitement celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December all over the world, Nigeria inclusive. Lots of fun things happen during this period.

Trips during Christmas celebration in Nigeria

During the Christmas festive period, lots of people travel to their villages to visit their extended families. Travelling to the village is always fun as you get to meet people you have not seen for ages. You meet people from all walks of life come home to celebrate. However, people in the city are not left out of this celebration. Some families take their kids to see 'Father Christmas' also known as Santa Clause, some tourists visit some exciting places like 'Ikogosi Water Fall', Museum, Cinema, beaches etc.

Popular Christmas meals in Nigeria

In Nigeria, even though we eat rice almost everyday, Christmas rice and chicken/turkey is always very special. While some use fish instead of chicken others use goat meat. It all depends on everyone's budget and preference. The women take extra care to cook the food. On the eve of Christmas, the women and their daughters are busy in the kitchen preparing the Christmas meal while the men cleaning up to make sure everywhere is sparking clean.


Christmas Celebration in Nigeria

Some people plan their Christmas early enough while some later. Parents buy new clothes for their kids, couples gift one another, lovers get engagement surprises, bosses get Christmas hampers from employees, the motherless babies homes gets lots of visitations and gift items like clothes, food items the list goes on.

Social activities during the Christmas season 

Did I mention to you Christmas in Nigeria is always fun regardless? Just like magic you will be marveled at the rate people spend and throw parties. You begin to wonder. Are these not the same people that complained about being broke 2-3 months back. How come? The answer is very simple. Some people are of the notion Christmas season is the time to enjoy your January to December hard work. However, personally I disagree with this notion completely. Lots of weddings both traditional and church wedding take place during this time because the couple's want other family members both home and abroad to come share in their joy.

In all, if you haven't been to Nigeria, Christmas season is the best time to visit this great nation. There are lots of fun places to be visited and lots of cultures and traditions to be learned. Even though some churches don't celebrate Christmas in Nigeria, Christmas celebration is still something we all look forward to.

Hmmm! I almost forgot to add this. The mixed feelings that come with fireworks (aka bangers) even makes the celebration more exciting. Kids and youths especially find this fun while older folks find it annoying. But still, fireworks are not safe. The user(s) need to trade with caution. Some of the kids are ready to spend up their savings buying banger.