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10 Signs Your Male Partner is Cheating

Signs Your Male Partner is Cheating


As a female, noticing some changes in your partner can make you acquire investigative skills. Suddenly, you have the appetite to find out if your male partner is cheating. While you put on your detective badge, we have put together some points that might help. Here are the ten signs your male partner is cheating on you. 

Signs your male partner is cheating

Below are 10 signs your male partner is cheating on you

1. Your male partner might be cheating on you if he is always too busy for you

One of the first signs your male partner is cheating is when he’s too busy for you. A cheating partner will provide excessively ridiculous excuses when you try to ask about it. Or he will get flustered and say that he is too stressed to speak on the matter. Regardless of the excuse he feeds you, you should know that a man is NEVER too busy to communicate with his woman. 

2. He might be cheating if he gets irritated at every little thing you do

Another sign of your male partner cheating is if he gets annoyed and irritated more often at you. Worse, he is not ready to resolve fights between the both of you. You also notice some exaggerated actions whenever he is angry, like storming out on you. When he’s angry, he does not come home until you call all his friends to beg him. This can indicate he’s cheating.

3. He becomes very secretive

In a relationship, I believe everything should be shared between both partners. However, if your male partner changes phone passwords, hides conversations, and deletes chats, something is wrong. Also, if he doesn’t receive calls in your presence, then there is a possibility of infidelity

4. He drops the ‘we’ and uses ‘I’ often

Another sign that your male partner might be cheating is if he stops using collective nouns when talking about his future. A partner who is believed to be faithful would have you in their plans. He would use ‘We,’ ‘Us,’ ‘Our’ instead of ‘I’ and ‘My.’ Take note of this if you suspect your male partner is unfaithful. 

5. A sudden change in work schedule could be a sign that your male partner is cheating

There’s every reason to suspect your male partner of cheating if you notice some sudden changes in his work schedule. Without any form of promotion, he suddenly starts having late meetings, suspicious business trips, or even overnight meetings. These can indicate he is cheating, especially if you notice some other sudden changes about him.

6. Excess unjustifiable time on social media could be a sign your male partner is cheating

If your male partner spends a lot of time on social media without justification, he might be having an affair outside the relationship. This is especially when the person he often chats with is unfamiliar to you. You can politely ask him about it, but ensure that you make no accusation. His response or reaction will give you an answer.Β 

7. Being overprotective about his phone is a strong sign that your male partner is cheating

If he suddenly loves his phone more and makes sure it never leaves his sight, he has something to hide. In other words, he gets angry when you touch his phone, or he would rather operate his phone himself. These are signs that he could be cheating.

8. Less sexual activity

Another thing to look out for if you are not sure of a cheating partner is a sudden lack of sexual attraction towards you. If your male partner is getting sex from someone else, you might be getting none from him. He might be cheating if he no longer makes sexual advances or claims to never be in the mood.

9 Your male partner might be cheating on you if he lies to you consistently

One of the common qualities of a cheating male partner is lies. You can detect a cheating partner by the excuses he gives all the time. Once he starts lying about things, he contradicts himself or even forgets the previous lie he told on a topic. While he tells his lies, you would also notice that some things don’t add up.

10. He pays more attention to his appearance

If your partner is in a relationship with someone else, he will begin to pay more attention to his appearance. Suddenly, you would notice a change in his dressing to work or a change in his hairstyle. He might even have a sudden interest in working out and looking fit. While there’s no crime in looking good or changing looks, questions should be asked when he does it without reason.

Special Love Messages For Him πŸ’

Love Messages For Him

Nothing makes your male partner happier 😍 than receiving occasional love messages from you. Check out some beautifully crafted love messages for him πŸ’ž in this post.

Special love Messages For Him
Love Messages For Him

Below are special love messages for your male partner:

Special love messages for him to let him know how much you love him

I try so much to express my love for you but couldn't find the right words no matter how hard I try. Then I realized that I love you beyond words πŸ₯°. 
Darling, I give you hugs for breakfast πŸ€—, kisses for lunch 😘, and cuddles for dinner πŸ«‚, don't let me catch you eating outside 😬.
I never believed in love until I met you. You really rock my world in a way that I can't explain. Wish we had met earlier πŸ₯°. 
You are a rare treasure of inestimable value, I wish I could lock you in my heart and throw away the key πŸ€”.
I think talking to you on the phone this morning was a bad idea 😐. Your voice felt intoxicating 😐. Now it's hard for me to focus πŸ₯°.
It seems giving you my telephone number was a bad idea because I am falling head over hills in love with you πŸ’•.
It's amazing how my love for you feels stronger and stronger with time. You're simply the best thing that has ever happened to me πŸ€— 😘.
I love you beyond your imagination. You really bring out the best in me πŸ’ƒ.
You make me feel absolute joy whenever I'm around you πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘¨. No matter what I'm going through, I always feel relaxed whenever you're around πŸ’ƒ. I feel so lucky to have you in my life. Thanks for loving me the way you do πŸ’ 😘.
Chocolate 🍫 and candies 🍬 are sweet but you excite my taste buds on a whole new level 😝. You're the sweetest dear 😍.
Nothing compares to the pleasure of getting spontaneous phone calls from you 😍.
Darling, I am not clairvoyant but one thing I know for sure is that my love πŸ’– for you will never change πŸ’Ž.
I love everything about you; the way you talk, the way you walk, it's like you're just too good to be true 😲. I love you to bits. I hope my heart is safe with you πŸ’.
Your love feels psychedelic dear πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«. You need to slow down with your charms so that I don't get an overdose πŸ₯΄.
I don't know what you've done to me dear, but whatever it is, keep doing it 😍 because I don't want these feelings I have for you to ever stop 🀩.
Just to check how you're doing dear. Can't get you off my mind. Love you to bits 😘.
I 've thinking of you all day honey πŸ₯°, just can't get enough of you. Hope your day was as cute as you 😘.

Special love messages to show him how much you miss him

It seems true that absence makes the heart grow fonder πŸ’“, I can't think of any better place to be now than right there in your arms πŸ€—. I really miss you dearie 😍. 
I am counting every minute, every second, and every breath till I get to see your cute face again. I really miss you love, can't wait to see you. I love you to the moon πŸŒ‘ and back 😍.
I haven't washed the dress πŸ‘— I was wearing the last time we met just so that I can smell your cologne on it every time I'm thinking of you. I miss you like crazy 😍!
I feel so miserably empty without you around. Everything just feels boring πŸ˜₯.
Darling, I feel so lonely. Wish I could teleport into your arms right now 😻.
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How to Raise Money For a Nigerian Wedding

how to raise money for a Nigerian wedding
How to raise money for a Nigerian wedding
How to raise money for a Nigerian wedding

The biggest challenge for any wedding is the arduous task of raising money which would be used to pay for your wedding. This is why I want to share tips on raising money for a Nigerian wedding. As much as you want to make your wedding glamorous and worthwhile, you would not want to start your married life crippled with debts.

“He who finds a wife has found a good thing”. This famous phrase coined from the Bible shows the importance of marriage to Humans.

With the right person, love can be one of the greatest and mythical forces in the world. When you meet that special partner, you are only expected to start preparing for the rest of your life with them.

It has been realised that in Nigerian weddings, most of the cost of paying for a wedding is covered by the groom. This is because the groom covers the larger share of the wedding budget while the bride’s parents cover the rest, alongside donations from family and friends.

This might not apply to everyone for different reasons, such as either or both partners being an orphan or either of the marrying couple not being well established financially.

According to two married couples interviewed purposely for this article, paying for a wedding can be one of the most significant expenses a couple can face.

Therefore, we would be looking at some ways in which you can raise money to pay and have a worthwhile wedding that you deserve.

Ways to raise money for a Nigerian wedding

1. Sales of uniform wedding clothes (Aso-Ebi)

This is the most popular and convenient way of raising funds for your wedding. It involves sales of uniformed clothes, popularly known as Aso Ebi, which would be used at the wedding. The clothes would be bought in bulk at a lesser price and sold out to would-be guests of the wedding festivities at a much higher price.

This would give a uniform and unified feeling to guests who bought the clothes. It would also provide a sense of belonging and camaraderie to those using the clothes. Moreso, purchasing and using such clothes is seen as a sign of status and prestige by some of the would-be guests of the wedding party.

There is also an incentive for buying such clothes by guests as material gifts will be given to them by the couple on the wedding day.

All of this will contribute to quick sales of the clothes by the couple to their family, friends and well-wishers, and this, in turn, will help generate funds for the wedding.

2. Raise money for your wedding with savings

Right from the moment of your marriage proposal, SAVE UP. This would help you as you would have ample time to save some money without stretching your finances.

Saving up for your wedding helps as you would not be under pressure and have breathing space to prepare for your wedding without added stress.

 Moreso, saving up would help prevent you from riddling yourself with debt which might be incurred from paying for the wedding through a loan.

In an interview with my married friends Kemi and Eric, they said this about financing their 2019 wedding: According to Kemi, “Immediately after Eric proposed to me in 2018, we both made plans by both saving money in preparation for the wedding, and when the wedding came around, we had almost no stress with finances unlike some of our friends who got married within the same period”.

If you feel like you need more time to save more for the wedding, extend the date for the wedding so that you would be more prepared.

3. Ask for donations from family and friends

Your family and friends can also help to chip in and contribute to paying for the wedding. But the singular mistake made by most couples is that they assume their family and friends will do so when they have not asked what would be done in detail.

Parents might not have a considerable amount to drop for you to have your wedding but would want to focus on a particular part like paying for the hall to be used. It would be best if you met up with them to know what they would be offering so that you can plan and budget for other expenses that would be needed.

For one couple, their parents played a significant role in funding their wedding. The wife stated, ” Our parents helped with the payment of the hall where the wedding ceremony took place and the fees of musicians who played at the occasion”.

These donations will help reduce the stress of the cost of the wedding on your finances.

4. You can raise money for a Nigerian wedding with an additional but temporary source of income

Getting another temporary source of Income would help you boost your finances in paying for your wedding. 

This might include getting a loan for an investment in a very familiar business or giving out your services through a handicraft you are skilled in.

This does not mean getting a second job but having a temporary side hustle that you would use to make extra bucks on the side. It is not intended to be permanent as you would not want to make an already stressful wedding planning more tiresome. 

While thinking of how to raise money for your wedding, it is essential to be realistic in setting the budget for the wedding so that the funds created will be used wisely. To achieve this, you must plan it well and cut out excesses that are not needed and use the money raised through these various means to have a glorious wedding.

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Thandiwe Newton Splits From Husband After 24 Years

Thandiwe Newton splits from husband
Thandiwe Newton
Thandiwe Newton

It’s been confirmed that Thandiwe Newton, 49 years, has finally separated from her husband Ol Parker, 52 years, after being married for 24 years and being blessed with 3 kids (2 girls and a boy) aged 21, 17 and 8 years old respectively.

Embed from Getty Images

The Institution of marriage is sacred, powerful and divine. This God-ordained institution exemplifies the power of Agreement in its truest sense. Perhaps it’s the reason it’s under the most attacks by the devil. I don’t mean to sound preachy but this bears mention.

It was just recently the news of the Osinachi incident went viral and now this.

This recent separation has led the Hollywood Star on a downward spiral that she’s being advised to go in for counselling by her team who fears she’s in a bad place at the moment.

Due to the resultant stress levels, she’s going through, she had fired her UK agent of 30 years which led her US agent to come and see how to help calm her down.

The Star was recently involved in a row with Channing Tantum who was her Co-star on Magic Mike’s Last dance which led her to be replaced by 55-year-old Salma Hayek.

The couple got married in 1998 and her husband, Ol Parker, is best known for the file 2018 film he directed which was ‘Mamma Mia! Here we go again.

Thandiwe Newton formerly known by her professional name as ‘Thandie Newton’ decided to correct the name change last year after being known by the said name (Thandie Newton) for 30 years due to a misspelt error made in her first movie.

Being married has its challenges which usually transcend the glitz and glamour that’s displayed for the world to see. We hope that as Thandiwe Newton decides to seek counselling, she’ll come back better and more in control of her spirit, soul and body and be ready to move forward from this recent separation.

Is the Kourtney and Travis Wedding Real?

The Kardashians did it again just recently when Kourtney Kardashian (42) tied the knot in a “secret” wedding with Travis Barker (46) after the recent Grammys at a Las Vegas Chapel by the name of One Love Wedding Chapel.

That isn’t news anymore. What is causing tongues to wag in social circles and the showbiz world is whether their romance and everything leading to their wedding are real or not. Of course, some think that the whole romance to wedding thing ain’t real. So to set everybody’s mind at ease, body language specialist Judi Williams decided to point out several key moments in their romantic, or will I say Showmantic life.

Embed from Getty Images

First off, she pointed out their Showy PDA (Public Displays of Affection), which included among other things, a bathtub make-out session in Disneyland while being made to look like a script from a sex manual, isn’t what most fans think. Next, she talked about how their handhold position as they walk together at the Grammy suggests that Travis will always take the lead in the relationship.

She pointed out several other observations from the showy proposal to the “sham” wedding and everything in between, like their engagement proposal and others which I won’t delve much into. Suffice it to say that the couple really love each other and have made efforts to merge each other’s kids by going on ski trips and theme park events together. Travis has two kids aged 18 and 16 from a previous marriage to Shanna Moakler, who went south, and Kourtney had three kids for ex-lover Scott Disick.

Truth is, while it seems that the Showmance of Travis and Kourtney is a whirlwind shenanigan, the pair actually met back in 2006 when Travis was dating Paris, a friend of Kim. He had gotten attracted to and even flirted with Kim because of her curvy figure but ended up falling for Kourtney instead. Travis also inspired the Kardashian sisters to host their own show, which was inspired by his fly-on-the-wall series “Meet the Barkers.” This suggests that their relationship grew from a platonic stage to what led to their open display of love.

That said, many opinions have aired, and scepticism has have been allayed. However, one thing is certain: this couple love each other and are doing their all to make it work, including the idea of having a baby through IVF.

Time will tell if this romance will last or fizzle out as it did with their ex(es). Until then, we wait and really hope for the best for them.

Kourtney Kardashian’s Secret Vegas Wedding

If there’s one family that always manages to remain in the spotlight it’s the Kardashians. Their name has become synonymous with fame, glamour and all the potpourri that the glitz life offers.

Embed from Getty Images

Our focus today isn’t on Kim Kardashian but on Kourtney Kardashian who’s in the news for a “secret Vegas wedding” with her boyfriend Travis Barker just six months after he proposed to her. There’s also news from her fans who believe that she’s pregnant for him.

The event took place in a Las Vegas Wedding Chapel a few hours after Travis performed at the Grammys. It was a hushed wedding with no witnesses and no photographs allowed to be taken. In true Vegas style, there was even an Elvis Presley Impersonator as the officiating minister. The event took place at the One Love Wedding Chapel for a 30 minute no videos allowed period. According to the owner of the Chapel, they expressed a show of love, tossed the bouquet on the driveway and danced to Elvis.

Travis 46 had previously been married to Shanna Moakler and they both had a 16-year-old daughter and an 18-year-old son. His wedding with 42-year-old Kourtney will be his third marriage when it’s finally official.

Travis had popped the big question and proposed to the mother of three in October 2021. Since then, they’ve been open about their relationship to the point of excessive displays as was witnessed at the Academy Awards and the Grammy.

The Love birds had initially thought about delaying their wedding due to the IVF treatment Kourtney did as a result of this the couple may have an Official wedding in the future but their current decision is to have a baby.

According to sources if her wedding is made official, it’ll be the first time she’s officially married to someone as her relationship with former lover Scott Disick which produced three children from their union was just an affair

The Kardashians never cease to amaze us. We hope after she gives birth maybe they’ll tie the knot officially.

Why Ladies Get Hurt In Relationships

why ladies get hurt in relationships
 ladies get hurt in relationships

Ladies take relationships seriously due to their emotional nature. Right from puberty, when the female hormones kick in, they develop a longing for a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. This longing which is a need, forms part of a lady’s psychological makeup. Unfortunately, this makes them vulnerable to people who may take advantage of them. This post will discuss some reasons why ladies get hurt in relationships.

The female perspective on relationships

Women are emotional by nature, and this is a well-known fact. Most times, their emotions spill over somehow into every aspect of their lives, and relationships are no exception. Women value relationships and place much emphasis on them in a way members of the opposite sex might never understand. Communication, affection, and attention are essential to them.

Ladies tend to nurture and care for their partners intensively. Sometimes, they try to change certain things about their partner which they feel aren’t right. While this may be overdoing things, it’s just their way of showing care.

Ladies invest a lot of time and effort into relationships. They always want it to work out. And when their relationships are successful, they get a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment, which positively influences other aspects of their lives. So the bottom line is women take relationships seriously.

There’s a possibility that ladies get hurt more in some relationships types than others. This is because ladies put varying degrees of emotions into different relationship types. For instance, a lady would get hurt more by a breakup or divorce compared to losing a mere friend or acquaintance. But what relationship types are there?

why ladies get hurt in relationships

Relationship types

What’s a relationship? It’s any kind of connection between people, be it intimate, platonic, positive, or negative. There are four types of relationships:

1. Family relationships,
2. Friendships,
3. Acquaintanceships,
4. Romantic relationships.

Several in-between relationships exist too, for instance, the employer-employee relationship, otherwise known as the professional relationship or a teacher-student relationship. This post, however, focuses on relationships of the romantic kind.

Why ladies get hurt in relationships and the solution to the problem

1. Ladies don’t communicate well with their partners

Some ladies give a funny answer when asked if they usually tell their partners about what they want. They say: “But he should know what I want.” That’s not only impossible but unreasonable. Inadequate communication between partners has destroyed many relationships. While the men are straightforward from day one, the ladies tend to beat around the bush. What they forget is the poor man can’t read their minds. With inadequate communication, fights and quarrels are inevitable. Eventually, the relationship goes under, and naturally, the lady gets hurt.

The simple solution is communication, a lot of it. In a relationship, partners should be open with each other especially if they’re looking to settle down. Beating around the bush won’t help anybody. The earlier ladies begin opening up to their partners, the better for them.

2. Ladies expect a perfect man

No one is perfect. While everyone knows this, ladies tend to forget this fact whenever they’re in a relationship. They expect the man to be this and that. He should act like this, and he should do that. Half the time, their expectations are unrealistic. The irony is the ladies expecting a ‘perfect man’ are hardly perfect themselves. So, inevitably, the lady gets hurt.

Ladies should stop ‘creating the perfect man’ in their heads. Now, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have their standards. A lady shouldn’t get into a relationship with every Tom, Dick, and Harry she meets, but please, life isn’t a fairytale. It’s no Cinderella. The earlier ladies stick to reality, the better.

3. Ladies put a lot of pressure on their men in relationships

Ladies generally want a lot of things. Most times, they’re super undecided. Today, they want to have this, and tomorrow they want to have that. To make matters worse, such women can’t do this by themselves. They turn their man into an ATM and put a lot of pressure on him. While some men try to manage, some quit immediately, leading to a breakup, and again, the lady gets hurt.

Dear ladies, you’re supposed to be a partner, helper, and asset to your man, not a liability. Your partner is not the answer to all your problems. Ladies should learn to handle things themselves.

4. Ladies get hurt in relationships because they make costly assumptions

Some ladies get into a relationship without clearly defining its purpose. When things turn out wrongly, they end up at the receiving end and get seriously hurt. I’ve heard a lady say: “I got into a relationship with him because I thought he wanted to marry me”.

Hello ladies. Stop thinking and stop assuming. Instead, define the purpose of the relationship. Is it just going to be a boyfriend-girlfriend thingy for dating sake, or are there actual plans to settle down eventually?
Asking the right questions helps a lady avoid unnecessary drama. From day one, the purpose of the relationship should be known and spelt out. This will help avoid stories that touch.

5. Ladies let themselves be human dumpsters

While courtesy demands that ladies don’t overreact to every action or inaction by their partners, she shouldn’t let herself be walked over. She should have a healthy level of self-respect and self-esteem. Unfortunately, some ladies appear to absorb every insult to their personality by an abusive person. If this continues over time, it could lead to other things apart from getting hurt in that relationship. They include mental disturbance, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc. Sometimes the ladies just lose it, and then a murder happens.

Solution? Ladies should stand up for themselves and refuse to be bullied. Then, as politely as possible, they should make it known to their partners that they won’t be talked down or walked over.

Relationships should be fun and exciting. Not the other way round. Relationships should have a purpose that should be spelt out. Finally, communication between partners helps a lot.

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Top 5 First Date Ideas For Young Nigerian Couples

First date ideas
First date ideas
Top 5 First Date Ideas For Young Nigerian Couples

So you have shot your shot and she has responded. Now begins the nerve-wracking dilemma of what next? One of the tough decisions for young Nigerian couples who look to impress their love interests is what to do on the first date. This post highlights some first date ideas for you.

You might wonder, “what is so important about the first date”? Well, as the saying goes, “first impressions matter”. The first date is your chance to make a good first impression on your partner and the success or failure of the date plays a huge role in deciding if either of you stand a chance with each other.

Dates are intimate activities that help two love interests learn more about each other and find out the things they like and have in common. It is important to choose places that will enable you to not only have fun but to also have time to talk and get to know each other better.

When preparing for a date, you should take into consideration certain key details like the proximity of the venue of the date. A first date should also be in a public space. This is necessary to ease any fear of uncertainty and guarantee the safety of both parties.

Most importantly it is essential to take into consideration the amount of money you’d want to spend on the date. While some people like to individually handle the expenses, some might need their date to chip in.

Below are some of my favorite first date ideas for young Nigerian couples:

Top 5 first date ideas for young Nigerian couples
First date ideas
  1. Dinner: You can never go wrong with food because who doesn’t love good food. Plan a romantic dinner date with your partner. This gives you both a chance to bond over good food and wine. It is important to pick a place close to both of you. You should also consider the expenses. A first date should not be too expensive, especially if one person is footing the bill.
Plan a romantic dinner date with your partner
  1. Take a walk together: While this might seem boring to some, taking a walk on your first date is a great way to get to know your partner. This gives you both the opportunity to ask important questions about each other and know the values you both share. Do not forget to carry along some snacks.
4 ways to celebrate Valentine's day in Nigeria
  1. Picnic: Nothing says romance more than a picnic in a beautiful park under the sun. Both parties can bring some of their favorite food, snacks, and wine. You should also bring fun board games you both can play while on the date, this way you’re getting to know each other while still having fun.
  2. Attend a concert together: Although this might not be as intimate as other types of dates, it is still a good way to bond over great music from your favorite musicians.
  3. Visit a museum or art gallery: This is a good way to bond while taking in some bits of culture and history. For lovers of arts and culture, this is a perfect date. Not only is it cost-effective, but it is also a good way to learn together and explore each other’s love for art and history. You can round off the date by getting lunch at a nice restaurant or go do some karaoke.

The essence of a first date is to get to know your partner, so do not go overboard because you want to impress the other person. Try some of the first date ideas above, keep it simple and have fun.

7 Tips For Choosing a Wedding Venue

7 Tips for choosing a wedding venue
Tips for choosing a wedding venue
Tips for choosing a wedding venue

Are you about to tie the knot with your partner? Congratulations! You’re about to experience one of the best days of your life. An event where you get to start a new journey with the love of your life is no small thing. So, every single detail matters. This post highlights 7 tips for choosing a wedding venue. Finding a place where the celebrations will go down is one detail that needs careful consideration.

Below are 7 Tips for choosing a wedding venue

1. Create a conditional budget

Your budget plays a part in determining the kind of venue you will use. If your budget is in six figures, you’ll probably want to use an extravagant hall. On the other hand, if your budget is something much lower, a park or garden might just do. It’s a conditional budget because it might have to stretch due to some costs popping up at the last minute. Still, nothing is wrong with spending on a venue you’re content with.

2. Decide on a location for the wedding before choosing a wedding venue

Defining where you want to get married helps you narrow down the long list of wedding venues available. Some couples prefer a destination wedding. If you’re one of them, selecting a specific region for the nuptials makes the venue search easier. Consider how far your guests will be willing to travel and how much it’ll cost them though.

3. Choose a wedding venue that can accommodate your guests comfortably

When choosing a venue for an event, the ‘size’ and ‘space’ factor comes up. On this one, you’ll need to consult your guest list. If you have an estimate of say 500 guests, then you have no business with a hall that sits 200 people. You should also consider how much space your venue has. It’s not just about the ambiance or decor. Your guests will definitely not trek to your wedding, at least most of them. They’ll come in their vehicles and they’ll need somewhere to park those vehicles. So try getting a venue suitable for both sitting and parking arrangements.

4. Choose a wedding venue befitting for you and your guests

You might wonder if this really counts. The truth is it does. I’m sure you’ll like your wedding to be a memorable event. The more special people feel at your wedding, the more memorable it’ll be. So know your guests. Choose a venue with the kind of arrangements that befit not only them but you too. After all, you’re the one they’ve come to celebrate with.

5. Choose an available wedding venue and book it

This is one thing to really look out for. Don’t you think it’ll be a disaster if on the D-day your venue is unavailable? You can book your wedding venue nine months or even a year early for the date. Just know that booking a venue well ahead of time is a sure way to avoid unnecessary disappointments.

6. Ask local wedding vendors for advice

At this point, you should have decided on where you want to get married. If you’re still struggling with finding a venue, there is no harm in asking local wedding vendors. They might know some great venues you might not have seen in your search. After all, they have first-hand experience working at local wedding venues.

7. You can google wedding venues

Personally, I think you should start your venue search online. You will definitely get better results than moving from street to street looking for a venue. Google will easily dig up hard-to-find wedding venues. This helps a lot especially if you’re planning a destination wedding. Let’s say you’re looking for a wedding venue in Lagos. There’s no need to type long sentences in the search bar. A simple ‘Lagos wedding venue’ will do. It’s sure to turn up a host of weddings venues in Lagos and from there you can make your choice.

While pretty much every aspect of a wedding is optional, a venue isn’t. You could decide to forego a wedding dress or even the cake but you can’t do away with a venue. There are many options to choose from when it comes to selecting a venue and it could be quite stressful. However, the tips mentioned above should help you in choosing a wedding venue.

10 Romantic Baecation Ideas For Couples

10 Lockdown Baecation Ideas for couplesin 2021
10 Lockdown Baecation Ideas in 2021 - couple
10 Lockdown Baecation Ideas in 2021

This post highlights 10 lovely baecation ideas for couples. it could be hard sometimes to find new things to do that you both like and are not tired of doing and variety, they say, is the spice of life. This is why you need to be creative in keeping the sparks of their relationship alive. While traveling to romantic destinations is a popular thing, there are several ways you can have a memorable baecation.

Below is a list of fun romantice baecation ideas that couples can try to keep the fire burning:

1. Backyard baecation picnics

Set up a picnic date at the back of the house, this is quite easy to do as all you need is some blankets, home-cooked food, some wine and each other. You can also throw in some nice music playing over speakers to set the mood, play board and card games to keep the picnic fun and lively.

2. Baecation movie night

As everything affected by the lockdown, cinemas are not an exception. This however is not an excuse to miss out on the cinema experience. You can recreate or simulate the cinema mood right in your living room. Dim the lights in the house, get your favorite cushion, homemade pop-corn and your favorite beverage is all you need. You can pick from a list of movies on pay per view or on any of the many film streaming platforms.

3. Candle lit dinners

This is an excuse to dress up in your fancy dinner wears after a long time, you can recreate a restaurant scene right in your dining room or living room. You will need nice scented candles, dim lights and food. You can decide to prepare something nice together or order online.

4. Baecation game night

This is another way to keep things fun in the house, you can set up your favorite games of cards, puzzles, board games or video games. You can also make things more interesting by introducing adult-themed games.

5. Baecation dancing and karaoke night

Dancing and singing together are one of the fun and intimate things couples love to do together. However, lockdown has made it impossible to go out and do these things, but this does not stop you from doing it right at home. You can download your favorite karaoke app and have a fun singing competition and also let loose by having a dance-off. This is not only a fun experience but also an opportunity to bond.

6. Baecation group dates

You can set up group date nights with your other couple friends. If this proves unachievable in person, it is possible to do it over video calls. Schedule a group date night with your friends over a Skype or Zoom video call, get drinks and food available, and you can also play different games with each other. This is an opportunity for both of you to reconnect with the outside world.

7. Reading

Reading together is a fun and intimate activity that help couples bond and interact with one another. You can both pick a couple of new or old books to read together and discuss after you are done reading.

8. Take an online class together

This is an avenue to bond and also learn something new. You can both decide on an online course or entrepreneurship program to learn together. You can select from a wide range of courses and skills such as forex, cryptocurrency or even painting.

9. Baecation spa Day

This is an effective way to relax and ease the stress of the entire lockdown; For couples that cannot physically visit a spa, you can recreate one in your home. You can decorate your bathroom with flowers, scented candles and mood lighting. You can also prepare snacks and drinks you would usually find in a spa, apply facial scrubs on each other and create a bubble bath in the tub. Furthermore, you can both take turns in giving each other full-body massages and foot rubs, you will find this more intimate and enjoyable than having a complete stranger run their hands on you.

10. Sex fantasy list

This is a perfect time for couples to focus on building sexual intimacy with each other. Couples can create a sex fantasy list and tick them off after fulfilling each one. This is a fun and adventurous way to bond discover new things about one another physically.

6 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations in Nigeria

Honeymoon destinations in Nigeria

It probably doesn’t seem like it but there are several affordable honeymoon destinations in Nigeria. The good thing is that there are a good number of affordable spots or destinations for you to enjoy a great time with your spouse.

Affordable honeymoon destinations in Nigeria
Affordable Honeymoon Destinations in Nigeria

I mean, every couple’s dream is to enjoy and have an amazing time with their partners as soon as the wedding ceremony and all that stress is over. So, it’s completely understandable that the honeymoon is the part of the wedding that most couples look forward to. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Anyway, when it comes to picking the perfect honeymoon destination, most people go through a hard time trying to pick a place. Well, that’s mostly because they think they can only get nice spots outside the country.

Guess what then? I’ve got some good news. There are several vacation destinations in Nigeria that can serve as the perfect honeymoon location for you and your spouse. And they are affordable.

So, let me show you 6 affordable honeymoon destinations in Nigeria

1. Zenababs Half Moon Resort

Zenababs Half Moon Resort

Zenababs half moon resort is located in Ilesha, Osun State.

Zenababs resort is one place to consider if you truly want to enjoy some romantic time with bae. The fully equipped villas are surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of nature; an amazing plush garden with a central water fountain. So, you can wake up to the beautiful view around while enjoying a sumptuous breakfast in bed. Now, doesn’t that sound romantic?


Zenabab Half Moon Resort prices start from₦14,100 naira for a standard room.

2. Epe Resort and Spa

Epe resort and spa

Located in Epe, Lagos state, is the Epe resort and spa, a beautiful resort with exciting adventures for your perfect romantic honeymoon experience. You can start by enjoying an amazing body massage to relief you of the wedding stress in their spa room. Then move on to the poolside for a relaxing time with your partner, and of course a glass of wine. Cap the night up by enjoying a romantic dinner. Sounds interesting right? Well, that’s what honeymoons are about. Isn’t it?


Epe Resort and Spa rooms start from₦43,000 naira per night.

3. Le Meridien Ogeyi Place

Le Meridien Ogeyi Place

Le Meridien Ogeyi place is located in Port Harcourt. This vacation destination in Nigeria is suitable for couples that want a quiet spot to relax and enjoy their time together as newlyweds. The rooms are furnished with a touch of African style. So, if you are an art or style lover, perhaps you should consider it. It’s got an outdoor pool, spa services and a very serene environment. So, how about creating some memorable moments in this affordable destination as a wedding gift for yourselves?


Le Meridien Ogeyi Place prices start from ₦75,000 naira for a standard room.

4. Jara Beach Resort

Jara beach

Jara Beach Resort is located off Lekki free trade zone, Lekki, Lagos state. it is a perfect getaway destination for honeymooners.

The private beach has a lot of fun activities that make it so interesting to be in. You can be sure that you won’t be getting bored here. It’s got a swimming pool, volleyball and tennis court for you and your spouse to enjoy some playtime. It’s also got other interesting activities like sip and paint, games night at the cabana, etc. And oh! Food definitely won’t be a problem there.


Jara Beach Resort prices start from ₦150,000 per night for standard rooms (double bed & en suites).

5. Oguta Lake Holiday Complex

Oguta Lake Holiday Complex

Oguta Lake Holidays complex, located in Imo state, is the second largest lake in Nigeria.

Oguta Lake offers a variety of fun activities, including swimming, boat cruising and the likes. The complex has a full-sized 18-hole golf course. So, it isn’t only ideal for vacations, getaways and the likes, but also serves as a romantic honeymoon destination for you and your spouse.

Note – Oguta Lake Holidays Complex is temporarily shutdown.

6. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

La Campagne Tropicana is an exotic honeymoon destination for newlyweds, located in a private 60-acre beach resort in Lekki, Lagos. The sandy beach is a reflection of African beauty combined with modern luxury.

On this private beach, you get to enjoy activities like fishing, hiking, and other water sports. You also get to enjoy a private time with your spouse in the cute little chalets.

So, next time you worry about how to enjoy your honeymoon with a friendly-budget, try exploring one these affordable honeymoon destinations in Nigeria. Perhaps you could consider gifting your loved ones with the perfect wedding gift; a romantic honeymoon destination here in Nigeria.


They have honeymoon packages starting from ₦238,700 naira for 2 nights.

Please note that the above indicated prices were prices offered by the listed places as at the time of the last update of this post. The actual prices may vary (could be less or more). You can contact your desired honeymoon destination for their current prices.

5 Important Red Flags in Relationships

5 important red flags in relationships

I’ll share with you 5 important red flags in relationships. When you see them… run! If you are in relationship that you intend for it to lead to marriage, there is a lot to learn you will agree. Everything may look good but there is bound to be a sign you are not comfortable with in your chosen partner. While some of these signs are normal and bearable as no one is entirely perfect, some signs are total red flags in relationships.

5 important red flags in relationships

The idea of marriage is universally accepted and it is what a lot of young people look forward to. Statistics estimate that well over 100,000 weddings happen worldwide, daily. This is a huge number and describes the rate at which people get into relationships.

Below are 5 important red flags in relationships

1. They want more than they are willing to give

You know, it’s a different thing when they want from you and are willing to give back but it will be a bad thing when it is not reciprocated. This scenario is often accompanied with unfair manipulations and unreserved domination. This actually paints a picture of greed and selfishness. Yes, it’s time to run.

2. You feel trapped in the relationship

Trapped in marriage

It’s obvious you both want different things in life and you can’t seem to be your true self around them. You shouldn’t feel trapped with someone you will be living the rest of your life with even though you feel emotionally attached. The emotions are never enough. Recognize the fact that you are not yet married and as such you are at liberty to pull out now; especially when you know for sure that it’s not going to work. Hi there, don’t postpone the evil days.

3. Looks like you are both in a competition

This is a huge no-no for me. Both parties are expected to be on the same page and same side, working towards a common goal. It should not be a case of one party proving to be of higher intelligent quotient or value compared to the other. If this is the case, there is danger looming ahead as toxic ways to stay ahead will begin to creep in to the minds of both parties. And then secrecy becomes the order of the day.

4. Violence and anger flying everywhere in the relationship

It’s okay to express anger once in a while so long as it is well managed. When it gets too frequent and results in violence, it has obviously become a danger sign and a sign of emotional immaturity.
No one likes to hang around a violent friend; It tends to spur terrible emotions in you. They are mean to other people, you get scared, you can’t express yourself, you can’t communicate effectively, it’s just a mess! In marriage, this could lead to homicide, divorce or even suicide. This is someone you’ll get to spend the rest of your life with, choose wisely.

5. Zero trust in your relationship is a red flag

Yes, your partner has his or her right to privacy. However, if their integrity has been constantly questioned and they tend to hide important things and let you find out for yourself, something is wrong somewhere. Trust needs to happen for a long relationship as marriage to last.

Now listen, just in case you notice any of these red flags in relationships, what you should do is simple. To avoid changing partners like undergarments especially since no one is entirely perfect; Invest a lot in communicating and expressing your fears in a mature way with your partner. If you go through this process and changes don’t get effected from them, take the next exit door… and don’t look back.