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How to Plan a Memorable Baby Shower 🧸🎈🥰

How to Plan a Memorable Baby Shower in Nigeria

This post highlights all you need to know about baby showers and how to plan a memorable baby shower. Anyone who’s ever held a baby knows they’re an absolute bundle of joy, especially when you overlook the constant crying, the tantrums, the mess they make, and did we mention the constant crying? You coo and ahh at the adorable creatures and then pass them along to their parents when you’ve had your fill.

When you’re about to have your own child though, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed, anxious and perhaps a tidbit fearful. If you do feel this way, your fears are 100% valid and understandable, after all, when you’ve had your fill, you would not in fact get to return them or pass them along. Shocking? We know! Life really is unfair that way.

This is one of the reasons baby showers are often organised to allay the fears of the expectant mother and ease her into full-fledged motherhood.

1. So, what exactly is a baby shower?

All you need to know about baby showers
A baby shower is simply a party celebrating the pending birth of a new child

We humans just love festivities. We throw parties when we buy cars. We throw parties when we move into a new place. We throw parties when someone else moves in next to us. Unlike many other reasons for which we throw parties, this one has quite a lot of merit to it. After all, what other better reason would there be to throw a party if not for the birth of a baby?

A baby shower is simply a party celebrating the pending birth of a new child. Naturally, the mother-to-be, as well as the baby-to-be are the most important guests, the cynosure of the entire event. In essence, the baby shower is thrown to give the new mum the emotional support she needs, ensure she has all the fun in the world while at it, and give the necessary baby care items as gifts to the mother.

A baby shower is an event organized for an expectant mother to usher her into motherhood. It is celebrated by women who are close friends or family relatives. Baby showers are moments when friends and relatives share happy moments with the pregnant woman, showering her with gifts and wishing her a safe delivery. To organize a baby shower, there are several tips to consider so as not to stress the expectant mother.

So maybe you’re expecting a baby soon, or maybe you know someone who is, and you’re clueless as to what baby showers entail, sit back and relax because whatever questions you may have are about to be answered.

Who plans and hosts a baby shower?

If you ever end up having to host a baby shower, you’ve either volunteered to or been asked to. Conventionally, baby showers are planned and hosted by either a friend of the mum-to-be or a distant relative. It’s hardly ever done by the new mum herself or her immediate family, as this is considered rude and interpreted as a “gift grab”.

It is perfectly acceptable for the mum-to-be to ask someone she trusts to plan the shower. However, if the new mum is particular about details, she’s free to involve herself in the planning or plan the entire thing if she pleases. After all, it’s her baby shower.

2. When to plan a baby shower?

Typically, baby showers are held four to six weeks before the expected date of delivery. This is done so that the pregnancy is well along and yet still early enough such that the party isn’t disrupted by the arrival of the baby. But wouldn’t that be interesting, though?

Nevertheless, as with many things in life, there is no hard and fast rule. Sometimes, the parents-to-be prefer to hold their baby shower after the baby is born, for religious, cultural or personal beliefs. Like we said earlier, it is their baby shower.

3. Who to invite?

More often than not, the guests of a baby shower (who you’ve obviously given invites earlier) are the close female friends and family members of the mum-to-be. But because no one really cares for conventionality anymore, people have started opting for co-ed showers where the male gender is also invited. Men do have a way of spicing things up.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what gender you invite, as long as you’re sure the guests are genuinely happy and would be willing to bring gifts. Just make sure to run the guest list by the mum-to-be so she’s comfortable with everyone coming. And if it’s a surprise baby shower? Oh, well!

4. What to do at a baby shower?

What to do at a baby shower

Before you get to this junction, you must have mentally calculated how much you intend to spend. You can set the venue at your place or wherever else is convenient and suitable. Remember, humans run on food, so light refreshments should also be on the agenda. Some take things a step further and make cakes to honour the mum-to-be, and even prepare “shower favours”, small gifts to thank the guests for coming. In all things, do well to remember your budget.

After considering all these, you’re probably wondering, what exactly do people do at baby showers? Well, the answer is simple. They have fun!

There is no regimented way to conduct a baby shower. Some people play games, dance to soft music, exchange labour tales, gossip, open gifts or simply sit and chat. Whatever floats your boat. The goal is to create a light-hearted environment where everyone, especially the mother-to-be can relax and of course, have fun!

Can you have a baby shower for other babies down the line? Of course, you can, it’s a free world! Although those showers usually won’t involve gifting.

5. How long should it last?

Not too long, so you don’t bore the guests or tire the mum-to-be. But long enough to be memorable.

What if the baby gifts are not to my taste? We do hope that this is never the case. However, to prevent this and also the duplication of gifts, the mother-to-be and the host sometimes prepare a gift list, to give the guests an idea of what exactly to look for. But remember, we don’t want to appear on a mission simply to collect gifts, so it’s best just to keep an open mind.

So that’s it! A simple crash course on everything you need to know about a baby shower and how to organise one. What else are you waiting for, protégé?

Follow the tips below to plan a memorable baby shower without so much hassle

6. Date selection 🗓️

Date Selection is the first and most important thing to do when organizing a baby shower. The criteria for selection of date include:

  • When there is a visible and obvious baby bump
  • When the woman is in her safe month (preferably 7 months)
  • When the mother-to-be is less irritated and comfortable with having people around her.

Having these criteria in mind when choosing a date will lead to a happy and fun-filled baby shower.

Date selection for a baby shower
Photo Courtesy – BellaNaija Weddings

7. Guestlist preparation for a baby shower 📋✅

A baby shower isn’t an event open to the public, it requires only the presence of close friends and family relatives who are mostly women and as such a guest list has to be prepared on time to know how many people will be invited and how to budget for them. Guestlist is expected to be done early as it influences the choice of venue, food and so on.

8. Baby shower budget planning 💸

Budget planning is a crucial step to take when planning an event, it helps in keeping track of all expenditures to be made which include: venue selection, decoration cost, food planning and miscellaneous. It also gives an idea of where to cut down to avoid excessive spending.

9. Venue selection for the baby shower 🏘️

The next step after you’ve set out your budget and determined the number of guests to invite is the selection of venue. The number of guests to be invited greatly influences the choice of location, you would opt for a smaller room if your guest invites are less than 10 and a bigger room if they are above 10. The goal is to ensure that the expectant mom doesn’t get claustrophobic.

Venue selection for baby shower
Photo Courtesy – Happiest Baby

10. Baby shower theme and decoration 🎈

Once the choice of venue has been settled, the next thing to consider is choosing a theme to plan for the decoration. Most times, knowing the sex of the baby helps in nailing down the theme. For instance, you can choose a cinderella theme if it’s a girl or a superhero theme if it’s a boy, but in cases where she does not want the gender of the baby to be widely known, a neutral theme can be used. After the theme has been selected, the decorating team is contacted and issues regarding decoration are settled.

Baby shower theme and decoration
Photo Courtesy – Baby Showers Naija

11. Sending out invitations 📨

After the venue, date and theme for the shower have been settled, the next step is to send out invitations to the guest list that was drafted earlier. Invitations are expected to be sent out early enough at least two weeks before the shower to enable the guests to prepare their gifts.

12. Planning the food menu and the parting gift 🍽️🍨🛍️

This is one of the last things to plan, after the venue and decoration have been taken care of, an amount of money can be set aside to cater for food and drinks that would be served on that day and also parting gifts for the guest to take home. The choice of food to eat depends on the host but mostly small chops or light menus are advised.

Planning food menu and the parting gift
Photo Courtesy – BellaNaija

13. Organizing the agenda 🥳

Organizing an agenda is the last thing to do when organizing a baby shower and it could be done on that day. The agenda includes activities that will be done on that day including games. Some of the games include:

  • Guess the baby food
  • Name that tune
  • Guess the gender of the baby and so on.

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Seven Ultimate Bridesmaid Duties

Seven ultimate bridesmaid duties - Bridesmaids posing for a picture
Seven ultimate bridesmaid duties - Bridesmaids posing for a picture
Seven ultimate bridesmaid duties

Being a bridesmaid comes with loads of duties and of course, a little dose of pride. It gives an “assistant bride feeling” as you’re expected to be the next most stunning person after the bride and trust me that feeling costs much. This post highlights seven ultimate bridesmaid duties.

The bridesmaid duties can be a huge responsibility but if well managed, will leave a long-lasting happy impression on the bride of her big day.

Here, we’ll quickly run through the seven ultimate bridesmaid duties on the “D-day”:

1. Ensure to prepare with the bride

It is your duty as a bridesmaid to ensure that the bride is calm and happy
Ensure that the bride is calm and happy

Arrive designated location in good time on the wedding morning with all your personal effects. Don’t also forget to leave your worries at home and come along with all the vibe needed. Your job at this point will involve making sure the bride is as calm and happy as possible. Relief her of the calls, texts, and impending stress. Help her with getting dressed, staying hydrated and well-fed. In all, be the life of the pre-party for the Bride.

2. Be a helpmeet for the maid Of honor

Assist the maid of honor in getting last-minute preparations done as they can be stressful as well as pressurizing. Make yourself useful, timely, and thoughtful; it’ll save the day.

3. Be thoughtful

I talked about being thoughtful earlier; providing snacks and drinks to everyone involved in the preparation process could save them from hunger all day long as they might get too busy to eventually eat something. Dear bridesmaid, be a lifesaver.

4. Get involved

Save your gossips and chit-chats for another day, bring on your manners, be respectful to every guest, and don’t miss your part in rehearsed roles especially in dance. Bring on your A-game!

5. Be the bride’s adopted sister

From helping guests navigate the venue, to directing them to bathrooms, handicap access, exits, and if applicable, refreshments station. All these gestures will make guests happy and the atmosphere peaceful. Also, ensuring all guests are served, standing near the gift table, or taking wedding favors will help direct and facilitate guests’ participation.

6. Stick with other bridesmaids and keep the smile:

Being together and Photo-Ready makes bridesmaids easily photographed; don’t be the stray folk. It also makes the couple feel loved when such memories are captured. Be the life of the party; as I said earlier, leave your worries at home. Network, mingle, participate and enjoy yourself. Give speeches or answer questions when necessary and ultimately, get your groove on… Dance!

7. Make sure all guests sleep well

Wondering how right? Don’t worry, I got you. No one likes to lose an item simply because they attended an event. Bridesmaids should help all organizers gather personal effects, rented items, and even misplaced items out of the venue and to their respective owners or safe places. Other items could include wedding gifts, slices of wedding cake for the couple, their wedding attire, and even their luggage for their wedding night getaway.

Finally, be indeed happy with your roles as it’ll take your love for the bride to effectively perform your bridesmaid duties.

I believe you now know your role as a bridesmaid goes beyond wearing a uniform and taking pictures.

7 Fashionable Ways to Wear Mom Jeans

You can wear mom jeans with blazer
Fashionable ways to wear moms jeans
7 Fashionable ways to wear mom jeans

Mom jeans are back in style. It’s one of the latest trends that fashion bloggers, celebrities and stylists can’t seem to do without. Of course, they are cute and easy to rock if you know how best to wear them. So, why wouldn’t anyone love to jump on this 90s trend and bring them back to life in the most stylish way ever? I bet if you knew how to style them, you’d wear them every day as well.

Mom jeans are versatile, which is why every lady should have a pair of mom jeans in her closet. You can wear them to the market, work, date night, casual date, etc. once paired with the right accessories. Little wonder it is quickly becoming a timeless piece.

So, if you are unsure how to rock this little piece of gorgeousness called mom jeans, I’m about to show you 7 fashionable ways to wear mom jeans. And oh! Let me warn you ahead of time. Once you start wearing mom jeans, you won’t want those skinny jeans anymore. So, here we go.

Below are 7 fashionable ways to wear mom jeans:

1. Pair mom jeans with an oversized blazer

You can wear moms jeans with blazer

For a business casual look, consider pairing your mom jeans with an oversized or a structured blazer. You can either wear a T-shirt underneath or a bralette. Combine with a cute pair of court shoes or boots for a more sophisticated look. You can wear this to work, a lunch date or any other casual event.

2. Style mom jeans with a white T-shirt and sneakers

You can wear moms jeans with a t-shirt

For a more comfortable look, pair your mom jeans with a white T-shirt and a pair of white sneakers. You could either tuck your T-shirt in or not. Finish up the look with oversized sunglasses and a cute cross-bag. This style is so versatile that you could wear it almost everywhere. It’d fast become your uniform.

3. Pair mom jeans with a turtleneck bodycon blouse

Pair mom jeans with a turtleneck bodycon blouse

For a super chic look, style your mom jeans with a lovely turtleneck bodycon blouse; whether long-sleeves or short-sleeves. For a more sophisticated look, tuck the turtleneck in your mom jeans. Pair it with a cute mule for comfort or stilettos for added glam. You can rock this look with oversized sunglasses for a classy feel.

4. Wear mom jeans with crop tops

Style mom jeans with crop tops

Crops tops can be tricky when they aren’t paired with the right type of buttons. So, to rock this look fashionably, consider getting high-waisted mom jeans that sit perfectly on your hip. That way, you won’t be tugging at your crop top or pulling your jeans every minute. You can wear your mom jeans with either a loose crop top or fitted crop top. A pair of sneakers or any cute slippers will look great.

5. Rock mom jeans with a button-down shirt

Rock mom jeans with a button-down shirt

For a work style denim fit, consider wearing your mom jeans with a button-down shirt. You can tuck one side of the shirt into the jeans while leaving the other out for a more stylish look. You could also consider knotting both ends of the shirt together for a crop shirt feel. Pair with loafers, boots, kicks or mules for a comfy look.

6. Wear your mom jeans with a cute bodysuit

Get a nice pair of high waisted mom jeans and combine with a cute bodysuit for a fashionable girl look. You can accessorize with a cute belt and a matching pair of shoes.

7. Double your denim

The more denim, the merrier.

Consider styling your mom jeans with a denim jacket for a sophisticated look that can be worn to almost every event or place.

5 Organization Tips For a Busy Nigerian Mom

5 organization tips for busy Nigerian moms
Busy Nigerian mom
5 Organization Tips for a Busy Nigerian Mom

Being a Nigerian mom can be a daunting task especially if you have a 9 am-5 pm job to also fix-up. And God forbid you didn’t marry an understanding husband. E go hard oo (It would be a difficult task). But life is not meant to be that difficult because you have kids to cater for and a home to keep, is it? I don’t think so. If you are a busy Nigerian mom, you would find the tips in this post really useful.

Have you heard of a life hack before? They are those tips that end up making life come off easier than usual.

Let’s have it spelled out, you need to know those things you can do to get as organized as you desire even as a busy mom in the Nigerian context. You need to be able to cater to your home well, take care of your husband and kids, and still have a successful career or business.

Here are 5 Organization Tips for a Busy Nigerian Mom:


Most Nigerian moms like to be rather spontaneous than put down execution plans but that’s not you henceforth I hope. Maybe it’s because we’re naturally multitasking. Do well to plan especially because you need to be organized in other to achieve your set goals. Beyond planning, you have to be ready to follow through on your plans as you know that execution is key and even more important than just planning. If you would not execute your plans, there’s no point putting it down in the first place.

Have a To-Do List

Create a list of things to do
Make a list of things to do

My “TDL” as I like to call it is always all shades of commentaries. As a Nigerian mom, you need this because it goes a long way in breaking down your plans into bits and pieces that are achievable. In this case, making use of a sticky note will go a long way. So, get a sticky note (at any bookstore) and write out the things you are meant to do daily. The wisdom there is to tick each task on your list once it’s carried out. Note that there’s room for carry-over, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t achieve all tasks on your daily list. Do the urgent and important things first.


You could delegate chores
You could delegate chores

There is nothing wrong in assigning some of the things you get to do to your children or wards as far they of age and carry them out. You could even take a weekend or two out to teach them some of the things that are needed to be done on a daily or weekly basis so they can ease the stress off you when you are not available.

Get A House Help

Consider getting a house help
Consider getting a help

I know the Nigerian culture has this scary take on house helps and what they are seemingly capable of doing with regards to damages and all. But, I can assure you that nothing is bad or evil in itself. It all boils down to the meaning you deem fit to attach to it. So, because you have a long way to go and a lot to achieve, please get help “you can’t come and kill yourself”.

Cut Down Excesses

This is important because sometimes, so many busy Nigerian moms are basically their own problems. Why is this so? It is so because rather than take a rest on weekends, they still end up going out for that owambe (parties) are the detriment of other important things. This is not to talk down on parties or social functions; after all, they are some person’s source of livelihood. This is to simply point out that you shouldn’t overdo these things especially not to your own detriment. The goal here is to be organized as possible.

Yeah so, you can’t be less of an organized Nigerian mom at least not anymore. Ensure to share this with every busy Nigerian mom you know and let me know how it has helped you. Cheers… To a stress-free life!

Bridal Shower in Nigeria – 4 Great Ideas

Bridal shower in Nigeria
Bridal shower in Nigeria - 4 great ideas
Bridal shower in Nigeria – 4 great ideas

A bridal shower is a party held for a bride to be in anticipation of the wedding. It’s mostly a ladies-only party, which is intended for the bride to spend some time with her friends and family. Bridal shower is meant to be fun with lots of food, games and other interesting activities that will create a lasting memory for the bride to be. In Nigeria, most bridal shower parties are organized by friends of the bride to be. They are mostly fixed on the night before the wedding. The truth is that there are different ways to plan a bridal shower. In this post, I will share with you some great ideas for bridal shower in Nigeria.

Bridal shower in Nigeria

Bride’s personality matters when planning a bridal shower in Nigeria

There are lots of themes that can be considered for a bridal shower. However, it is important to consider the personality of the bride when deciding the type of party to throw her.

For instance, if the bride to be is conservative, then an outdoor party might not be a wise choice. Remember, the bridal shower is meant for the bride. So, even though you want to have fun, celebrate and get to spend time with the other bridesmaid at the party, it’s important to remember that’s first about her. There would be no bridal shower without a wedding or a bride to be.

Below are 4 great ideas for bridal shower in Nigeria:

1. Throw a garden party for the bridal shower

Throw a garden party for the bridal shower
Garden party

Contrary to what many people think, a bridal shower in Nigeria doesn’t necessarily have to be on the night of the wedding alone. It can be celebrated any day as long as it is done before the wedding.

So, here’s an idea; garden party. This kind of party is like a picnic. However, you can organize it to be fancier than a regular picnic. Whether you choose to have it done in a park or in your backyard, it really doesn’t matter. Get some flowers, mat, food and games. Get all the ladies together and enjoy a wonderful time with the bride to be. You could get some chairs and tables, in place of the mat. You could also get a canopy if you want something a little more elaborate.

An interesting way to pull this party would be to have all ladies dressed alike. So, you could consider an Ankara-themed bridal shower, a slip-dress themed event or any other idea that comes to mind. However, remember to get one of what you are wearing for the bride to be as well.

2. Tranquil spa day

Tranquil spa day

A fun type of bridal shower is a spa day event. You can treat the bride to a nice time by helping her relax before the big day. You can either hire a masseuse to come to massage the bride at home or every one of you can go with the bride to go give her a surprise spa day treatment.

However, this kind of bridal shower is mostly organized for a small circle of friends.

3. Bridal shower pyjamas party

Bridal shower in Nigeria - 4 great ideas

Pyjamas bridal shower is like a sleepover event. Everyone, including the bride to be, will be dressed in their pyjamas. You can host the party at your house or you could reserve a suite at a hotel. Get enough food, snacks and drinks. Also, come up with interesting games and activities to make the night enjoyable.

4. Beach party could be great idea for bridal shower

Beach party could be a great idea for bridal shower in Nigeria

A beach bridal shower is another exciting way to give the bride to be a memorable experience. All you need to do is to get ready sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, bikinis or breezy dresses, food, drinks and of course a camera to take pictures.

For privacy sake, a private beach would be better.

Note that to make the bridal shower more fun and memorable for the bride to be, it’s always best to make it a surprise.

Also, a bridal shower in Nigeria isn’t complete without gifts for the bride to be. It could either be for the bride or the couple.

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