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Unlocking your phone with fingerprint

Unlocking your mobile phone with fingerprint

The prompt for password to unlock your mobile phone could come at the most inconvenient or embarrassing moment. For instance, you might be hiding your password for a certain person. That person could be your partner, friend, sibling, parent etc. Then at some point you might want to show them a picture or something else on your phone. And suddenly, your mobile phone says 'you need to enter a password to proceed this time' ...

Be conscious of the need for change

Be Conscious of the Need for Change

For positive change to take place, the first demand is to realize that there is a need for change. This realization may come to a person as a result of objective self-assessment or evaluation of the different areas of his/her own life. Also, sometimes this realization is as a result of good advice based on another person observation that there is a need for a change in a person’s life. We can also have this realization by allowing ourselves to make a paradigm shift. If we make effort to see things from a different viewpoint, we may be able to see the dark and grey areas of our life, and we may be enthused to change them. This realization will birth the beginning of our growth and advancement and without doubt the beginning of maturity and improvement.

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A word of advice to self


If you feel a little lost about what happens between the beginning and the end, do not worry for you’re not alone. The truth is, no one knows for sure the exact steps to take in order to achieve success. Don’t you worry, by the end of this article, you’re going to learn about what happens in the middle and learn what you need to do to follow through to the end, where you finally find success by rediscovering yourself.