Top 10 Hollywood movies in 2021

Top 10 Hollywood movies in 2021

Top 10 Hollywood movies in 2021

Top 10 Hollywood movies in 2021
Top 10 Hollywood movies in 2021

This is a top 10 countdown of the best movies released in Hollywood in the year 2021. The Hollywood movie industry returned to cinemas with full force in 2021 after being shut down for almost all of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it is back and even better than before with the return of both new movies and also the continuation of some of our favourite movie franchises. I will be using box office sales, award nominations and a personal review to curate a list of the top 10 Hollywood movies in 2021.

Please be aware that this is based on my personal review of these movies, feel free to drop a list of your favourite movies of 2021 in the comment section. Here we go.

Below are the top 10 Hollywood movies in 2021:

10. Red Notice

Red Notice is an original Netflix movie production starring Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. The crime comedy was released on Netflix in November 2021 and immediately topped the list of one of the most-watched movies on Netflix. The movie’s plot revolves around the bromance between an Art thief and a Fbi special agent in a quest to steal three ancient eggs while evading the authorities and their nemesis Sarah Black played by Gal Gadot.

Despite receiving generally bad reviews from movie critics. The movie became one of the most streamed Netflix films of all time. It received a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 37% which I totally agree with. The movie lacked edge and a good plot. It solely relied on humour and plot twists which were rather obvious.

9. No Time To Die

Coming in at number nine on our countdown is the James Bond action thriller No Time To Die. The film serves as lead actor Daniel Craig’s last appearance as the special agent James Bond. Daniel Craig began his Journey as 007 in the year 2006 with the Casino Royale. The fifteen-year journey came to an end in 2021 with the release of the 25th instalment of the James Bond series.

The movie also stars Oscar award winner Rami Malek as the villain in the film. The film was a commercial and critical success. It made over 700 million dollars at the box office and got positive reviews from critics. Rotten Tomatoes gave it an 83% rating, calling it a befitting end to Daniel Craig’s reign as special agent James Bond. I particularly applaud Rami Malek’s portrayal as the villain in this movie. He embodied the charisma and terrifying confidence of a fitting Bond villain.

8. Shang Chi & The legend of the Ten Rings

The Marvel cinematic universe returns to cinema with its first Asian superhero Shang Chi. The action-packed movie stars Asian actor Simu Liu in his first major role as a lead character in a major film. The film centres around Shang Chi and his best friend and his sister Xu Xialing in their attempt to save the mystic town of Ta Lo and the rest of the world from an ancient beast. The film made over 400 million dollars at the box office and was well-received by critics. It received a 91% rating from Rotten Tomatoes and deserves a spot in the top 10 Nollywood movies in 2021. Critics praised Marvel’s decision to expand its cinematic universe to other cultures.

7. Tick, Tick, Boom

The Netflix Original musical Biopic starring Andrew Garfield, is based on the true-life story of aspiring musical writer John Larson who puts pressure on himself to write the perfect musical before turning 30. Larson writes maniacally while juggling work at a diner and a failing relationship with his girlfriend. He finally gets his wish when his idol Sondheim calls him on his 30th birthday to congratulate him on his musical Superbia.

John Larson began working on his next project Tick, Tick, Boom which unfortunately he never finished. He died on the day his musical production Rent was to debut on Broadway.

The film was directed by Lin Miranda the writer and director of the classic Broadway musical Hamilton and was released on Netflix. It received massive praise from critics for its direction, writing and acting. It was nominated in the Best Film in a musical or comedy category at the Golden Globe awards. Lead actor Andrew Garfield received a nomination and won the award in the same award ceremony in the Best Actor in a musical or comedy category.

6. Don’t Look Up

Don’t Look Up is a work of pure satirical genius that exposes how collective dumb humans have become. The Netflix original movie was released on Netflix on Christmas Eve and stars Oscar award winner Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence. The story revolves around two astronomers who discover a planet-destroying Comet and embark on a media tour to warn the world about the coming armageddon.

Despite mixed reviews from critics like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic who rated it 54% and 49%, the film was nominated in four different categories at the just concluded Golden Globes Award. Don’t Look up exposes how easily manipulated society has become by social media and the news media. It also reveals how detached humans have become disconnected from one another and from the truth.

5. The Harder They Fall

This is without a doubt one of the most exciting movies of 2021, the all-black principal cast brings to life one of the most unique western films since Quintin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. The Netflix original movie features Idris Elba, Jonathan Majors, Regina King, Lakeith Stanfield and many more.

The action-packed storyline revolves around a young group of cowboys led by Nat Love engaged in a feud against another group of revered bandits led by the Notorious Rufus Buck. The Harder They Fall is a beautifully written film with an intense story and plot twist. I particularly applaud the acting and background score used in the movie. It received an 88% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

4. King Richard

King Richard is a biographical movie portraying the lives of Tennis champions Serena Williams, Venus Williams and their father Richard Williams. It tells the story of Richard Williams dream to make his daughters into Tennis superstars. The film was released to cinemas and the HBO streaming platform. It made 27 million dollars at the box office. King Richard also received massive praise from critics for its story and especially lead actor Will Smith’s performance.

King Richard received four nominations at the Golden Globe Awards including Best actor in a motion picture drama which Will Smith won. It received a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with most of the praise going to Will Smith’s performance and the film’s storytelling. The film sits nicely in the top 10 Nollywood movies of 2021.


CODA(Child of deaf adults) is an English remake of the french movie La Famille Bélier. It was released at the prestigious Sundance film festival and then premiered on the Apple TV streaming platform. It is the story of Ruby Rossi, the only hearing person in a family of four deaf people. CODA is an emotionally intense movie that is bound to bring even the strongest of hearts to tears. The film received great praise from movie critics, it received a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It also received two nominations at the Golden Globe Awards.

2. The Power of the Dog

This is a psychological drama released on Netflix starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Kirsten Dunst and other stars. The movie is set in the year 1925. It revolves around two brothers Phil and George Burbank. Viewers are taking on an amazing journey of storytelling, directing and world-class acting especially from lead actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

The actor shows his immense range in this movie, playing a character that is not so common to him. The film received multiple nominations bat the Golden Globe awards. It won Best Motion Picture – Drama, Best Director and Best supporting actor in a motion picture – Drama. It received a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

1. No.1 on the list of the best Hollywood movies of 2021 is Spider-Man : No Way Home

No.1 on the list of the best Nollywood movies of 2021 is Spider-Man : No Way Home
Doctor Strange and Spider-Man in No Way Home

This is the third and final instalment of the Spider-Man sequel and it’s without a doubt the most successful film of 2021. The Marvel cinematic universe masterpiece takes us on a rollercoaster of action and emotions. The film continues from where it ended in the previous movie when Tom Holland’s Spider-Man identity is revealed to the world by Mysterio (Quentin Beck).

Peter Parker goes to Doctor Strange for help and a simple magical spell turns into a chaotic war with the time-space continuum. Past and present collide in this film as we see all our favourite Spider-Man heroes and villains collide in this epic movie. The action blockbuster made over 1.5 billion dollars at the box office and received a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Top 10 Nigerian Albums in 2021

Top 10 Nigerian albums in 2021

Top 10 Nigerian Albums in 2021

 Top 10 Nigerian albums in 2021
Top 10 Nigerian albums in 2021

The article will contain a year in review of the Nigerian music industry in 2021 and I will be listing the top 10 Nigerian albums in 2021.

The year 2021 started with a big bang, with artists dropping beautiful music from the beginning of the year till the end. While the year 2020 saw Nigerian musicians go the extra mile in creating awesome music projects, 2021 saw the continuation of this trend.

A couple of amazing projects were released from veterans in the industry and a couple of newcomers aiming to make their mark on the industry. From newcomers like Ayra Starr who released her debut album and veterans like Olamide who dropped his 9th studio album. The article will be reviewing the top Nigerian albums of 2021 based on charts and personal reviews.

Below are the top 10 Nigerian albums in 2021:

10. Rum & Boogie

Rum & Boogie by Perruzi comes in at number 10 of the top 10 Nigerian albums in 2021. The 20 track album is the singer-songwriter’s sophomore album and is loaded with a lot of hits. In this project, Perruzi shows off his songwriting ability and versatility, combining different genres of music from pop to dancehall and Afrobeats. The project has several hit songs like “Somebody baby featuring Davido, God forbid, Available featuring Wande Coal and Southy love featuring Fireboy Dml“.

Though the album was considered lengthy by some listeners, its diversity takes the attention away from how long the project is. The album peaked at No. 1 on the iTunes Nigeria top albums chart and peaked at No. 80 on the iTunes chart. It gathered over 2 million streams on Boomplay and over 40 million streams on Audiomack.

9. Wondaland

At number 9 on our list is Afrobeats singer Teni’s debut album, the singer who has been thrilling fans with hit singles since 2018 finally puts out her first album. Wondaland shows Teni’s ability to not only put out hit singles but also produce a decent full-length album. Most of the album was produced by multiple award-winning producer, Pheelz. Listeners can feel how perfect the combination between Pheelz and Teni is. The album contains hit songs like “Injure me, Jo and Moslado”. It peaked at No. 1 on the apple music album charts and reached No.49 on the iTunes chart. It also has over 12 million streams on Boomplay and over 100 million streams on Audiomack.

8. Back In Office

Mayorkun popularly called “The Mayor Of Lagos” marks his return to the game with the release of his sophomore album “Back In Office”. The album was preceded by the hit collaboration “Holy Father” featuring industry newcomer Victony.

In my opinion, the very experimental project did not live up to the standard Mayorkun set with his debut album, this album’s saving grace is the song “Holy Father” which successfully overshadows every other song on the album. Though the album is not a memorable project save for songs like “Holy Father” and “Back in office”, Mayorkun has proven that he is still capable of dropping club bangers. Back in Office peaked at No. 15 on the Itunes album chart. Mayorkun’s Back in office has over 17 million streams on Boomplay.

7. Before We Fall Asleep

Despite putting out a ton of amazing songs over the years, it would come as a surprise to some people that Before We Fall Asleep is Johnny Drille’s first album. The singer-songwriter and producer came into the limelight in 2016 and since then recorded and released a lot of songs but did not put out an album till 2021.

The album serves as a culmination of Johnny Drille’s Songwriting and production abilities over the years. It was solely written, produced and mixed by the artist combines R&B, alternative rock, folk music and country music. Songs like “Odo” featuring Styleplus, “loving is harder” and “Ova” featuring Don Jazzy proved that Johnny Drille is willing to experiment with the Afrobeats genre. The album is a beautiful combination of sounds and an amazing sonic experience. It peaked at No.1 on the Apple music charts and reached its highest position at No.6 on iTunes top albums chart. It has been streamed over 2 million times on Boomplay.

6. UY Scuti

UY Scuti is rapper and record label executive Olamide’s 7th studio album and the 6th album on our countdown. The album sees the rapper going a step further from his 2020 hit album “Carpe Diem”, the project solely features upcoming musicians except for Phyno who is the only big name on the album. The album was preceded by the hit single “Rock” which created massive anticipation for the project.

Fans were not disappointed when the project was released as songs like “Julie” and “Wave” featuring Fave instantly became fan favourites. Olamide ruled the iTunes chart with this album release, peaking at No.1 on both Apple music charts and iTunes charts. It has been streamed over 29 million times on Boomplay and 94 million streams on Audiomack.

5. Somewhere between beauty and magic

Joeboy’s debut album titled Somewhere between beauty and magic comes in at number 5 on our countdown. The project proved that Joeboy is a master at making amazing love songs on a catchy beat. The album takes listeners through a wave of beautiful and magical songs like “Police”, “Count me out”, “Consent” and “Celebration”.

There is never a dull moment on this album and it is without a doubt one of the most memorable music projects of 2021. Joeboy’s debut album reached No.1 on the Apple music chart and peaked at No.4 on the iTunes chart. The project also has amazing streaming numbers, with over 65 million streams on Boomplay and over 120 million streams on Audiomack.

4. 19 & Dangerous

19 & Dangerous is young, fresh and daring just like its maker, Ayra Starr. Ayra with the release of her massively successful debut album has shown that though she is just 19, she has what it takes to go toe to toe with the big dogs in the industry. The album is a beautiful piece of work that shows the depth of her songwriting which is far beyond her age.

The Gen Z icon shows her mastery of songwriting with songs like “Cast”, “Toxic” and “Beggie Beggie”. Other notable songs on the album include “Bloody Samaritan, Fashion Killer and Bridgerton”. 19 & Dangerous peaked at No.1 on the Apple music chart and reached No.57 on the itunes chart. Ayra’s Debut album has over 24 million streams on Boomplay and over 54 million streams on Audiomack.

3. Sex Over Love

Sex Over Love is rapper Blaqbonez 3rd studio album under a major record label, the former underground battle rapper had previously dropped a couple of mixtapes before his rise to fame. The Chocolate city signed rapper put out his heavily promoted album to commercial success and high praise from music critics. Blaqbonez who is very popular for his music promotion ability put out one of the best hip hop projects in 2021, with features from rap heavyweights like South African rapper Nasty C and Nigerian rapper AQ.

The album is a perfect combination of hardcore rap and Afrobeats with one sole purpose, to preach the gospel of strictly sexual relationships over-committed romantic relationships. It reached No.6 on the iTunes chart and peaked at No.1 on the Apple music chart. It has been streamed over 28 million times on Audiomack and over 3 million times on Boomplay.

2. Esan (Brymo) & Love and Highlife (The Cavemen)

The second spot on this countdown is shared by two of the most sonically unique Nigerian albums in 2021. Brymo’s Esan is the 9th studio album of the super talented singer-songwriter Brymo, Esan represents the Yoruba side of the two-part album. The album is a work of songwriting genius and shows how underrated Brymo remains in the industry.

The second album in the second position “Love & Highlife” is the sophomore album of music duo The Cavemen. It is a beautiful blend of Igbo Highlife music and other genres like Afro-beat and pop. The album alongside Brymo’s Esan is one of the few 10/10 albums of 2021. The project has been streamed over 3 million times on Audiomack and over 800 thousand times on Boomplay.

Esan reached No.1 on the Apple music chart and peaked at No.3 on the iTunes chart. The Cavemen’s Love & Highlife peaked at No.3 on the Apple music charts and managed to reach No.67 on the iTunes chart. The project has over 2.5 million streams on Audiomack and more than 900 thousand streams on Boomplay.

1. No. 1 on the list of the 10 Nigerian albums in 2021 is ‘Made In Lagos (Deluxe)’

Made in Lagos album by Wizkid
Wizkid’s Made in Lagos album art
Made in Lagos Deluxe Shortfilm

The deluxe version of Wizkid’s barrier-breaking and internationally successful album Made In Lagos. It comes with four new songs including a remix of the hit song Essense with an extra verse from international pop superstar Justin Bieber. The project maintained the same quality as the original release with amazing features from Buju and Bella Shmurda.

The Deluxe Edition of the album is nominated for the 2022 Grammy awards in the Best international album category. It peaked at No.1 on both the iTunes chart and Apple music chart. It has over 130 million streams on Audiomack and over 12 million streams on Boomplay.

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9 New Adventurous Comedies to Watch in 2022

adventurous comedies to watch in 2022
New adventurous comedies to watch in 2022

This post highlight 9 new adventurous comedies to watch in 2022. Everyone needs a good laugh these days as the downs of life can be very depressing. If you don’t find a way to let off all the steam, your mental health may be affected adversely.

It’s been said before that laughter is the best medicine. Fortunately, some movie producers agree and they have decided to make 2022 a year of laughter. From hilariously shaped characters to adorable kid-friendly flicks, you’ve got every chance to laugh this year.

Below are the 9 new adventurous comedies to watch in 2022:

1. Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

I’m pretty sure you’ll be thrilled to hear this comedy comes with 2022 if you’ve watched any of its previous parts. It’s funny and adventurous which makes it definitely interesting. After a luxury vacation cruise exclusively for monsters, Count Dracula probably assumes it’s “happily ever after” next but he has no idea what’s coming for him.

Van Helsing has something up his sleeves and in no time, his mysterious new invention transforms Dracula and his pals into humans. What’s more? The invention turns Johnny into a monster too. What a switch! This comedy would definitely be one of the best adventurous comedies to watch in 2022. The initial release date? 14 January 2022.

2. Luck

In this movie, an unlucky girl stumbles upon the never-before-seen world of good and bad luck and its adventures from then on. Although it’s an upcoming comedy film, Skydance Media, one of its production companies, doesn’t disappoint. Luck is scheduled to be released on February 18, 2022.

3. Turning Red

This movie is admittedly quite unfamiliar. However, Pixar is great and Walt Disney Pictures, on the other hand, is awesome. A coming together of these two production companies will result in nothing less than fantastic. That’s why I know that Turning Red would be one of the new adventurous comedies to watch in 2022. It drops on the 11th of March, 2022.

4. Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Name that film series all kids love and some adults don’t mind: Sonic the Hedgehog! Yeah, Paramount Pictures Studios is back with part 2 of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic the Hedgehog may not come to your mind first if you’re asked to name some comedies. That doesn’t mean you won’t have a good laugh while watching it. I can promise you one thing; this movie is adventurous every step of the way and that part isn’t subtle. On the 8th of April 2022, join Sonic as he proves that he has what it takes to be a true hero.

5. The Bad Guys

When bad guys are given a choice between getting prison sentences or becoming model citizens, it’s not surprising that they pick the latter option. What’s hilarious is outlaws trying to change from being the bad guys to the good guys. Is that even possible? Find out what DreamWorks Animations and Universal Pictures have been up to on the 22nd of April, 2022.

6. DC League of Super-Pets

DC Comics brings a movie that is outright fun-filled and is sure to make you laugh. Coming on the 20th of May 2022, Krypto the Super-Dog sets out to convince a ragtag group of animals to master their newfound powers in order to rescue the Man of Steel and the rest of the Justice League who have been kidnapped. Do you love superheroes? This movie is for you.

7. Bob’s Burgers

More adventures, comedy, and music awaits us this year as hamburger restaurateur Bob Belcher and his family do what they know how to do best: be quirky. It’s the perfect movie to mark Children’s day as it will be released on the 27th of May 2022.

8. Minions 2: The Rise of Gru

The Despicable Me film series has always been everyone’s favourite since it was first released in 2010. The plot of the story is not just interesting but captivating. Minions are just hilarious and they add a lot of spice to the whole thing. This year, Universal Pictures presents to us the untold story of one 12-year-old’s dream to be named the greatest supervillain in the whole world. It’s to be released come July 1, 2022. I can’t wait!

9. Puss in Boots 2: The Last Wish

In 1697, Charles Perrault’s Puss in Boots was published. Portraying the adventures of a rascal and his pal in captivating illustrations, Charles Perrault successfully got his readers hooked. It’s no wonder, a movie based on the story was created.

Ever since the first movie in the film series was released in 2011, Puss in Boots has been an all-time favourite for many. Now, After burning through eight lives, Puss in Boots sets out on an epic journey to find the mythical Last Wish and restore all nine lives. If that doesn’t spell adventure and comedy, I don’t know what will. Release date: 23 September 2022.

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Top 10 Nigerian Movies of 2021

top 10 Nigerian films of 2021
Top 10 Nigerian films of 2021
Top 10 Nigerian movies of 2021

This article will contain a rundown of the top 10 Nigerian movies of 2021. The list will be selected based on Box Office sales and critical acclaim. The selection will also be based on my personal review of the movies.

The year 2021 saw normalcy returning to cinema culture in Nollywood after it was shut down for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The year resumed with a couple of cinema releases even though most filmmakers have pivoted to Netflix as an alternative means of releasing Nigerian movies.

Below are the top ten Nigerian movies of 2021

10. Breaded Life

The Breaded Life movie trailer

Breaded Life is a Cinderella meets Prince charming type of movie, it portrays the love story of a spoiled rich kid who meets and falls in love with a bread seller. Released on the 16th of April 2021, Breaded life stars actor Timini Egbuson playing a role that at this point feels cliche and actress Bimbo Ademoye as his co-star.

Breaded Life was written and directed by filmmaker Biodun Stephens and made quite a buzz at the Box Office despite its rather obvious storyline. According to the Cinematic Exhibitors Association of Nigeria, Breaded Life has made 88 million Naira at the Box Office. The movie definitely deserves a spot in the top 10 Nigerian movies of 2021.

9. The Therapist

The Therapist movie trailer

The Therapist is a story of women coming together to uplift themselves, it tells the journey of a woman who loses all her possessions in a divorce to her abusive husband. She puts her life back together brick by brick and begins to help other women get freedom from their bad marriages.

The Therapist was directed by Kayode Kasum and stars veteran actress Rita Dominic, Toyin Abraham and a host of other actors. While the movie has a solid plot, the story is mostly carried by its ensemble female cast who did a terrific job in interpreting their roles. It made over 26 million Naira at the Box Office.

8. Dwindle

Dwindle movie trailer

Dwindle is a fast-paced action comedy movie that is bound to keep you at the edge of your seats. The film is directed by Kayode Kasum and Dare Olaitan, it tells the story of two friends whose life gets turned upside down after taking a bad decision. Packed with a host of star actors, the film does well to combine both the action and comedy genre with notably funny actors like Funke Akindele and Brother Shaggy.

While watching this movie, do not be surprised if you feel like you’re in a Deja Vu, as the movie thoroughly brings back memories of the hit action-comedy movie Sugar Rush. It made 43 million Naira at the Box Office and sits nicely in the top 10 Nigerian movies of 2021.

7. Soole

Soole movie trailer

Soole is a comedy thriller directed by Kayode Kasum, it features an ensemble cast of Nollywood veterans like Sola Sobowale, Adunni Ade and Lateef Adedimeji. Soole is a Yoruba slang that means cheap ride, the movie depicts a group of travellers who decide to take a cheap bus instead of making use of the bus park.

The movie makes use of the typical slapstick comedy style of average Nigerian films to portray its storyline, however, the movie is riddled with a lot of plot holes. The comedy blockbuster did quite well at the cinemas, making 49 million Naira 7 weeks after its release.

6. Prophetess

The Prophetess movies trailer

Prophetess comes from the stable of veteran filmmaker Niyi Akinmolahan, it is a hilarious work of comedy that is bound to have you laughing all through the film. The prophetess was one of the most anticipated cinema releases of 2021, it was heavily promoted on various social media platforms especially Twitter and Instagram. It stars a host of superstars like Toyin Abraham in lead roles alongside Kehinde Bankole and Lateef Adedimeji.

The film revolves around a Prophetess (Toyin Abraham) who successfully predicts the outcome of a couple of events but gets herself in trouble with the owner of a sports betting company after predicting the outcome of a football match. The Prophetess was a Box Office success, raking in 131 million Naira during its cinema run.

Prophetess does not only deliver as a comedy movie but surpasses the expectations of an average movie, especially with its musical score and cinematography. It is not only a comedic experience but also a beautiful spiritual experience.

5. A Naija Christmas

A Naija Christmas movie trailer

A Naija Christmas is an intriguing family comedy movie that depicts the importance of family above anything else. The film was directed by veteran Nollywood director Kunle Afolayan and released on Netflix as Nollywood’s first Christmas film on the platform. A Naija Christmas is packed with numerous Nollywood stars and deserves a spot in one of the top 10 Nigerian movies of 2021. It stars the late Rachael Oniga, Efa Iwara, Abayomi Alvin, Kunle Remi and a guest appearance by Fuji music icon Pasuma wonder.

The film revolves around a mother and her three sons, her only request is that they bring home a wife. She sweetens the deal when she promises to give the first one to bring home a wife the family house. This stirs up a competition between the first 2 sons, who want the house for different reasons. A Naija Christmas is a beautifully written movie with unique dialogues to keep the audience entertained. It uses cleverly delivered humour to convey its message and does not try to do too much.

4. La Femme Anjola

La Femme Anjola movie trailer

La Femme Anjola is a classic crime drama directed by Mildred Okwo and stars Nollywood veteran Rita Dominic and Nonso Bassey. It is the story of a young stockbroker Nonso Bassey, who falls in love and begins a sexual relationship with Anjola, the wife of a gangster.

The film received praise for its writing, directing and exceptional acting by both lead actors. It received multiple award nominations at the prestigious African Movies Academy Awards. It made over 20 million Naira at the Box Office and sits comfortably in the top 10 Nigerian movies of 2021.

3. Aki & Pawpaw

After dominating the videotape and video disc era of Nollywood, Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze’s Aki & Pawpaw make a return to our screens after 19 years. The slapstick comedy movie was still able to pull a huge number in sales despite critics commenting on the film’s inability to connect to a more mature audience. In just its third week of screening at the cinemas, it has grossed over 100 million Naira. Though Aki & Pawpaw has little to offer in terms of a unique storyline or plot, the power of nostalgia that the film has cannot be downplayed.

2. Eyimofe

Eyimofe movie trailer

Eyimofe (This is my desire) is the story of struggle that any average Nigerian can relate to. After dominating film festivals all over the world, it debuted in Nigerian cinemas in April 2021 to great reviews. The film was rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and received multiple nominations at the African Movie Academy Awards, winning four awards.

Eyimofe tells the story of two people who grew up in the same neighbourhood and try all they can to leave the country for greener pastures. Though the movie received immense praise and honours from both critics and award shows, it did not do so well at the Box Office. It made just 1.9 million Naira during its cinema run.

1.No. 1 on the list of the top 10 Nigerian movies of 2021 is Ayinla

Ayinla movie trailer

Ayinla is a musical Biopic directed by Nollywood legendary filmmaker Tunde Kelani. Ayinla is the story of the rise to fame of Nigerian music legend Ayinla Omowura, it stars actor Lateef Adedimeji in the lead role. The movie is set in the late 70s to early 80s and this era was beautifully depicted by director Tunde Kelani. Ayinla is an astonishing movie with many things that makes it stand out. The musical score, the cinematography, costume and acting make it a flawless movie. The attention to detail proves to us that Tunde Kelani is indeed a master at his craft. The movie grossed 91 million Naira at the Box Office.

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Nigerian movies

10 Fun Activities For Singles in Nigeria

activities for singles in Nigeria
 Fun activities for singles in Nigeria
Fun activities for singles in Nigeria

Things can get very lonely if you’re single but it’s unnecessary that you spend your whole time throwing a pity party for yourself. This article highlights fun activities for singles in Nigeria.

The article will focus solely on single people and even those who are going through a break-up or recovering from one. I will be giving fun tips and activities you can get engaged in.

Fun activities for singles in Nigeria

1. Take a trip

Nigeria is blessed with a lot of amazing resorts and ranches. So instead of spending the holidays in your room, you can book yourself a trip to any of the amazing resorts in Nigeria. Resorts like the Obudu Mountain Resort and Lekki Conservation Centre are open all year long and even offer special activities. This enables you to visit new places and also meet new people, who knows, you could just meet your next love interest on one of these trips.

2. Go clubbing


Nigeria has an assortment of beautiful clubs and lounges, especially for those who live in Lagos. There are different ranges of nightclubs and lounges you can go to have a great time. This gives you an opportunity to let loose, hang out with old friends and also make new ones.

3. Attend concerts

Nigeria is usually packed with different concerts. Instead of sitting at home to listen to sad music, buy a ticket to one or two concerts and go scream your lungs out.

4. Go see a movie

Yes, you might have Netflix but this is another excuse to sit on your bed and wallow away in self-pity. Treat yourself to a couple of new movies at the cinema instead, a great movie you can see is the new Spider-man: No Way Home.

5. Volunteer

Instead of thinking about yourself alone, you can decide to spend some time giving back to the less privileged. You can volunteer with an NGO and spend your time doing something good for society. You can also do some charity, visit the motherless babies homes and prepare food to distribute to the needy.

6. Have a house party

Another great way to distract yourself from loneliness and boredom is to invite your friends over for a house party. You can have each one of the invited guests bring an item of entertainment, each person could either bring a food item, drinks or games.

7. Treat yourself to a spa date

A spa date is a good fun activity for singles in Nigeria

After all the stress of the work year in which you might have actually neglected your body, this is a great opportunity to treat yourself to some much-needed spa date. Treat yourself to some manicure, pedicure, body scrub and a deep tissue massage to get out all the bad energy you might have accumulated.

8. Spend time with family

Being single period provides a good opportunity to spend quality time with family. It gives you the opportunity to reconnect and reminisce on the good old times with your family. It is also an opportunity to make new memories. You can spend time at the family house or plan a family trip where you can all visit a new location for the weekend.

9. Register at the gym

This gives you the opportunity to get into the best physical shape and also burn off all the unwanted calories. Physical training is one of the best activities for singles. Training not only puts you in a good shape physically but also keeps you in good mental shape.

10. Work on yourself

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, take this opportunity to develop your skillset, read a book or get a certification.

With all these exciting tips, you have no reason to feel alone or bored while you are single. Pick one of these helpful tips that fit your budget and go have a great time.

2face Idibia: The Making of an African Legend

2face Idibia: The Making of an African Legend.
2face Idibia: The Making of an African Legend
2face Idibia

2face Idibia: The Making of an African Legend

A few weeks ago, a scandal broke out in the Nigerian music industry between industry legend, 2face Idibia, and singer Brymo. Brymo claimed that 2face had accused him of sleeping with his wife Annie Idibia and of trying to take his place in the industry. The singer also said that 2face’s reign was over and he was the new King, you can read more about the scandal here.

The purpose of this article is clearly not about the scandal; However, Brymo’s last statement got me curious and it inspired me to start researching 2face Idibia’s career and achievements. I began to revisit his music starting from the groundbreaking Face 2 Face album down to his last musical project Warriors.

With over 20 years in the music industry, 2face Idibia is one of the oldest singers in the game. This article aims to chronicle the career of the iconic singer-songwriter especially for the younger generations who might not be familiar with his previous body of work. This article will also show why I believe 2face is an African legend and the king of Nigerian pop music. The criteria for this selection will be longevity, critical acclaim, awards, international recognition, and albums.


2face Idibia began his musical career with the Plantashun boyz in the late 90s, the group consisted of two other group members Faze and Blackface. The group became a sensation in the early 2000s after the release of hit songs like Don’t You Know, Knock Me Off, and the release of their first studio album “Body and Soul”. The group split up shortly after the release of their second successful album “Sold Out” due to 2face wanting to pursue a solo career.

2face Idibia began his solo career under the Kennis Music record label. He released two critically acclaimed and commercially successful albums under the label. He left the label to start his own Record label Hypertek Entertainment and has since released five more albums. 2face Idibia, with over 25 years in the industry, is one of the oldest and active pop musicians in the music industry. His ability to stay relevant in the industry when most of those he started with have faded into oblivion is one of those traits that I believe makes him a Living legend.


2face Idibia’s solo debut album “Face 2 Face” was released in 2004 and became a huge success internationally due to the success of the lead single “African Queen“. The song African Queen was used as a soundtrack on the Hollywood film Phat Girlz. 2face Idibia’s sophomore album Grass to Grace further established the artist as the best in the game. With many hit songs like For Instance, See Me So, Love is a Crime, True Love, and My Love. The album won him the Mobo award for best African act.

After leaving Kennis Music to start his own label Hypertek Entertainment, 2face Idibia dropped the critically acclaimed album The Unstoppable: International edition in 2010. This album once again proved to be an international success, earning him several award recognitions. 2face Idibia has released 9 solo albums in his over 20 years solo career, with the last one Warriors released in 2020. 2face Idibia has continued to prove that he is more than capable of competing with the young artist and still drops hit songs.


2face Idibia is one of the most decorated musicians in Nigeria. He has won many national and international awards ever since becoming the first musician to win the award for Best African Act at the MTV Africa Music Awards in 2005. He has multiple Headies awards, Afrimma, Bet, and world music awards to his credit.


In a time when Nigerian pop music had little recognition outside the borders of Nigeria, 2face Idibia’s African Queen was the game-changer. The success of the song set 2face apart from his peers. It helped him become the first African artist to win the MTV Europe music awards in 2005. 2face has continued to have a tremendous impact on the music industry over the years. He has created classic songs that would stand the test of time. Another thing that makes 2face so unique is his versatility and ability to change with the times. He has continued to be an influence on many Nigerian musicians with the majority of them calling him their biggest influence.

From pop ballads, dancehall to reggae, 2face Idibia championed the Afropop movement and has continued to thrill the Nigerians with hits after hits. As someone who has been privileged to watch him perform with a live band a couple of times, 2face Idibia is indeed a master of his craft. It is no mere feat that no musician from his generation is still as impactful and influential.

2face Idibia has simply continued to reinvent himself by working with only the best producers and artists in the game. Younger generations may believe the likes of Wizkid and Burna Boy deserve the title of greatest of all time due to their Grammy wins. However, none of these singers can be credited for putting Afropop and Afrobeats music on the international map. These achievements in my opinion are what make 2face Idibia the Greatest Nigerian Afrobeats artist of all time.

Is Wizkid’s Made in Lagos Worthy of Grammy?

Is Wizkid's Made in Lagos worthy of Grammy?
Is Wizkid's Made in Lagos worthy of Grammy?
Wizkid’s Made in Lagos Album Cover Art

Is Wizkid’s Made in Lagos worthy of Grammy?

Is Wizkid’s Made in Lagos worthy of Grammy? Following the recent record-breaking achievements Wizkid’s Made in Lagos album has been having in international borders and its recent submission for Grammy consideration, this article aims to examine if the album is truly Grammy-worthy.

It’s been over 12 years since Wizkid made his debut in the Nigerian music industry, the E.M.E signed singer became an immediate success with his hit single Holla at your boy. Songs like Tease me, Pakurumo, and Don’t dull, proved to the Nigerian music audience that Wizkid was a versatile musician and obviously the next big thing. His debut album Superstar was a critical and commercial success.

Ten years down the line, Wizkid has emerged as one of Nigeria’s biggest Afrobeats musicians and one of the greatest musicians in Africa. Wizkid has worked with most of the biggest musicians in Africa and outside the shores of Africa, collaborating on hit songs with superstars like Beyonce and Drake. 

With the release of his fourth studio album Made In Lagos, a musical journey that began in the streets of Ojuelegba has finally found a home in the streets of America and the hearts of music lovers around the world. Made in Lagos has broken all barriers that were formerly considered impossible for Nigerian music. It is currently the highest-peaking album on the prestigious Billboard charts for a Nigerian artist

The majority of the album’s success can be credited to the success of the song “Essence” featuring Nigerian singing sensation Tems. Tems soulful chorus and verse gave the song a unique sound and remains one of the biggest highlights of the Made in Lagos album. Essence is currently certified platinum in the United States of America by the RIIA, this is a first for any Nigerian song. 

Grammy consideration

A couple of days ago, it was announced that Made in Lagos has been submitted for Grammy consideration in the World Album category. Though this will not be the first time a Nigerian will win a Grammy award in that category, it could be the first time two Nigerians would win it consecutively. If Made in Lagos wins the grammy, it would not be Wizkid’s first grammy award as the singer won the award last year for his collaboration with Beyonce on the song Brown skin girl.

Judging by the huge amount of success Made in Lagos has had all over the world, selling out concert halls all over America and breaking many streaming records. I am confident that Made in Lagos is a grammy-worthy project. No African album in the past year has achieved a quarter of what the album has achieved. It is the most talked-about album in the international community, with multiple articles written about it from various prestigious entertainment companies like The Rolling Stones.

If and hopefully when Wizkid wins the Grammy award, he would become Nigeria’s second artist to win the Grammy award in the world category following in the footsteps of Burna Boy. Wizkid could also become the first Nigerian artist with the most Grammy awards (2).

The Most Lucrative Skills in Nollywood

The most lucrative skills in Nollywood
The most lucrative skills in Nollywood
The Most Lucrative Skills in Nollywood

Are you an actor or actress with an undying passion for the movie industry? Have you been trying to break into the industry to no avail? This is the perfect article for you. Nollywood represents the Movie industry of the Nigerian entertainment industry. It is an industry rife with different opportunities that many creatives do not take advantage of because they all want to be center stage. If you are tired of waiting for that lifetime opportunity and would like to try other roles available in the film industry, I have compiled a list of roles that in my opinion are highly sought-after and are lucrative skills in Nollywood.

It is no news that breaking into the movie industry as an actor is an arduous task and could take years before you get that breakthrough role. It is essential for people looking at careers in Nollywood to seek out other opportunities available in the industry. This would require that you gain the appropriate skills and training.

The Nollywood industry majorly favors those who are at the forefront of the screen, actors who help them sell films, and sometimes the directors.  This is why more and more people go in search of acting roles while neglecting many of the other lucrative skills in Nollywood.

Even with a terrible structure and no major contributions from the government, the industry is still one of the major contributors to the nation’s GDP. The movie industry, like any other industry, requires different departments to make it work. While some skills may receive better recognition and financial remuneration than others, none of the roles are less important than the others.

Most lucrative Skills in Nollywood


The film Director is in charge of creatively bringing a movie script to life. The assistant director on the other hand is an integral part of the process that ensures that the production is going as planned. The Assistant Director is in charge of the day-to-day progression of the production schedule. He/She prepares and maintains the call sheet, Blocking the scenes, continuity, and welfare of the cast and crew. It is possible to have a second and third assistant director, depending on the size of the production. 


Screenwriting is a very lucrative skill in Nollywood.

The screenwriter converts the original story for a movie or series into a screenplay. The screenplay is divided into different acts and scenes and contains the dialogues for each scene. The screenwriter is an integral part of film production, they are in charge of transforming what was just an idea into the final draft we all watch and love. Most scriptwriters work on a contractual basis, most of them do not originally own the story. They are hired by the production studio to transform a story or idea into the final screenplay.


The Director Of Photography is more than just a “cameraman”, he or she is one of the most important personnel on a production set. The DOP visually brings the Directors ideas to life, he does not necessarily handle the camera. The roles of a DOP include framing the shots, selecting camera lenses, and choosing the appropriate lighting for each scene. Staff who work closely with the DOP include the Camera Operator, Steadicam Operator, Gaffer, and Key Grip.

Sound engineering

The sound engineer handles the voice recording of the movie shoot. He is also in charge of mixing the recorded sounds that make the final cut of the film. The Boom operator works with the sound engineer, he handles the mics used in recording the sounds.

Video editing

Video editing is one of the most lucrative skills in Nollywood.

Video editing is one of the most lucrative skills in Nollywood. The video editor works closely together with the director during the shooting of the scenes and during post-production. The editor takes the day-to-day clips shot during the filming of the movie and puts them together in order to arrive at the final cut of the film. 


The person in charge of continuity has an important job of noting what is going on every time during the shot. The continuity personnel makes sure there is a uniform progression of the shoot. He/She notes what the actors are wearing for each shot, how long the shots last, the actor’s position during the shot of the scene, and other important details.


The musical score of a movie or series is the series of soundtracks that accompany emotions, dialogues, and different scenes in the movie. It is handled by the music mixer, they work with a team of musicians and producers to develop the final soundtrack of the movie.

Special effects

Skills for special effects are very lucrative in Nollywood.

Special effects are usually applied in the post-production aspect of film production. Special effects artists are in charge of designing the special effects needed for the movie. This is one of the most sought-after and lucrative skills in Nollywood as filmmakers are looking to continually improve on the quality of video effects used in movies. Another aspect of special effects is make-up effects, these effects are used to create images like amputated hands, gunshot wounds and so much more.

Other important and lucrative skills in Nollywood include:

Location management

The location manager is in charge of researching and scouting for the appropriate locations to shoot the various scenes. The role of the location manager is one that cannot be eradicated from the film industry. The perfect location goes a long way in bringing the director’s vision to life. To qualify as a location manager, you need to have a trained eye and a good understanding of the scripts and requirements. As a location manager, you are in charge of picking locations for the shots, negotiating with homeowners, and getting permits to enable you to shoot in a particular location.


The costumier provides the apparel and attires won in the film. If you’re looking at a profession in costuming, other than training, you need to have a keen sense of fashion. As costumier, you are in charge of sourcing the appropriate clothes, jewelry, shoes, and other props needed by the actors on set.


The makeup artist applies the appropriate makeup suited for the scene on the actors.

The makeup artist applies the appropriate makeup suited for the scene on the actors. Make-up artists are trained professionals who understand the requirements of the script and you should be prepared to recreate the makeup effects needed in the film. 

Set design

Set designers are in charge of developing or organizing props used during the shoot. Set designers are mainly trained artisans, carpenters, builders, and painters who are called on to build or design different sets needed for the film shoot. As a set designer, you can also be called on to play the role of the props manager. This will require you to source for props needed during the shoot, this can include special cars, guns, etc.

Graphic design

The graphic designer designs all images, logos, and trademarks needed during the production. You are in charge of designing promotional logos for advertising and marketing the film or series.  Graphic designers are also tasked with creating cover jackets for DVDs, film posters, banners, and logos used for Merchs.

Alongside acting and directing skills, most of these skills are taught in various film institutes in Nigeria. So if you are interested in getting into the industry, Institutes like Royal Arts Academy and Ebonylife Creative Academy offer different courses, training, and certification on these roles.

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4 Major Record Labels in Nigeria

Record labels in Nigeria
Major record labels in Nigeria

The Nigerian music industry has been marked by different eras, ranging from the early days of Highlife, Palm Wine music, Juju, and Afrobeat. Every generation of musicians has had one thing in common, they were all backed by powerful Record Labels. This post highlights the most impactful and major record labels in Nigeria.

This article is specifically written for prospective artists who would like to venture into the music industry or those who are curious about how the music business operates. Before venturing into the Nigerian music industry, you need to have a good understanding of how the music business works. One of the hard tasks for upcoming musicians is how to raise funds, this is where record labels come in. This article will help you understand the importance of Record labels and the services they offer to their artists.

Importance of record labels in Nigeria

Record Labels are companies set up to invest in musical talent, the main aim of any record label like any other business is to make a profit. A record label provides every resource the musical talent needs to make hit records. Resources include a budget for recording and producing music, hiring the best team available for the artist, studio sessions, marketing, and promotional runs for the released music. A contract is signed between the Record Label and the artist, the contract dictates the terms and conditions of the business agreement. This includes the duration of the contract and financial remunerations.

In the early 70s, most record labels in Nigeria were owned by International companies. Some of the most notable record labels available then were EMI, CBS (now Sony Music), and Polygram and they represented a majority of Nigerian musicians in that era. Musicians like Onyeka Owenu, Femi Kuti, Ras Kimono, and many heavyweights were signed to these international record labels. However, things took a turn for the worse due to the Nigerian Political climate and some of these record labels left, marking the end of an era for the Nigerian music industry.

The 90s saw the emergence of a music industry that lacked proper structure and major music record labels in Nigeria. What was left was artists struggling to make music by whatever means was available and promote it themselves. The era also saw the rise of a few Nigerian-owned independent record labels. The labels were put together by music enthusiasts, radio presenters, and some investors. Leading this movement was the Kenny Ogungbe owned Kennis Music. 

Labels like Storm records, Chocolate city, and QuestionMark were created in that era. What these new labels lacked in resources and international affiliations, they made up for in understanding how the music business works. Fast forward to 2021, there are many record labels in Nigeria, with more being created by musicians who feel they have outgrown their parent record label.

The Nigerian music industry even without a proper structure and help from the Government is one of the most successful industries in Africa. The industry boasts a colossal amount of internationally acclaimed musicians and multiple international awards. These feats would not have been possible if a few record labels in Nigeria had not taken the leap of faith to build from the ground. These labels would go on to invest in musicians that would eventually pave the way for the current generation of musicians.

1. Below are some of the most impactful music record labels in Nigeria:

Kennis Music

Kennis Music was founded in 1998 by Kenny Ogungbe, a radio host at Raypower FM. Kennis Music under the direction of Kenny Ogungbe and Dayo Adeneye was the powerhouse of Nigerian music in the 90s. Some popular artists signed to Kennis Music were The Remedies, 2face, Sound Sultan, OJB Jezreel, Essence, Blackface, KC Presh, and a host of many top-notch artists. Artists from the label ruled the airways in the 90s with most of the label’s early success coming from the group The Remedies.

The musical trio of Eddy Remedies, Eedris Abdulkareem, and Tony Tetuila thrilled Nigeria’s with hit songs like Sakomo, Sade, and Belinda. The group fell out after their third member Tony Tetuila was kicked out of the group. Tetuila remained signed to Kennis Records and released diss records targeting his former group members and label mates.

Kennis Music had more success in the early 2000s with 2face, who became the label’s flagship artist. More success would come for the label through musicians like Azadus, Sound Sultan, and Jaywon. Over the years the Label saw a steady decline due to the fact that many of its important musicians were leaving the label. Currently, Kennis Music is nothing but a mere shadow of what it once was, with its only notable artists being Joel and Eedris Abdulkareem.  However, Kennis Music remains historically one of the greatest labels to ever come out of the country. It paved the way for many other labels. It discovered and supplied a great number of musical talents to the music industry.

Storm Records

While Kennis Music ruled the Nigerian music industry from the late 90s to early 2000s, Storm records were the Kings of the mid-2000s. Founded in 1991 by Obi Asika, the label boasted of musicians like Eldee, Naeto C, Darey, Sacha, Jazzman Olofin, Ikechukwu, Pype, and Gt the guitar man. Storm records had the hip-hop side of the industry on lock with some of the best rappers in the industry as at that time. Rappers Naeto C and Ikechukwu were some of the first Nigerian musicians to win the MTV Africa Music Awards.


The magical combination of producer Don Jazzy and singer D’banj gave birth to classic albums like No long thing and The entertainer under Mohits Records. Mohits was founded in 2004 by Don Jazzy and Dbanj. It was one of the most iconic labels in Nigeria until the end of 2012. The Label expanded its artist roster when they signed Wande coal, Dr.sid, D’Prince, and K Switch. Mohits was officially dissolved in 2012 due to disagreements between Don Jazzy and Dbanj. Don jazzy went on to start up his new label Mavin, taking Wande Coal, D’Prince, and Dr.sid along.

2. Major Record Labels in Nigeria in 2021

In no particular order, below are 4 major record labels in Nigeria in 2021

Mavin Records

Mavin Records was founded and it is currently one of the biggest music record labels in Nigeria. Its heavy roster comprises artists like Rema, Ayra Starr, Ladipoe, Crayon, and Johnny Drille. The label was formerly home to industry heavyweights like Wande Coal, Tiwa Savage, and Reekado Banks. Mavin Records in recent times focuses on discovering, signing, and nurturing young talented musicians. 

Chocolate City

Chocolate City was founded in 2005 by Audu Maikori, Paul Okeugo and Yahaya Maikori. It is home to some of the biggest hip-hop stars in Nigeria. The label started its foray into the music industry by signing singer, songwriter, and producer Jeremiah Gyan. Together they released the critically acclaimed and successful album, Na Baka.

Chocolate Cite discovered and signed powerhouse artists like Djinee, Asha, M.I Abaga, Jesse Jags, Ice Prince, and Brymo. In the late 2000s, Chocolate city was the headquarters of hip-hop music in Nigeria. The 2008 rap album “Talk about it” by its flagship artist M.I Abaga changed hip-hop music and is still in my opinion one of the greatest rap albums ever made in Nigeria. Chocolate City has produced multiple award-winning musicians and is still relevant in the industry today with artists like Blaqbonez and Dice Ailes. 

E.M.E Entertainment

Empire mates entertainment was founded in 2002 by R&b singer Banky W and Tunde Demuren. The label became notable for its catalog of young pop sensations however, its greatest contribution to the music industry would come in the form of one of the greatest Afrobeats artists in Africa, Wizkid.

E.M.E Entertainment signed Wizkid in 2009 alongside label mate Skales. Wizkid became the face of the label after dropping his successful debut single “Holla at your boy”. He followed up the feat by dropping more successful singles followed by his critically acclaimed debut album “Starboy ”. After the departure of Wizkid, Empire Mates went on to sign other artists who were not as successful. This led to the eventual death of the label. The label currently operates as a Media and Management agency.

YBNL Nation

YBNL was founded by rapper Olamide in 2012 as an independent record label and it is now one of the major record labels in Nigeria. YBNL has produced some of Nigeria’s biggest music stars. Some of its notable signings were Adekunle Gold and Lil Kesh, who both had successful albums. In recent years the label has had to kiss many proverbial frogs before landing on the prince. After a run of unsuccessful signings, YBNL discovered and signed its current flagship artist Fireboy Dml. Fireboy has released two critically acclaimed and multiple award-winning albums for the record company. Olamide has also gone on to release several award-winning albums under the label.

The Nigerian music industry has had to battle a dwindling economy, neglect from the government, and war with piracy in order to pull itself out of the dark and into the light. Several Nigerian artists are now signed to international record labels and have won multiple international awards including the Grammys. Nigeria has positioned itself as one of the strongest music industries in Africa.

All these great feats would not have been conceivable if record labels in Nigeria like Kennis Music had not taken the decision to invest personal funds in the music business. These labels laid the foundation for the present generation and made mistakes that the current generation learned from in order to become better.

Justice League vs Snyder Cut

Justice League vs Snyder Cut
Justice League vs Snyder Cut
Justice League vs Snyder Cut

When most movie lovers are forced to compare movies, they are faced with the challenge of deciding which of both movies is better. In the case of The Justice League sequels, it’s not about deciding which is better but about which is less cringey. This review is about Justice League vs Snyder Cut.

The original Justice League movie was released in 2017 to terrible reviews by critics, with a 40% rating on rotten tomatoes and a 45% rating on Metacritic. During its box office run, Justice League grossed 657 million dollars

Despite such terrible reviews by critics, one would wonder why Warner Bros went ahead to greenlight a remake of the same movie. Fans of the DC Universe put pressure on the studio to release Snyder’s extended version of the movie after the screenwriter and director hinted that he had an original cut of the movie.

Snyder Cut was released in 2021 via streaming platform HBO max. Despite the added scenes, the only thing that was significantly different from the original version was the length. The four hours long movie was initially proposed as a mini-series but the idea was struck in favour of a full-length film.

Let’s get into it: Justice League vs Snyder Cut

  • Length: While the original movie was just 2 hours 30 minutes long, the Snyder cut took a painful four hours to watch.
  • Script: Although there were no significant plot changes in both movies, there were slight additions to the latter film. While the Original movie gave us no insight into the origin stories of Justice League heroes like The Flash and Cyborg, The Snyder Cut dwelled a bit too much on them

The Snyder cut in my opinion contained a lot of unnecessary additions and theatrics, which led to the unreasonable length of the movie. An example is an opening scene which was just superman screaming across multiple continents for five minutes after being killed. Another time-wasting antics employed by the director was the use of the slow-mo effect at every given opportunity. 

 The Snyder cut also included a few clips of Darkseid who was omitted in the original movie. The dream scene was also added in Snyder’s version, it shows Batman and The Joker relieving their age-long rivalry.

  • Graphics: The Snyder cut is definitely graphically better than the original version, a notable difference is the design of the villain Steppenwolf’s costume. The Snyder cut also debuted Superman in the dark suit for the first time in the cinematic universe. 

While most people believe Snyder Cut was a better version of the Justice League, I believe it was still as terrible as the former. Zack Snyder should never direct a DC movie again. The DC cinematic universe needs to look to seasoned directors like Christopher Nolan who have previously done great jobs with the comics.

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Top 5 Scandals in Nigerian Showbiz in 2021

Top 5 Scandals in Nigerian Showbiz in 2021
Top 5 Scandals in Nigerian Showbiz in 2021
Top 5 Scandals in Nigerian Showbiz in 2021

Scandals are inevitable in the entertainment industry. In fact, it is one of the things entertainers need to be prepared for at one point in their careers or the other. For some people, it is a career-boosting event while it may end up damaging the careers of some. This post highlights the top 5 scandals in Nigerian showbiz in 2021.

In an era where cancel culture is at its peak, most public figures do whatever they can to avoid career-ending scandals. But it does not help when they are always in the public eye.

The year 2021 began with no notable scandalous event. However, things got exciting in the later parts of the year with one scandal popping up after the other. With less than three months left in the year, here are the top 5 scandals that have rocked the Nigerian entertainment industry so far.

Top 5 scandals in Nigerian showbiz in 2021

1. Tiwa Savage and the sex tape

Still basking in the euphoria of her newly released music project “water and garri”, Tiwa savage’s world was rocked after she received a blackmail message threatening to release a sex tape made by herself and her ex-lover.

In a bid to get ahead of the controversy, Tiwa Savage announced the issue in a radio interview with Power 105.1’s OAP Angie Martinez. She said was being blackmailed by someone with access to the video and has been asked to pay a certain amount of money.

Tiwa Savage made it public that she would not be paying the money demanded by the blackmailer and she is ready to face the backlash she might get when the video is released. She stated that it is very likely that the video will be released and that she only worries about the effect the scandal would have on her son Jamal.

2. Annie Idiba and 2baba

In one of the messiest scandals in Nigerian showbiz this year, Annie Idibia publicly called out her husband Innocent Idibia popularly known as 2baba on social media. She accused him of betraying his marital vows with his former lover and baby mama Pero Adeniyi. For those who have never heard of Pero Adeniyi, it is important to get a little backstory into the entire event.

Pero Adeniyi was 2baba’s former lover way back in the 2000s and currently has 3 kids with the afrobeats superstar. Over the years both parties have remained friends for the sake of the children even after 2baba’s marriage to Annie Idibia. Trouble brewed in the couple’s home after Annie revealed on social media that the relationship between 2baba and his supposed ex has remained sexual even though he was still married to her. She accused the singer of sharing a room with his ex during his visit to the children in America.

The scandal got even messier when 2baba’s brother interfered in the matter and accused Annie of disrespecting her husband and his family by bringing the matter to social media. He also accused her of being a drug addict and an un-accommodating wife.

3. Brymo vs 2baba

2face Idibia got on the receiving end of another social media scandal after singer and songwriter Brymo accused him of trying to intimidate and ruin his career. In a lengthy Twitter thread, Brymo claimed that the veteran musician accused him of sleeping with his wife Annie Idibia. He also claimed that the singer hired thugs to beat him up for trying to take his throne in the industry. 2baba’s legal team responded to the accusations with a statement requesting that Brymo retract his accusations or face a 1 billion naira defamation lawsuit.

4. OAP Nedu vs Ex-wife

The Wazobia FM presenter had his personal affairs thrown in public glare when his ex wife Uzoamaka Ohiri accused him of physical abuse during the time of their marriage. This forced the otherwise reserved comedian to publicly disavow the claims and reveal that he was the one who was betrayed by his Ex-wife. He claimed his ex-wife had cheated on him countless times during their marriage, which led to him conducting a DNA test on their first child. Results of the test revealed that he was not the biological father of the child.

5. Tonto Dikeh vs Prince Kpokpogri

Tonto Dikeh has never been a stranger to public scandals, however the actress has been able to keep her head down for a while. Her pretty good run was cut short when her ex-lover, Prince Kpokpogri, claimed that their relationship was nothing but a terrifying experience for him.

Tonto Dikeh responded with a petition against Mr Kpokpogri sent to the Commissioner of Police through her lawyers led by Festus Keyamo. She accused him of blackmail, extortion, and threatening her wellbeing amongst other accusations. Mr Kpokpogri hit back at his ex-lover by accusing her of infidelity and drug addiction. He also filed a petition against Tonto Dikeh, requesting 10 billion naira in damages.

Is a career in Nollywood worth it?

Is a career in Nollywood worth it?
Is a career in Nollywood worth it?
Is a career in Nollywood worth it?

Is a career in Nollywood worth it? For most people, a career in the entertainment industry is a quick way to become rich and famous. However, this does not seem to be the case as over and over again we have seen cases of old veteran actors and musicians coming to solicit for financial assistance due to one medical condition or the other. While the industry may look like a flourishing sector from the outside, proceeds from film sales usually go to producers of the movies and sponsors while the actors are paid a not-so-great amount.

Though the movie industry is a valuable one, most Nollywood stars need to diversify into different businesses to get by. For young actors who are yet to make a name for themselves, it could take years of training and even free roles to be able to make reasonable money from the Industry. Speaking from personal experience, I had an opportunity to work as an extra on an episode of a TV series and got paid five thousand naira for the role. While this might look like easy money, it should be taken into consideration that I was just one person out of thousands of people that auditioned for the role. 

The Nollywood industry employs almost 1 million people annually but for those who desire a career in the industry, it is not a good enough reason to quit your day job yet.

Here are some reasons why a career in Nollywood may or may not be worth it

1. Breaking in

It takes years of training, a lot of auditions, a great deal of connections, and also luck to become successful in Nollywood. Yes, talent is not enough. While there are a lot of talented actors out there, it might take a couple of years before your talent is recognized. To gain experience and opportunities in Nollywood, you might need to get proper training and certification at acting institutes in the country or take a lot of jobs as extras. This may work out for some while others may not be so lucky.

2. Low pay

Upcoming actors have to settle for whatever they get in acting gigs as there is no standard body or agency that regulates the price actors are paid. Many stars in the industry have had to take a lot of these low-paying roles before they were able to make a name for themselves. Value in the Nigerian movie industry is determined by how popular you are and not by how talented you are. Movie producers seek out famous actors who can help them sell movies and make a lot of money, so it’s not surprising to see the same set of actors in different movies every time. 

3. Gatekeeping

This is defined as an act of limiting or controlling access to something or someone. This is a common trait in the Nigerian movie industry, young and upcoming actors are rarely welcomed into the industry. Certain producers or directors prefer to work with a certain set of actors and tend to recycle them in all their movies, this does not allow upcoming actors to benefit from these career-boosting opportunities. To overcome this challenge, one would need a lot of luck or good connections in order to force one’s way into the industry.

4. Sex for roles

Most female upcoming actors are usually faced with a case of solicitation from male producers, directors, or actors. Sex for roles scandals are very prominent in Nollywood, most female actors have been faced with this challenge at one point in their career or the other. Naive actors who fall for these tricks sometimes never get the roles they are promised and become objects of sexual gratification for these producers.

Actors who eventually make it into the industry need to understand that income in the business is not sustainable and they need to put their hands in other businesses. There are also other sacrifices that come with the price of fame, celebrities are forced to forgo their personal lives and privacy once they are in public.

People seeking a career in Nollywood should also understand that there are other aspects of the industry that are easier to get into. It is vital to seek out other opportunities available in the film-making sector. Opportunities such as assistant directors, screenwriting, dops, sound engineering, video editing and so much more are viable options in the movie industry.

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