But for a moment

Published on: October 22, 2020 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Young, free, innocent she is. Playful and childish in her Eight year old body. A beautiful adventurer in her perfect little environment. The young elected queen in her sphere of influence. A mother's joy, a father's pride.
All these are.......but for a moment.

Holiday comes, a wonderful opportunity. Go explore, get acquainted with your kin. Far away from your perfect little environment. Your uncle awaits with his family. The Nine year old sets sail.
The journey is........but for a moment.

New faces, forgotten faces, old faces, all in new places. 'Welcome, welcome, we greet welcome.' Sit, relax, kick back and enjoy. Play and play even more. Grow up till you become Ten.
The bonding lasts........but for a moment.

Moonless night, snuggled in your bed, your uncle's son right next to you. The sheets are unsettled because something still moves under the covers. His hands move in-between your Eleven year old legs.
You feel uncomfortable........but for a moment.

He comes again, secretly repeating. You love it. Yes! Your body quivers. More! He notices, he understands. He takes it up a notch. Ends up sleeping in-between your Twelve year old legs.
The pleasure lasts........but for a moment.

You seperate. You return to your 'perfect' little environment. Something's changed. You crave, you desire, you long for that touch. Lustfully bringing it into your Thirteen year old sphere of influence.
The satisfaction lasts........but for a moment.

Not so young. So free. No longer innocent. Wild and untamed in your Fourteen year old body. You know something lacks yet you want to feel ontop of the world and untouchable.
The authority lasts........but for a moment.

You're injured and bruised. Shattered and torn, pillow moist every morning. You bleed for a way out. To get back together with freedom. Picking up the pieces of your Fifteen year old life, just look up and see.
That your troubles are........but for a moment.

You break free! You're out! It took time and was agonizing but you made it. One. Whole. With scars but beautiful. Reached the light at the end of the tunnel. Refreshed. Sweet Sixteen, and you know this feeling,
Isn't going to be........but for a moment.