Bridal Shower in Nigeria - 4 Great Ideas

Published on: February 18, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Bridal shower in Nigeria - 4 great ideas
Bridal shower in Nigeria - 4 great ideas

A bridal shower is a party held for a bride to be in anticipation of the wedding. It’s mostly a ladies-only party, which is intended for the bride to spend some time with her friends and family. Bridal shower is meant to be fun with lots of food, games and other interesting activities that will create a lasting memory for the bride to be. In Nigeria, most bridal shower parties are organized by friends of the bride to be. They are mostly fixed on the night before the wedding. The truth is that there are different ways to plan a bridal shower. In this post, I will share with you some great ideas for bridal shower in Nigeria.

Bridal shower in Nigeria

Bride's personality matters when planning a bridal shower in Nigeria

There are lots of themes that can be considered for a bridal shower. However, it is important to consider the personality of the bride when deciding the type of party to throw her.

For instance, if the bride to be is conservative, then an outdoor party might not be a wise choice. Remember, the bridal shower is meant for the bride. So, even though you want to have fun, celebrate and get to spend time with the other bridesmaid at the party, it’s important to remember that’s first about her. There would be no bridal shower without a wedding or a bride to be.

Below are 4 great ideas for bridal shower in Nigeria:

1. Throw a garden party for the bridal shower

Throw a garden party for the bridal shower
Garden party

Contrary to what many people think, a bridal shower in Nigeria doesn’t necessarily have to be on the night of the wedding alone. It can be celebrated any day as long as it is done before the wedding.

So, here’s an idea; garden party. This kind of party is like a picnic. However, you can organize it to be fancier than a regular picnic. Whether you choose to have it done in a park or in your backyard, it really doesn’t matter. Get some flowers, mat, food and games. Get all the ladies together and enjoy a wonderful time with the bride to be. You could get some chairs and tables, in place of the mat. You could also get a canopy if you want something a little more elaborate.

An interesting way to pull this party would be to have all ladies dressed alike. So, you could consider an Ankara-themed bridal shower, a slip-dress themed event or any other idea that comes to mind. However, remember to get one of what you are wearing for the bride to be as well.

2. Tranquil spa day

Tranquil spa day

A fun type of bridal shower is a spa day event. You can treat the bride to a nice time by helping her relax before the big day. You can either hire a masseuse to come to massage the bride at home or every one of you can go with the bride to go give her a surprise spa day treatment.

However, this kind of bridal shower is mostly organized for a small circle of friends.

3. Bridal shower pyjamas party

Bridal shower in Nigeria - 4 great ideas

Pyjamas bridal shower is like a sleepover event. Everyone, including the bride to be, will be dressed in their pyjamas. You can host the party at your house or you could reserve a suite at a hotel. Get enough food, snacks and drinks. Also, come up with interesting games and activities to make the night enjoyable.

4. Beach party could be great idea for bridal shower

Beach party could be a great idea for bridal shower in Nigeria

A beach bridal shower is another exciting way to give the bride to be a memorable experience. All you need to do is to get ready sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, bikinis or breezy dresses, food, drinks and of course a camera to take pictures.

For privacy sake, a private beach would be better.

Note that to make the bridal shower more fun and memorable for the bride to be, it’s always best to make it a surprise.

Also, a bridal shower in Nigeria isn’t complete without gifts for the bride to be. It could either be for the bride or the couple.

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