Boarding vs day school in Nigeria
Boarding vs day school in Nigeria

With every new school year, children move into new classes and some to new schools as well. For most Nigerian parents, the goal is to ensure their children receive a quality education. As such, much care goes into choosing an appropriate school for the child. Sometimes, such a choice might be difficult especially when it is between boarding and a day school. This post examines boarding vs day school in Nigeria with regard to their pros and cons.

Difference between boarding school and day school in Nigeria

A boarding school is one where students are lodged and taught whereas a day school is held on weekdays. In other words, a day school is one where students return home at the end of the day’s learning. On the other hand, a boarding school requires the students to live on the school premises. Usually, boarding schools have hostel facilities to accommodate the students and other staff members.

Boarding vs day school in Nigeria is a frequent moot point. Some parents find it difficult to decide if a boarding or day school is good enough for their children. Others feel their children should experience both. Some even go on to argue that one is better than the other. However, there are always two sides to a coin.

Boarding vs Day School in Nigeria

Boarding school


Children who attend boarding school tend to become independent early in life.

Children who attend boarding school tend to become independent early in life. Such children know what it means to fend for themselves though in a small capacity. Also, such children are likely to be more responsible than their day counterparts who still depend on their parents heavily. Attending a boarding school especially for secondary education will help such students adjust when they get into higher institutions.

Some parents have to work long hours in order to cater to the family. As such, they are not always around. The need for someone to care for their children arises and for most, the boarding school is the perfect solution.


Boarding students have to live on the school premises. Inevitably, they get to bond with and see their families only when they are on holiday. This is regarded as very limited time for such parents to bond with their children.

In most boarding schools, sexual abuse, bullying, stealing, cultism, and a host of other vices are rampant. This usually occurs when house masters and dormitory mistresses do not monitor the students effectively. Quite frankly, housemasters and dormitory mistresses have lots of students to cater to. This is why it appears as if they are less efficient. They cannot monitor all students at the same time and they too need rest. Students of questionable characters use these times to carry out their unlawful activities. This does not mean these vices cannot be present in day schools but chances are that they may be minimal.

Day school


Day students get to see their families everyday

Day students get to see their families every day and there is ample time for parents to bond with their children. Family time is crucial to the development and growth of any child. A child who spends quality time with his or her family stands to gain a lot from it. This includes improved mental health, improved academic performance, self-confidence, and resilience among others.


Some parents ensure their children attend day school so they can ‘keep an eye on them’. Most feel children tend to pick up bad habits in boarding school. The teachers at school may overlook such bad habits which the parents might notice had they been at home. As such, they fail to discipline them and such children eventually grow up with such habits.

It is not always a straightforward process deciding the right education path for a child. Comparison of boarding vs day school in Nigeria in light of their pros and cons should be a useful guide. However, parents should keep in mind that whatever choices they make will affect that child’s future either positively or negatively.

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