Best Jobs For Nigerian Students in 2022

Published on: June 7, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

best jobs for Nigerian students
Best Jobs for Nigerian Students in 2022

This article highlights the best jobs for Nigerian students in 2022. Especially with the ongoing ASUU strike, most Nigerian students need a job to pass time, earn extra cash or gain experience. Even while still in school, you could use a part-time job that would not in any way affect your academics.

There are a number of jobs especially online/freelance that Nigerian students can do and in this article, I have compiled a few of them and what they entail.

Best jobs for Nigerian students in 2022

1. Freelance writing

Freelance writing is one of the best jobs for Nigerian students in 2022
Freelance writing is one of the best jobs for Nigerian students in 2022

Number one on the list of best jobs for Nigerian students in 2022 is freelance writing. If you're someone with creative writing skills, say you're really good at writing articles, blog posts, research samples, sales content and so on, then you can consider being a freelance writer.

In case you're wondering, a freelance writer is someone who writes for clients. Usually, the topic is decided by the client on a contractual basis and the freelance writer gets paid for doing so. You don't need to meet up with the person, your mobile phone and social media would do the job.

Freelance writing jobs are pretty easy to get in Nigeria, all you need do is contact blogs who need writers to create blog posts, students who need writers for their research works or business owners who need writers to create content for them through platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr and so on.

The great thing about this job is you decide when to accept job offers and when not to, based on your schedule. And with just a write up of not more than 1000 words, you could earn an average of #1500. Now imagine how much you could earn writing as many as 30 articles a month.

2. Affiliate marketing

In recent times, affiliate marketing has become one of the highest paying jobs and youths are making smart moves towards it. Affiliate marketing is selling someone else's product for a commission, usually a certain percentage of the selling price.

Without having to move about, in the comfort of your room, you can be an affiliate marketer. All you need is the internet and the skill of selling. Even during classes, you're still selling cause you have your adverts speaking for you at every point in time and, you have cash coming in. Affiliate marketing is stress-free and not time-consuming.

3. Social media management

Most people especially business owners want to put their business out in the public, online but they do not know how to nor do they have the time to take care of their social media accounts and they are willing to pay someone to do that for them.

You on other hand are very good with social media, you're good at checking updates, managing post reactions and all that. Then you should try out social media management. You're doing what you love and getting paid for doing so, juicy right?!

4. Graphics design

Every brand needs a brand logo, sometimes flyers and stickers for adverts. Invariably, every brand needs a graphic designer. As a graphic designer, your job is to create appealing designs using images and words to pass information.

Even if you don't know how to design using Photoshop on a laptop, you can make use of 'canva' which is a phone app that has ready-made template for whatever design you need to create and most of them are free. All you need to do is to fine-tune their suggested designs to meet your desired taste or create your own fresh design. You could charge as much as 4k for a design that took you just 30mins to create. That easy!

5. Editing and proofreading

There are so many online writers and most of them desperately seek another view of creativity, experience and expertise to edit their works. You might not necessarily be a great writer but if you have an eye for great writing, then go for this.

Your ability to bring in another view of dynamism increases the writer's creativity and readers are even more attracted and interested in the stories.

Not only online writers, students working on their project writings, and someone entering an essay competition would require the service of an editor/proofreader. And most of the time, proofreading jobs bring high pay as editors are paid per paragraphs they edit.

6. Online store

Selling on the net is the most current way of trading. You advertise your goods online and people who need your goods reach out to you. Although there is a need to build trust as the recent cases of online fraud have made people become extra cautious with online deals. All you need do is consistently prove to be trustworthy. Post customer reviews, let them know your location and create a friendly relationship with them and before you know it, you have many loyal customers with cash rolling in steady.

You could sell anything, starting from hair scrunchies or totes you made yourself to snacks, food or parfait until you get enough capital to fully establish your brand. Your online store is made easier with social media platforms like Scrollforth etc and once you engage the right audience, you find the right customers.

7. Logistics

Based on logistics, every online vendor needs a delivery guy. Do you know to ride a bike or a car or a truck or do you even have one? Then you are good to go. Online stores are beginning to grow and the only link between the Seller and the buyer is the logistics person. You help them transport the goods to the buyer and you get paid based on the distance that you travel.

Not just for online stores but also for mobile food deliveries. Restaurants are also beginning to engage the use of logistics to get customers as it is pretty difficult for some people to come down to the main restaurant but then they can always bring your desired service to your doorstep.

8. Catering services

Cakes, small chops and even healthy foods can be a source of income. Apart from people requesting the service of a caterer to cater for their events or parties, they also need ready-made food to be brought to their doorstep on a regular.

If you think your noodles or stir fry spaghetti is special, why not cook something sumptuous, take a picture of your well-garnished meal and then share it with the global community so that your cooking skill can fetch you money.

All you need do is make yourself known to people online and around you, receive pre-orders and engage the service of a logistics person to get the package to your customers. If you're really good, very soon you get to cater small events like hangouts, retreats, and mini-conferences and get paid.

9. Scriptwriting

Small entertainment firms are in dire need of scriptwriters and even the top guys are not left out if your work interests them. It could be a story you've written for a while; go online to see if anyone needs a scriptwriter and then you can submit your work for cross-examinations.

You are highly paid as this is a trade of your intellectual property. If your work is highly revered, you are kept on basis of a contract and soon you could even be employed as an actor or actress if you so desire. You could also apply to be a minor character for a play and earn money.

10. Tutoring/coaching

Everyone thinks you're a guru in this particular course/field and some are willing to pay to get that knowledge from you. Why not grab the opportunity and let your knowledge make money for you. You could start with online classes, then advance to having physical classes or sell materials (e-books, audio notes) prepared by you.

You could even start a coaching/mentorship class and make money giving out part of your knowledge. You're making an impact and making money.

I certainly hope by now, you've got a few ideas on the best jobs for Nigerian students and how to make money in school without hurting your grades. All that is required of you is to create a balance between your studies and work and you have a steady income even before you're out of school.