Best Amala Joints in Ibadan

Best Amala Joints in Ibadan

Published on: July 31, 2023 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Amala is usually served with popular local soups like Ewedu or Abula but it can be eaten with any other Yoruba soup. With Amala being in high demand among residents of Ibadan and curious tourists visiting the city, a list of the best amala joints in Ibadan will come in handy.

Amala is a popular dish among the Yoruba people of South-Western Nigeria especially the Ibadan people of Oyo State. It is prepared using flour obtained by grinding dried plantain, cassava, or yam to powder and it has two main varieties known as black (Amala Dudu) and white (Amala Funfun).

In no specific order, below is a list of the best amala joints in Ibadan city:

Ose Olohun Restaurant

Commonly known as "Amala Skye" regarding its closeness to the Bodija branch of Skye Bank, this is one of the most popular Amala joints in the city. It is well-known among students of the University of Ibadan and employees of nearby banks. They are recognized for their delectable and affordable serving of Amala and Ewedu.

Iya Meta Restaurant

This popular food canteen is located at Farayola layout in Bodija market and it is known widely for the delicious serving of Amala and Gbegiri soup. The restaurant also serves other local dishes like pounded yam and Egusi soup.

Inastrait Food Canteen

This joint has been around since the 70s and is recognized as one of the longest-standing joints in the city. It was established by Alhaja Muslinat Akanke Tijani and it has three branches in the city; one is situated at the Cultural Center Road in Mokola Hill, another is at Polytechnic Road, and the last one is located at Iwo Road near Ariksekola Central Mosque, Ibadan. They mainly serve Amala and Ewedu soup together with other local delicacies.

Ola Mummy Food Canteen

This is another great spot in Ibadan known for its tasty serving of Amala with any local soup of choice. There are two major branches, one at Powa Shopping Complex beside Sango Police Station which is temporarily closed, and the other at Agodi Road around Oyo State Secretariat which is open for patronization.

Mama Ope Restaurant

Located in Mokola's Jemibewon area, Mama Ope is a corporate restaurant and Amala joint that has been in business for over 10 years. It is "corporate" in that the waiters are formally dressed in nice uniforms. It also has an elegant interior decoration and three sections; the floor, the main hall, and the VIP area. Over the years, the restaurant has received good online reviews and hence, it's highly recommended.

Iya Adura Restaurant

This is another well-known location where tasty Amala and Ewedu can be gotten at an affordable price. It is located within the social welfare compound in the state secretariat just behind the Bodija First Bank branch.

Bush Amala Joint

This spot is popular among people working at the Ministries of Finance and of Local Government and Chieftain Matters due to its proximity to these places. It is also easily accessible via the Oyo State secretariat. Their main serving is Amala and any of the local soups mainly Ewedu.

Oju Irin Restaurant

Located beside Methodist High School in Bodija and behind Aerodrome Government Residential Area. It has a wide surrounding compound space and is highly patronized.

Abokusoro Restaurant

This joint is located inside the University of Ibadan campus close to the Chapel of Resurrection and the Central Mosque. It is flanked by the UI Cemetery and the National Archive. It is mainly patronized by members of the University's academic community including students and lecturers.