Benefits of Social Media Platforms

Published on: November 15, 2020 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Benefits of social media
Benefits of Social Media Platforms

The benefits of social media in today's world is overwhelming. The era of social media have changed a whole lot of things. If you ask me, businesses are much more exposed now compared to before. The unemployed can easily become self employed. Communication is very easy these days compared to those days when distance was a huge barrier. You in African countries like Nigeria can not easily reach out to your sibling far off in other countries like America.

Today, no communication gap all thanks to social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. Social media is the combination of online social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn etc to communicate. The social media like it's name implies is an online platform used to communicate and socialize in order to promote content sharing and community interaction. In addition, companies whether startup, medium or big used the social media to create or share ideas, information, products and many other things.

1. Social media helps to achieve improvement in results

Improvements of results

In recent times, businesses and companies that have used social media platforms to promote and market their products and services have noticed positive change and more visibility in their marketing campaigns compared to other companies that are yet to leverage on this awesome opportunity provided by social media.

2. Instagram

Once upon a time, instagram platform was just for photo lovers. Instagram as we speak, is booming with lots of products and services offered by both startups and corporate organizations to promote their products and services. People buy and sell on instagram today. Instagram has gone past just picture taking.

3. LinkedIn job offers

LinkedIn is a corporate social media platform where employees search for jobs and employers search for job seekers. In actuality, employers through linkedin platform have employed employees who suit their job description perfectly. Also, employees have been able to get their dream jobs. I have also personally benefited from LinkedIn. In fact, I got one of my highest paying remote jobs via linkedin.

4. Affiliate Marketing on social media

Affiliate marketing - Scrollforth

The era of social media have made it a whole lot better for people to start their own business even without having a dime. What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is the use of links, banners, images to promote other companies products and services and in turn receive a commission for a successful purchase. Our youths especially before now don't have such opportunity. Hence, social media have made it easier for you to start your own business without a dime by promoting other people's business as if they were yours and get paid.

5. Twitter

Twitter is another social media that you can use to your advantage. If properly used, Twitter can be a very useful and helpful asset to most companies if properly used.

6. Facebook

Are you aware you can boost your website traffic overnight by using Facebook to identify your audience and post things they are interested in? Yes! You read right. Post the right content and receive the right client.

The benefits of social media cannot be overemphasized.