Become a Master in Your Field: 3 Steps

Published on: January 12, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Become a master in your field
Become a master in your field

What it means to become a master in your field means that you are the go-to-person in your field. It means that you are so valuable as far as your field of expertise is concerned. It means that thousands of people all over the world can rely on you to get things done, as far as your area of specialization is concerned.

When we think of success, what we are actually asking for is to grow in our fields. We want to become one of the problem solvers in that industry. However, to become an expert in your field, it requires paying attention to certain details properly and of course, doing them well.

So, let me show you what it takes to become a master in your field.

1. You need to learn about your field by reading and researching

mastering your field requires reading and research
Devote time for reading

The first thing you need to do to achieve any goal is to create a religious activity around that goal to help you achieve it.

You want to become a master in your field? What's your daily routine like? How much time have you devoted to reading, learning and researching?

The goal here is to become more knowledgeable than others about that field. I mean, why will anyone refer to you as a master if you are on the same level as them?

For instance, take a look at your lecturers and professors. Why do you think they are in the best position to teach you? It's simple! They know something that you don't. Better still, they know about a particular subject that you are interested in better than you.

So, the first key to becoming a master in your field is knowledge. Find out everything that you can about it - starting from the history of the field.

2. Read about and learn from the masters - take note of their mistakes and victories

Once you've learnt about your field of interest, then you need to take it a step higher by learning from actual people who are successful in the field.

If you can, make them your mentors, so that you can get first-hand information from them. Otherwise, read about them. Read about how they started, the things they did, the mistakes they made in the past, their victories and success stories, etc.

Learning these things about them will skyrocket your growth. You can avoid some of their pitfalls, learn about some of the inevitable challenges that come with the job, and how best to avoid them, etc.

3. Take actions

Now that the learning phase is over, it's time to start practising. All that you know will be a waste if you don't do them. The masters in your field didn't become the best by merely reading and observing. They took steps. Of course, they made mistakes in the process, but they learnt from their mistake, overcame their fear of failure, and continue to take steps till they became experts in the game.

So, if there is something you should be willing to do always, it should be taking actions.

Every master was once an amateur, but they didn't remain amateurs forever because they never stopped taking steps.

So, to become a master in your field, start taking actions.

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