Beautiful Places In Africa To Visit

Published on: May 13, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

beautiful places in Africa to visit
Beautiful places in Africa to visit

In this post, I will be writing about beautiful places in Africa that you can visit for a vacation and a holiday with the family. And for the newly wedded, a place where you and your spouse can go for your honeymoon. 

Beatiful places in Africa for out of office vacation

Out of office vacation

Going on a vacation means taking time away from work, as this has physical and psychological health benefits to a person, especially if they are overworked. People who take vacations have lower stress, less risk of heart disease, a better outlook on life, and more motivation to achieve goals. 

So, taking a vacation at least twice every year can help relieve stress and keep you healthy. 

I recently developed this love and interest to travel and I never knew how important taking a trip was for mental health until I took a trip to Abuja, here in Nigeria

During the Easter break, I decided to go on a trip to Abuja, to have the experience and take a break from working and everything else that I was used to and it was the best decision that I made in April. 

My next travel destination to a Nigerian state will be Akwa Ibom, everyone keeps talking about how beautiful and neat the state is, so I would love to find out. 

My travel destination to an African country for a vacation, however, will be Kenya. For an out of the office experience, I would suggest that you travel to Kenya. Kenya is one of the most beautiful places in Africa to visit, it is the destination for an adventure that is soaked in an ancient colourful culture. Kenya is famed as the world centre for animal safaris, it is an absolute must-visit for the wildlife enthusiast.

Take that vacation today, to self reflect on your life and how to make the best of it. 

Beautiful place you can visit in Africa for a family trip

A family vacation in Africa

It is necessary to take a family vacation as this promotes family bonding.  Even though family members are physically together, they’re not truly spending time together. A shared life experience outside the normal routine can bring families together. 

Travel provides plenty of time for families to spend together, It frees families from the everyday distractions of work, school, and daily routines and gives them a chance to enjoy each other’s company.

Take a trip to South Africa with your family today as South Africa is one of the most beautiful places in Africa to visit. It is known to be a family vacation destination. It has city fun, action-packed resorts, beautiful beaches and Big 5 safari parks. 

The country’s excellent infrastructure makes it suitable for families of all ages and possible to see and do more.

Perfect place for honeymoon in Africa


For the newly wedded, you should know that Tanzania is a perfect choice. 

Tanzania is one of the most beautiful places in Africa to visit, it offers a perfect setting for honeymooners with a combination of unique experiences in the wild and some of the best beaches in the world. It sees a relatively low amount of tourists each year which helps to ensure you get a more pristine experience without the huge crowds that you easily find in more popular places.

Take a trip to Tanzania for your honeymoon today and get that once-in-a-lifetime Tanzania honeymoon experience that will be perfect.