BBnaija Level 2 Housemates 2022 - Level Up

Published on: August 9, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

In this article, we will be looking into each of the BBnaija level 2 housemates 2022 (Level Up). Big Brother Naija is a reality TV show that has gained popularity and attention over the years in Nigeria and abroad. The annual program houses 24 housemates in one house which is officially known as the big brother house for 100 days with a weekly eviction of one or more of the housemates.

During their stay in the house, the BBnaija level 2 housemates perform tasks which have cash prizes as rewards, giving the housemates an opportunity to earn money from inside the house.

Meet the BBnaija Level 2 Housemates

BBnaija Level 2 Housemates 2022
BBnaija Level 2 Housemates 2022

1. Chiamaka Crystal Mbah ‘Amaka’

23-year-old Amaka’s first words were a brief description of herself as being “in between a spoilt brat and a disciplined. Amaka is a health care worker from Anambra state. She is said to be a daddy’s girl who likes generous men. She confessed that she signed up for BBN not just for the win but also to rub it in on all her exes.

She admits that at first she might be considered bold, mean and extra but after getting to know her one would realize that she is actually soft as jelly. In her own words, she's a big parrot, a grudge keeper although always honest with her feelings. Amaka seems like a fierce and interesting character who would readily take on the struggles of the Big Brother House.

2. Beauty Tukura ‘Beauty’

The 2019 Miss Nigeria and ‘Most Beautiful Girl Taraba’ 2015 till 2017 is a 24-year-old lawyer who already had a good name for herself before coming into the Big Brother Naija House. She confessed to loving a good challenge hence the reason for venturing into the BBN House. She described herself as “…generous, open, reliable, free-spirited and entertaining”.

She admitted that being in the house was going to change her life but that she was ready for the change and all that it came with. Beauty hinted at having a brand after the BBN saga when she said “…most importantly, I need the platform to further build my brand as Beauty Tukura.”

Beauty has shown herself as a fierce opposition as she already had fame before coming into the house. She confessed to being ready for challenges in the house and with the little that we just discovered about Beauty, I think it is evident that she is always ready to take down challenges.

3. Brian Chukwuebuka Chiji ‘Bryann’

24-year-old Rema look-alike is a singer and songwriter who hails from Imo state. He had his debut in 2019 and finally put out a full-length project in 2021. He described himself as “…down-to-earth and sometimes reserved” but in spite of his seemingly reticent behavior shows his exciting side after stating his hobbies as meeting people, partying and watching movies.

He said that he is usually in his best mood while being creative, he hoped that BBN would give him an opportunity to interact with people and raise his social currency and also create awareness about his music. In a lighter mood, he jokingly said “…small ashewo dey my eyes”. Bryann has an interesting personality which already gives viewers an idea of the type of person he is going to be inside the house.

4. Christiana Oluwafunke Ojumu ‘Christy O’

Funny, smart, and hardworking extrovert is how the 24-year-old beauty entrepreneur chooses to describe herself. Proud owner of a cosmetics business, outspoken Christiana models in her free time. She also disclosed herself as a poet and a forgiving person who believes so much in giving people second chances.

But she admitted to being a perfectionist and argumentative and sarcastic which might annoy her fellow housemates. Obviously a business-oriented person, Christy O is sure to be a strong contender to other housemates.

5. Bright Hidi Nwekete ‘Cyph’

Art lover, movie junkie and music freak, Cyph studied Electrical Engineering at Madonna University. He admitted to loving food, travel, fashion and cruise and also being enigmatic. He loves being happy but is also prone to crying if someone makes him extremely angry.

He isn’t in a relationship but he already had someone who he had his eyes on outside the Big Brother house. He said that the reason for coming to the BBN House was to achieve his ambition of being known beyond the comfort of his home, friends and phone. Driven by ambition, Cyph Is sure to prove has a strong housemate with a winning aim.

6. Daniella Utangbe Peters ‘Daniella’

An advocate for fair play and equity, 22-years-old Daniella describes herself as resilient, energetic and observant. Having a twin brother, a younger sister and five older brothers, Daniella is a poet who loves being part of a big family. Her revelation about her just getting out of a toxic relationship but still hopeful to find love one day makes it evident that Daniella is a person who is full of hope.

She described her personality saying “Based on research it would be my sensitivity, I am very aware of verbal and non-verbal communication. I am petty and I don’t like drama. Also, I am unpredictable.” She believes that the show would be a place to showcase her creativity and that she belonged to the path she had chosen. A person sure with this kind of personality surely shows a sign of readiness for competition.

7. Henry Olisaemeka Orakwue ‘Groovy’

26-year-old artist, fashion entrepreneur and model has described himself as “…a positive, self-sufficient and supportive.” A graduate with a B.Sc. in Biochemistry from the University of Lagos, Groovy believes his winning mentality never fails to push him and those working with him to greater heights.

In his description of himself as argumentative, he said, " I don’t back down if I feel I am right about something unless the facts state that I am wrong. I am also very principled, so I hardly bend my will to please others, unless it is the right thing to do.” Running a cloth and accessories business for the past four years and also dabbling in music, Groovy feels that Big Brother Naija would help him make a name for himself.

8. Ilebaye Odiniya ‘Ilebaye’

Graduate of criminology and security studies and entrepreneur is the summary of Ilebaye’s professional life. Hailing from Kogi state, 21-year-old Ilebaye enjoys swimming, partying, bowling and shopping. She considers herself a controversial and adventurous goal-getter.

Ilebaye hinted at a possible heartbreak from the past when she said “maybe one day I will believe in love but for now, not a chance.” Stating that her reason for coming on the show was to gain exposure and a good platform to sell herself or better still her business, Ilebaye shows her readiness and determination to win the show.

9. Kesiena Tony Adjekpovu ‘Kess’.

A 28-year-old married businessman, Kess enjoys living life to the fullest. His number one value has been identified as his devotion to his family evident when he stated that he considered one of his brothers his best friend. Kess might be described as a bit egoistic, he describes himself as “…showstopping, jaw-dropping human being”.

He also took pride in his talents by stating that he could do almost anything, although he was honest enough to state that he wasn’t that perfect, according to him “…I can sing but not on Wande Coal’s level sha. I dey dance small. I sabi act small…”. Being on the show has always been his dream.

10. Ismail Rukuba Ahalu ‘Khalid’

Khalid is a freelance graphics designer. A 22-year-old muralist from Plateau state, he loves to try new things. His idea of fun is being around the right people, having meaningful conversations and engaging in extreme sports. He thinks himself to be charismatic and doesn’t cut corners when it comes to relationships.

His hobbies include archery, skateboarding, basketball, and watching anime. He also has a keen interest in mythology. ‘Chronically single’ as he considers himself, Khalid is not interested in love for the moment. He sees BBN as a platform to advertise himself and meet amazing people. Khalid surely has the personality of a winner and wants it.

11. Saviour Ikin Akpan 'Pharmsavi'

Saviour Ikiin Akpan is a licensed pharmacist who hails from Akwa Ibom state and an extrovert with an amazing sense of humor. He loves acting in particular and hopes to pursue an acting career in future. He enjoys travelling, dancing and playing video games. Saviour is said to have a large network of friends which is not shocking considering that he was already said to be an extrovert.

Not a fan of hypocrisy and deceit, he sees himself as emotional and competitive. He hopes that the show would help him kick-start his acting ambition. He also expressed his desire to create awareness against drug abuse. A man with this powerful ambition is one who aims for the prize.

12. Ijeoma Josephina Otabor ‘Phyna’

A 25-year-old ‘born entertainer’ who also does not believe in love, according to her “Na mumu dey fall in love.” An anti-gossip fan who has revealed herself to be short-tempered but quick to forgive which quickly adds up to her words of her being allergic to malice. Although she didn’t expatiate on the issue, Phyna said that she never thought that she would be able to further her education in a higher institution of learning.

Her reason for wanting to be on the show is to make a difference. Phyna has emerged to make a difference with a winning personality.

Having come to the end of the list of BBnaija level 2 housemates, I hope you all are already onboard for the show this season considering the amazing personalities in the house.

Reference: BBNaija Daily



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