Agatha Anyanwu wins 2021 poetry contest on Scrollforth

Agatha Anyanwu Wins the 2021 Poetry Contest

Agatha Anyanwu emerges as the winner of the Scrollforth 2021 poetry contest

Agatha Anyanwu emerges as the winner of the $250 Scrollforth poetry contest held in July 2021. 3 contestants participated in the poetry contest and severally submitted 3 poems that showed high level of creativity. All 3 poems were exhibited on Scrollforth for Online votes by members.

Agatha won the poetry contest having secured the highest number of votes cast on her poem titled ‘Tales of My Work of Art’. Below is an exhibition of the poem:

I am grateful for art, I am grateful for "writing"
I mean… Why participate in experiments which may not be enchanting?
When you can persuade with your works
And mind-bend with your words
Line by line, feed the reader with lies
Make your points heard, arrange them like tiles
Sentence by sentence he falls into your traps
And at the end of your work of art, he believes you and claps
Writing is my way of sneaking into your mind
Filling it with my thoughts, as your own; I bind
Writing is my way of taking over your world
It is with writing that all my minions are called
I write, and you're reading… Ha!
Who knows how many lies I've told so far?
Wait… I know, but you don't.
I made you believe something. Who knows if it's so?
Listen to the tales of my work of art
Learn and see how much you can take to heart
Remember, we write what should not be forgotten
Regardless of by what means it is begotten.
Agatha Anyanwu

There have been several contests on Scrollforth in the past but the 2021 poetry contest was the first of its kind on Scrollforth. We thank all the contestants who participated and exhibited high level of creativity in the poetry contest. We will continue to organise more poetry contests and other creativity contests in the future. If you are interested in participating in future contests on Scrollforth and win cash prizes, follow our events topic.

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1 thought on “Agatha Anyanwu Wins the 2021 Poetry Contest

  1. Thank you Scrollforth for that great opportunity. Also, thanks to my fellow contestants, especially Ayodeji, he was really enthusiastic about winning the grand prize. You both wrote unique poems and put in all your effort. Let us look forward to other fascinating competition.
    Thank you.

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