8 Super Delicious Nigerian Foods

Published on: September 21, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

There are some Super Delicious Nigerian foods you should definitely try out whether you are a local or a foreigner. Not only does Nigeria have the highest number of diverse cultures and languages ​​in Africa, but it also has a huge range of dishes from each of these cultures.

In the past, dishes were located in areas where the particular culture is dominant, but in recent times, foodies and chefs have brought these culinary delights to the spotlight around the world, reinventing, combining recipes or bringing them together. making the dishes in the traditional way.

Whether you are visiting the county for the first time, or you would just like to try out Nigerian foods wherever you live, these meals are worth trying.

Here are 8 Super Delicious Nigerian Foods You Should Definitely Try Out Wherever You Live:

1. Jollof rice

Jollof rice is one of the super delicious Nigerian foods you should definitely try

This is perhaps the most popular Nigerian food you should definitely try out at least once. This dish can be majorly found in West Africa, especially in Nigeria and Ghana. As a matter of fact, there has been an endless tug-of-war between the two countries as each claims to have the best jollof rice recipes. 

Nigerian Jollof rice recipe usually contains tomatoes, onions, peppers, chili and spices that can be served with chicken, beef, eggs, turkey or fish. However, vegetarians choose to accompany it with plantains and/or Nigerian salad.

This dish will not fail to make an appearance in festive occasions especially during Christmas and New Year celebrations. The dish is also very common during wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and the likes.

Jollof rice is a food that is consumed constantly throughout the year. Without a doubt, this is a Nigerian food you should definitely try whenever next you have the chance.

2. Iyan (pounded yam)

Nigerian food called Iyan and also called pounded yam in English

This is another amazing Nigerian food you should definitely try, and one of my personal favorites. This meal originates from the Yoruba tribe and had been prepared for many centuries.

Iyan can also be interpreted as pounded yam, and just as the name suggests, it is made of yam that has been mashed together. This is usually done with a pestle and mortar. Iyan is just like mashed potato, but is much thicker and can be eaten as a swallow with a traditional soup.

Pounded yam can be enjoyed with different types of savory stews and soups. Examples are egusi soup (melon seed soup), or efo riro (leafy vegetable stew).

The soup can be served on the same plate or on a different plate. Iyan is commonly eaten by hand or with cutlery at weddings, parties and other celebrations. It is a fairly heavy meal, which is served as an early lunch or dinner. Iyan is a beloved Nigerian food, eaten by many across the country.

3. Àmàlà (yam flour / cassava flour / plantain flour)

The Amala is a Nigerian food from the Yoruba kitchen (southwestern Nigeria ) consumed as a staple meal in the country. It is commonly prepared from dried yam or cassava flour. It can also be prepared with yam flour and plantain flour. The flour is mixed with boiling water until it forms a dense dough, usually presented in the form of a ball. 

Amala is generally eaten with a traditional soup. It can be eaten with soups like; efo (vegetables), ila or okra, ewedu, ogbono soup, egusi soup, gbegiri and other traditional soups. 

This is a Nigerian dish that is enjoyed by many and can be found in almost any traditional restaurant within or outside the country.

4. Ogbono (African mango seed soup)

Ogbono is a traditional soup that originates from the southeastern part of Nigeria. It's a very thick and slippery soup similar to okra. This soup is very popular in Nigeria and has become a  common dish in traditional restaurants across the country.

This soup is best served along with swallows like Amala, Iyan or Eba (made from Gari, a byproduct of cassava flour).

Ogbono is not only very delicious, but it is also very rich in nutrients that are very beneficial to your health. 

5. Banga soup

Banga soup

This is one super delicious Nigerian soup you would definitely want to try out. Banga soup has been hailed to be among the best soups in the world. Originally from Niger Delta (south-south Nigeria), this soup is made from the fruits of oil palm trees. It is usually served with catfish, seafood and beef.  

This Nigerian food is a very popular traditional soup and is usually sold as frozen food in large supermarkets across the country. Banga soup is made with numerous spices and can be eaten along with white rice or swallows. This is a Nigerian food you should definitely try out on your next visit to a Nigerian restaurant.

6. Àkàrà (fried bean cake)

This is a popular Nigerian food often eaten as a snack. Akara is also eaten in certain parts of Brazil and is made from beans.

Akara is also commonly known as bean cake, and is usually fried. To prepare akara, beans has to be peeled, washed and then blended into paste before being fried. The paste can be mixed with different spices and even fish to give it a unique taste.

Akara is an ideal breakfast in Yoruba culture and can be eaten with bread, pap, or even custard. This Nigerian food is also culturally significant. It is usually served in burial ceremonies when an elderly person above the age of 70 dies. It is a staple food in Nigeria that is worth trying out.

7. Pepper soup

Pepper soup is a popular soup in Nigeria and other West African countries. For those who love the nightlife, this is the perfect Nigerian dish.

Since it is a light and spicy soup, it is usually served in local bars and best enjoyed with cold drinks. The soup is made up of ingredients such as onions, chili, habanero pepper, ginger, garlic, tomatoes and other condiments.

In addition, a variety of meats are added. These include fish (especially catfish), beef, chicken and goat. Each serving usually contains several pieces of meat.

Pepper soup is also delicious with boiled yam, boiled plantain, bread or boiled potatoes.

8. Suya (spicy grilled meat)

This is a spicy Nigerian food you should definitely try out at least once. It originates from Northern Nigeria. It is a special delicacy of the Hausa people and is prepared by grilling skewered beef with lots of spices mixed with it. It is known for its especially peppery taste and is enjoyed in numerous parts of the country.

Suya is often sold on the streets at night as vendors grill it on the spot so it can be enjoyed hot. Suya is also sometimes served together with small chops which include samosa, spring rolls and puff-puff.


There are so many delicious recipes in Nigeria that originate from different parts of the country. The above are just my favorite picks of super delicious Nigerian foods to try. 

Whether you are a Nigerian in diaspora, or you are just visiting the country for the first time, these are the 8 Nigerian foods you should definitely try out on your next visit to a traditional Nigerian restaurant. And if you are a foodie, these meals have recipes that are not that difficult to prepare. So you can decide to make them yourself and enjoy at home with friends and family.



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