8 Gen Z Fashion Trends in 2022

Published on: June 21, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

This post highlights 8 Gen Z fashion trends in 2022. Gen Z is a term used in referring to people born between 1997 and 2012 with ages between 10 to 25 years. Just like older generations such as the millennials have their way of life, dressing and a unique sense of humour, the Gen Zs are not lacking in any of these. From their slang words to their dress code, and lifestyle they show they are here to dominate.

For the Gen Z clique, fashion is all about making statements and stealing the spotlight. Their fashion trends are said to be inspired by the trends of the 90s. They style them so effortlessly that most times it gives off a nostalgic feeling.

1. Shorts

Shorts have become a trend for both males and females. It first started with ladies rocking bum shorts to parties and clubs. Now a lot of Gen Zs have made shorts general wear with guys wearing them to show off their muscular thighs and hairy legs. For the ladies, different short names have been coined such as bikers short, capris, bum shorts, short shorts and a lot more.

Gen Z fashion trends female shorts
Photo courtesy - Humour & Style

2. Gen Z coloured hair

The Gen Zs are mostly referred to as young and rebellious, and this can be seen in their choice of hair colour. Gone are the days when hair dyes were mostly brown and gold. Currently a lot of colours such as teal, purple, blue, and green can be seen on the heads of young guys even some go to the extent of using multiple colours at the same time.

Gen Z hair colour
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The girls are not left out in this trend as their choice of colours of attachments and wigs have diversified. The regular black or brown colours are now being referred to as old school.

3. Gen Z big trousers

Big Trousers
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Wearing big trousers is now a popular fashion among the Gen Zs. These trousers come in different shapes and kinds. For the ladies it appears as mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, Fela trousers. For the guys they can be worn as big sized plain trousers, joggers or jean trousers. Big trousers are not restricted to any gender and it’s best worn with an oversized shirt for the guys or a tank top for the girls.

4. Gen Z Shades

Fashion Sunglasses
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You can’t call yourself a Gen Z if you don’t have a pair of glasses with you wherever you go. Gen Zs can’t do without a pair of statement shades because it adds colour and glamour to their outfit. Katrina Graham once said 'I think sometimes when you want attention you can wear sunglasses and people will be like “who is that”'. This properly summarizes the reason behind Gen Zs always wearing statement shades.

5. Bucket hat

Are you even a Gen Z if you don’t have bucket hats in your closet? Bucket hats can be paired with literally every outfit to spice it up. While some people are wearing them for fashion, some wear them to cover bad hair and rush out. Others wear them to prevent the sun from roasting them. Whatever reason we have for wearing it, we agree that bucket hats add spice to all outfits.

Bucket hat
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Bucket hats can be seen in various styles such as crochet hats, snakeskin and so on. The good thing about bucket hats is that they can be worn by both genders.

6. Piercings

At this point, we have to agree that Gen Zs introduced different kinds of piercings to modern-day fashion such as multiple ear piercings, tongue and nose piercings, and belly piercings.

7. Crop top

Crop tops are one of the old fashion trends that the Gen Zs brought back. Back then in the 90s this type of top was popularly called ‘show me your belle’. Gen Z ladies didn’t only bring back this blouse, they also made it a must-have for all ladies either as a tank top or an off-shoulder crop top or a cropped jacket.

Crop Top
Photo courtesy - GH gossip

8. Baguette bag

A lot of us grew up seeing this bag in our mother’s wardrobe and in pictures. At some point, this bag was considered old-fashioned and went extinct eventually. Guess what, this same bag is now all over the market with top fashion brands like Prada and Fendi massively reproducing it and selling them at a high cost.

Baguette bag
Photo courtesy - Cosmopolitan