7 Schools With Fastest Master's Programme in Nigeria

Published on: April 26, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)


Master's Programme in Nigeria

Schools With Fastest Master's Programme in Nigeria

In recent times, Nigerians have placed a huge emphasis on attaining postgraduate degrees. Gone are the days when graduates had a secured job placement immediately after school. Doing your master's in a Nigerian University could be an issue especially if your school calendar is slow. This post would help you decide which University has the fastest Master's programme in Nigeria. However, don’t forget that there are many variables that could prolong your programme.

A Master's degree might equal more job opportunities. However, this notion is quite debatable. This is because this may not always be the case especially in Nigeria. How fast you run your Master's degree depends on the school, your course of study and your lecturers. Please note that this list is in no particular order.

The fastest schools for Master's programme in Nigeria are:

Covenant University

Arguably the best private university in Nigeria, it’s normal that it has one of the best postgraduate studies in Nigeria. Private universities generally offer the shortest time to obtain your Master's degree but among the best, there’s an outstanding one. This is where Covenant University comes in as it is a significant one in terms of quality. At this University, you can obtain a Master's or even Doctorate degree in any of their thirty one programmes. Also, you should obtain your Master's degree in about 10 months.

Obafemi Awolowo University

The university has heavily invested in their postgraduate studies. It offers postgraduate programmes in all Faculties. OAU is known for its highly successful professors. In about 3-4 semesters, you should obtain a Master's degree. Usually people complain OAU is quite slow. This is not true. OAU postgraduate programs are research oriented. If you don’t start your research early, you’ll finish quite late. This is what prolongs the time spent in obtaining a Master's degree there.

University of Calabar

It’s quite overlooked by many but it’s one of the best in terms of quality education. Generally, you should spend about 4-6 semesters in obtaining a Master's degree in Unical. Note that this university is known for admitting the very best graduate students for their postgraduate programmes. So, if you want to obtain a Master's degree here, you should be on your toes constantly.

University of Ibadan

UI has become a Harvard of some sort to many prospective postgraduate students. It has one of the smoothest running postgraduate schools in Nigeria. This makes it one of the fastest universities to obtain a Master's degree in Nigeria. Getting admitted for a Master's programme in this university might be tough but the programme is quite easy. In about 18-21 months, you should be through.

University of Ilorin

Unilorin is known for its speed of academic sessions. It has made a name for itself. This is because it was the only federal university in Nigeria whose academic calendar had not been broken or altered in over 7 years. Getting admitted for a Master's in Unilorin is very competitive because of its reputation. In about a year, you should obtain your Master's though.

University of Lagos

It is one of the most expensive federal universities to do your master's in. However, you should be through in 14 months if all goes well.

University of Nigeria

Again, this university is usually overlooked as a place for postgraduate studies. This is because it’s not located in a city. Still, it’s one of the fastest places to obtain your master's. In courses related to sciences especially, you can obtain your Master's degree in less than a year. Generally, you should obtain your Master's in 18 months.

It’s commonplace to find most graduates pick up postgraduate forms upon the completion of their first degree. So, if you’re considering obtaining a Master's degree quickly in Nigeria, you should consider one of the universities mentioned above.