7 Mysterious Places in Africa Revealed

Published on: August 27, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

This post reveals 7 mysterious places in Africa that you probably didn't know about. Without an iota of doubt, Africa can be said to be a blessed continent. There's the rich heritage, diverse tribes and ethnicities, preserved nature, and also the incredible destinations that would leave you awe-inspired.

Below is a list of 7 mysterious places in Africa you probably didn't know about:

1. The Blue River in Nigeria

Azumini Blue River in Nigeria
Azumini Blue River

This river is called the Azumini blue river, and it is located in Umuahia the capital city of Abia, Nigeria. Water is normally known for its colorless nature. However, this river possesses a blue hue that makes it beautiful to look upon. The river is located in a town called Azumini, and it used to be an ancient slave trading route. The water is also very clear and makes it easy to spot fishes beneath. Some claim that no other water in the world is as clear and blue as the Azumini blue river.

2. Lake Natron in Tanzania

Pink flamingos on Lake Natron in Tanzania
Pink flamingos on Lake Natron

Lake Natron is located at the border between Kenya and Tanzania and it's one of the mysterious places in Africa. The lake is blood red and very deadly. Despite its beautiful appearance, it possesses the ability to turn creatures into stone. This is because of the high concentration of salt and alkaline within it. Because of this, the lake causes calcium salts to build up within the tissues of creatures that enter, turning them into stone.

It is said that the Egyptians of old used the sodium carbonate deposited within the lake to mummify their dead. Although the water is quite deadly, some creatures have been seen surviving within its depths.

3. The Giant Blue Eye of Africa in Mauritania

Mysterious Places in Africa -Giant blue eye of Africa in Mauritania

This is perhaps the strangest phenomenon among the mysteries of Africa. The location is a circular landmark that has a striking resemblance to a blue eye when viewed from above. It is located in the Western Sahara Deserts in Mauritania and is believed to have been in existence for about 100 million years. Many scientists have tried to unravel the mystery of this location. However, no sound explanation to the existence of this phenomenon has been brought to table.

4. Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove in Nigeria

Osun Osogbo Sacred Grove

This strange location can be found within the forests of Osogbo in Osun state and it's one of the most mysterious places in Africa. Within this location, you can find many strange sculptures and shrines of unknown origin.

The shrines are built in honor of the Osun deities and it is said to be the dwelling place of the goddess of fertility. The Osun Osogbo Sacred Grove is also one of the few left in existence that serves as a symbol of identity for the Yoruba people.

5. Magical White Desert in Egypt

Limestone formation in White desert
Limestone formation in the White Desert

This is a desert of white sand located in Egypt. This desert is an incredible moonscape unlike the normal yellow desert sand everybody is used to. The magical white desert has incredible rock formations and strikingly white sand that would leave anyone in awe.

The desert is a protected National Park in Egypt and the sands are white because the desert possesses rocks made from chalk. Geologists explained that this occurrence is due to what is called "differential weathering".

The strange rock formations are formed from weather-beaten rocks and have been given different names based on their shapes. The rocks look the most impressive during sunset and sunrise as one can see them in different changing colours

6. The Gedi Ruins in Kenya

Gedi Ruins in Kenya
Gedi Ruins

The Gedi Ruins is an abandoned city in Malindi, located in south-eastern Kenya. This mysterious city is located in the middle of a thick forest and is dotted with abandoned structures.

There are many stories linked with this ghost city. Some say that it used to be a prosperous Swahili town but was suddenly abandoned in the 17th century due to unknown reasons.

Other stories also say that the place is protected by the spirits of the priest called 'Old Ones'. They say these spirits would curse anyone who tries to take anything from the abandoned city.

7. Abandoned Outdoor Theater in Egypt

Rows of seats at the Abandoned Outdoor Theater in Egypt
Rows of seats at the Abandoned Outdoor Theater in Egypt

There's an abandoned theater located in the Sinai Desert in Egypt. The sight is very mysterious as no one would expect a theatre to be built in the middle of the desert. However, there seems to be an explanation for this strange occurrence.

According to the explanation given by a photographer who visited the site, the theater was built some decades ago by an unknown French man. The French man and his friends had visited the Sinai desert and decided to build a theater at the location. Then they bought hundreds of old seats from the city of Cario along with a projector and a generator. However, the idea did not sit well with certain locals, and they sabotaged the opening of the theater. The remains have been in the Sinai desert ever since.

Africa is a beautiful continent with lots of amazing places to visit. Just like the two oceans that meet at the Gulf of Alaska, the Bermuda triangle, and many other locations, there are many mysterious places in Africa and the above are just a few.