7 Best Places Where You Can Get Customers

Published on: October 5, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

7 Best Places Where You Can Get Customers
7 Best Places Where You Can Get Customers

Having a high-quality product is one thing, having customers that purchase this product is another. You go through the process of marketing, promotion, branding, advertising to make your products and services known to the world. But yet, you do not have the client base you desire. What is possibly wrong? This article highlights the 7 best places where you can get customers.

Are you on low sales? What is your client database like? Do you have a low customer base? Do you have no idea where to find your customers? Did you say yes to all questions? Then this article is for you.

This article is aimed at making you sell in multiples more than you initially do. How? 

There are certain places where you can get customers. The truth is you are actually in most of these places but you do not know exactly where your customers are. 

You talk to your potential client every day without knowing that you have to make a sale. Before you start looking into these places where you can get customers, you have to look into your business first.

You may have the best of products but still, your prospects will buy from your competitors with low-quality products. Even worse, your customers may not return to purchase more. What is causing this? Why are people not buying from you? Read on! 

Top reasons why people are not buying from you

1. You are in the wrong audience

This is a huge mistake most businesses make. You focus mostly on creating the products and not your target audience. When you’re done creating, there will be no audience to market to. 

You can market to random people and make sales. Unfortunately, low sales. When you market to a target audience, you get massive sales. The question now is; how do you find your target audience

Have you ever heard this? Wherever there is a crowd, there is money. If that crowd needs an answer to the same problem, then more money. If you’re in the wrong crowd and you market the right product, chances are you will make no sales because this crowd does not need your product. So where is this crowd? It is in the places that will be discussed later in this article.

2. Poor customer services

Word-of-mouth recommendation is an important form of promoting a business. When your customers purchase your product and consume it and find it beneficial. With fulfilling features, they recommend to others. It’s even better when they experience the best customer service. 

However, when your customers use your products but you awfully relate to them, even if your product fulfills its purpose, a bad customer experience will stop them from purchasing from you. see this post on how to make your customers like you.

3. Weak branding and ineffective promotions

Branding is the art in which your business is painted in your customer’s mind. How your customer identifies you, what your customer thinks about your business all fall under the umbrella of branding. 

It is also defined as the promotion of a particular product or company utilizing advertising and distinctive design. 

Weak branding causes ineffective business promotion. Consequently, ineffective promotions lead to low sales. This could be the reason why you are not making so many sales, check it!

4. Weak offers

You may hear experts or successful business owners say; “Sell offers, not products”. People are not buying from you because you create weak offers or no offers at all for your products. If your competitors create better offers, your customers will go to them. The value of your product is communicated through an offer.  

What is an offer?  An offer is a contractual term. It is an invitation to enter into a relationship with your customer. When you create attractive offers, it forces your customers to take action.  

Using a popular food:

Your Product is rice, your offer is jollof rice and peppered chicken with chilled juice.  Or fried rice and garnished turkey and salad with chilled red wine. Your customers may not buy rice but it will be hard to reject fried rice and turkey and salad with chilled red wine. Do you get it?

5. Product stagnation

The business world is evolving, so should your products and services. Introduce new enticing features for your customers. 

Check this:

The popular noodles; indomitable has; Small size, medium size, super pack, onion pack, hungry man-size, belleful size. What do you notice about this? Strong branding and product evolution. 

Constantly seek the opinions of your customers as to what they want. Then use their opinions to update your product. 

There you have it, the reasons why customers are not buying from you. Now that you know these reasons. It’s time to figure out the places where your customers are hiding. Don’t worry too much, the next few paragraphs will tell you. 

7 Best places where you can get customers

As earlier mentioned in this article, these places are where you’ve been to. In fact, they are very popular places yet you do not know precisely where your customers are. 

Places where you can find customers

Wait! Before you read on, number 7 is a secret. Yes, you read right, it is but I will tell you so that you can create a large customer base for your business and increase your purchasing rates.

1. Facebook

Surprising? Maybe not. But Facebook is not just for having fun, posting pictures, hyping up friends, commenting, and liking pictures. 

There is an entire market on Facebook. Your audience is on Facebook waiting for you to come and sell to them. Where exactly on Facebook and how do you find them? 

  • Joiin groups relating to your business. Request to join a lot of them. It’s totally free 
  • Ask the admins of the group if you can post on the group. Some Facebook groups do not permit promotions so do well to seek permission. 
  • Be a consistent member. Post a lot of value-loaded content. Make your presence known through the values you give. Then watch people try to connect with you themselves. 
  • If you cannot use other people’s groups, then create yours.

2. Instagram

Are you one of those people that think that Instagram is a girl thing? For showing off their pretty legs and beautiful faces, do you think Instagram is only for male models showing off their abs and built shoulders? 

Well, you aren’t wrong and that’s why this limitation won’t let you see that your customers are there, in fact, a lot of them.

Instagram has roughly 1 billion monthly active users.  Your audience is definitely on Instagram

3. Twitter

The number 1 savage and fun app. Right? Sorry to disappoint you, but Twitter isn’t only for savage responses or football banter. They’re all fun but you need to find your customers amidst this fun. 

There is something unique about Twitter. It’s the trending page. It gives you the ability to tell you what is currently trending. Through this, you can use hashtags of these trends to market your products.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest offers a distinctive way to market your business. You can find your potential clients. People go there for inspiration and ideas. Who knows, your content may be the next inspiration that your prospect needs. Then, you win them over.

5. Forums

There are several forums online that you can join to search for your customers. A popular one is LinkedIn.

6. Your website

Right now, you’re like; How can my customers be on my website without me knowing? How can they visit your website and still have a low conversion rate?

Your customers actually visited your website but you have little or no conversions because they do not go past the first page. 

What should you do? Give your customers what they want. It’s simple! Create mind-blowing contents that will not only keep your customers addicted to your website but also make them go past the first page. Make sure you pass the scroll test

In addition, ensure that your website is fully SEO optimized.  This increases your website visibility as it ranks up in search engines. Creating mind-blowing content with no visibility is still zero. 

7. Your competition

Remember I told you that this is a secret? Here’s why. 

You and your competitors share the same market, the same industry, and similar products. That means that you both are sharing the same audience.

If you market your products to your competitor’s customers, there are very high chances that they will purchase from you. If your products then offer them more benefits, they divert. 

But, how do you know your competitor’s customers? 

You won’t be able to utilize this secret if you do not have a website. If you have a website already, then pay attention to this part. I learned this from Russell Brunson, you should learn it too. 

  • The first thing you have to know is where they are getting their traffic from. To know this, go  to https://www.similarweb.com
  • Type in the website’s URL (that of your competitor). It will analyze the website. There you will find referring sites. 

From these referring sites, you will be able to know where they are advertising and what they’re saying. 

  • Model what works. Get your banners, model the message that your competitor use, model the design, model the sizes. Remember, this says model, not copy. You have to model what works! It works every time! Go to 20dollarbanners.com to get your banners. 
  • Buy ads on the same websites

Let’s go fishing!

Connect with customers on social media

The ocean contains a lot of fish, different species, and different varieties. Each with preferences of what to feed on. There are also a lot of fishermen waiting to capture the fish! The best fisherman wins!

Your products are the foods that the fishes consume. Your prospects and clients are the fishes. You are the fisherman!

To capture the fish, you have to go to the ocean! Visit these places, create accounts, add value, win your customers over!

PS: This doesn’t mean that you should eat your customers! Happy Fishing!