60 Years After National Independence - Nigeria

Published on: September 24, 2020 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

60 Years After National Independence - Nigeria
60 Years After National Independence

On October 1st 2020, it would become 60 years since Nigeria took independence. Predictably, the few who are privileged to benefit from the wealth of the nation would celebrate.

Many others on the other hand would lament about the unfavorable situation of things after 60 years of independence. The truth however is that, the geographical place known as Nigeria is older than we think.

Is Nigeria Really 60 Years Old?

The place known as Nigeria today and the consisting tribes have been in existence for more than thousands of years. Some would also tell you that civilization started in Africa as far back as 3500 years ago.

Despite knowledge of these facts, why should people still erroneously lament on the failings of Nigeria after 60 years of independence? The nation might have its shortcomings but that should not become an obstacle for pursuit of self-actualization.

Before colonization, which eventually occasioned independence, people had their own individualistic ways of livelihoods. Imagine if there was no colonization and the eventual independence, would people gather every year and lament on how their tribe or society has failed them? I doubt it. Instead they would rather have festivals, be it new yam festival or whatever would cause people to gather together and celebrate.

National Independence vs. self Independence

While we talk of the country's independence and its failings, we often overlook our own potentials in light of our individual independence. Although, it is undisputed that Nigeria has wealth derived from natural resources. The wealth is indisputably enjoyed by few and not circulated to the masses. But instead of lamenting on the disparity of opportunities or the uneven distribution of wealth, you could concentrate on your own individual abilities and how to make your livelihood better.


By depending on the nation and lamenting on its failures despite independence, you are ironically lamenting on your own failures despite your individual independence. So start taking control of your livelihood. Be innovative. Be proactive in pursuit of self-actualization. Think outside the box. Find a niche, something lucrative and legitimate to make a comfortable living for yourself. It is then that you would start to enjoy the immense benefits of individual independence which is often overlooked.


Michael Akerele