6 Stylish Ways to Wear a T-shirt

Published on: February 20, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

6 stylish ways to wear a t-shirt

A t-shirt is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing everyone should have. It’s easy to style and you can achieve whatever look you want, as long as you know how best to style it. You can literally switch your look from basic or casual to business casual and ultra-sleek fashion with the right t-shirt. So, whether plain t-shirt or not, let’s find out some of the stylish ways to wear a t-shirt in this post.

Stylish ways to wear a t-shirt

1. Wear a t-shirt with a pair of tracksuit for an athleisure glam

T-shirt can be worn with a pair of tracksuits for an athleisure glam

Athleisure fashion is a casual and comfortable style meant for athletic activities but also suitable for an everyday look. So, when you think of style and comfort, think of athleisure.

Anyway, let’s talk about achieving the perfect stylish athleisure glam. Well, do you have a pair of tracksuit? Yes. Do you also have a plain t-shirt, whether a white t-shirt of not? Yes. There you go. Pair it together to get a casual yet stylish glam.

Finish up this look with a pair of sneakers or any of your favourite heels.

2. Pair a t-shirt with a suit or co-ords for a stylish business casual look

You can wear t-shirt with a suit

Whether you choose a skirt suit, a pantsuit, a matching pair of shorts and a jacket or kimono and pants and bring it to live by pairing it with a plain t-shirt.

Wearing a t-shirt with any co-ords infuses an edgy look into your style. It’s different. To keep the attention on your power suit, a simple white t-shirt will do. Otherwise, feel free to wear an appropriate colour of t-shirt.

Here’s an extra tip here; You could pair your t-shirt with a blazer and denim if you aren’t one to wear match matchy.

3. Layer it with overalls and dresses

Ladies can wear t-shirt with overall for a stylish look

A good way to bring the 90s alive in 2021 is to pair your t-shirt with an overall or a slip dress. You can dress it up for a night or day time look by pairing it with sneakers or heels. For a day time look, a pair of sneakers will do. Try pairing with any mules for a date night or evening look.

Layering your t-shirt with overalls is a perfect balance between a playful and stylish look.

4. Wear your t-shirt with your favourite mom jeans

Ladies can wear t-shirt with mom jeans for a stylish look

For a simple yet sophisticated look, pair your t-shirt with your mom jeans; high-waisted mom jeans particularly. Tuck your t-shirt in the jeans, pair it with nice sneakers and perhaps throw in an oversized denim jacket for an edgy look. Viola! Chic and stylish.

5. Wear a t-shirt with a pleated midi or maxi skirt

A lady wearing t-shirt with on a pleated skirt

A cute way to dress up your simple t-shirt is to pair it with a pleated midi or maxi skirt. Finish the look with a pair of heels, sunglasses and jewellery.

This look can be worn for a lunch date, movie date, fashion show, or any other event.

6. You can wear t-shirt as a dress for a stylish look

T-shirt worn as a dress in a stylish way

Your oversized t-shirt is just as useful as the t-shirts that fit properly. So, how about styling it as a dress. Pair it with a pop sock and a pair of chich book. Add some accessories and oversized sunglasses for a finished look.

There you go, ladies.

Which of these stylish ways to wear a t-shirt would you love to try out?