5 Ways to Invoke Attraction

Published on: November 19, 2020 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

There are 5 ways to invoke attraction

There are 5 fundamental ways to invoke attraction. After reading this post, you will be able to invoke attraction in any situation. It could be in your relationship or business. You could also invoke attraction as a way of making people around you happy.

There are five senses responsible for the way we feel or perceive things. These are sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. These senses are like a gateway to the mind, heart and soul of every human being. Same applies to many other conscious beings as well. You can attract people by targeting any of these senses. You do not have to target the whole 5 senses to invoke attraction. In fact, targeting just one could work if you focus on it and do it well.

1. Invoke attraction through speech

You can invoke the law of attraction by means of hearing

People love what is pleasing to the ears. For instance, many people listen to music because they find it pleasing. At some point, you might like a particular song so much that you put the track on repeat.

There is a particular mall in which there are many restaurants. I kept trying the food at each restaurant one by one. At some point, it felt like there was no much difference. I was kind of getting bored of them and becoming reluctant to try the few ones left. The aesthetics and mood look the same. Also, there was no much difference in their menus. Then, I went to one particular one one day, and guess what? They played music. The music was so nice and nostalgic that that restaurant became my favourite in the mall.

I recently saw a nollywood movie titled ‘When you see me’. The movie is about a guy who lost his sight after an accident. While recuperating at the hospital after a surgery to restore his sight, he made friendship with a nurse. Eventually, he fell in love with the nurse because she spoke so nice to him that he found her words charming, though he couldn't see her. Moral of the story: you could invoke attraction by vocal means. To wit, through your voice or speech.

2. Invoking attraction through taste

5 ways to invoke attraction

There is a Yoruba saying that “olobe loloko”. In English this translates to “A woman whose stew tastes best keeps the man”. Don’t underestimate the power of taste. We all love what tastes good. Especially if you are into catering or restaurant business, focusing on taste will keep you at the top of your game.

3. You can invoke attraction by way of touch

Everyone loves what feels nice to touch, pets, fabrics etc. Sometimes when you go shopping, you might end up buying a piece of garment because you love the way it feels. Mink coats are popular examples. If your business involves products that people are likely to touch, make sure it feels like a velvet touch.

4. Smell is a powerful means of attraction

Smell is a powerful means of attraction

We all love what smells good. Sometimes, the aroma of food alone could compel people to visit a restaurant. Likewise, it is not unusual to get compliments from people when you wear a nice perfume. If you are wearing a perfume, no need for overkill though. One or two quick sprays is usually enough. If you are hosting a meeting or you are inviting someone to your apartment, make sure the place smells nice. Usually you would get comments like ‘it smells nice’ in here. That’s attraction.

5. You can invoke attraction by way of visual appeal

Invoking attraction by way of visual appeal

Last but not the least is attraction by means of visual appeal. I decided to bring this to the bottom because it is what usually comes to many people’s minds when they think of attraction. Whereas, attraction by means of the other ways are equally important. For instance, some of the most patronized food canteens that I know do not have the best looks. Yet still, you would find many people who have the wherewithal to dine at finer places patronizing those canteens. Why? Because their stew taste so good!

To invoke attraction in a visual way, you have to focus on attracting people through what they see. Everyone loves what is pleasing to their eyes. We use many adjectives to describe such things. Common examples are: beautiful, nice, pretty, gorgeous, handsome etc. Thus to attract people in a visual way, you need to ensure that what you present to them is visually appealing. If you are meeting someone, make sure you look good. Likewise, if you are presenting something to someone or a group, make sure it looks pleasing.


The 5 ways to invoke attraction are fundamental. Matter of fact, anything done or calculated to attract are based on these 5 ways to invoke attraction. For instance, when you buy someone a present, you would be hoping that they see it and love it.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the only way to someone’s heart is through buying them gifts or through visual appeal. This is false. You could invoke attraction effectively in any of the 5 ways. However, it is always good to combine 2 or more at the same time.

Now that you know how to attraction, start to implement it in your relationship, business, or networking. You could even make someone happy today by saying something nice to them.


Michael Akerele