5 Tuition-Free Countries For Nigerian Students

Published on: June 13, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Tuition-free countries
Tuition-free countries

This article highlights five tuition-free countries for Nigerian students. There's no doubt that most Nigerians believe there is a better way to get a better future when they are outside the country. They wish to get an education degree from another country and grasp the opportunity they find afterwards. This is quite understandable since there are developed countries out there with a lot of long-term opportunities. 

However, while people hold these dreams to their hearts, many cannot go through with them due to the high tuition rate of these countries. According to iefa, International students pay $25,000 -$45,000 to acquire an undergraduate degree in the USA. Nonetheless, there are a few countries where Nigerian students can acquire free education for undergraduate and graduate studies.

Join us as we explore five tuition-free countries for Nigerian students.


There are few tuition-free universities in the USA. This means all admitted students attend these universities, paying no tuition or semester fee. Although to be admitted into these universities, you must provide a bank statement proving your poor financial status. These schools favour families with low income. 

Most of these universities, in fact, all of them, expect you to sponsor your living cost and accommodation. It is also important to know that most universities have a work-study program. This means while there are periods for attending classes, there are also periods to work. You will be required to work 15 and 40 hours per week during the summer holidays. In return, you will get free education.

Consider tuition-free universities in Germany

Germany is one of the top destinations for tuition-free countries for studies, with over twenty-five public universities free for domestic and international students. However, a nominal administrative fee, typically no more than $250, is required once admitted. This is not a tuition fee. Yes, you saw right! Instead of paying up to $30,000, you will get free education and pay just a nominal administrative fee, typically $250. 

Studying in Germany is a very good idea. You get the chance to study in German or English. Yes! There are English-taught undergraduate and Master's degrees taught in English. No extra fee for this!

Another thing that makes Germany the best country for Nigerians to study for free is that they have a university that offers an undergraduate Law course in English. This is unlike any other tuition-free university. You can get a Business and Taxation Law degree at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences

France tuition-free universities

It is also possible for both undergraduate and graduate international students to attend universities in France for free. Although all your living costs and accommodation fees during your stay in France will be your responsibility. Regardless, you can attend one of the best universities in France, paying no tuition fee. However, you must also pay a small semester fee of about $100- $200. 

There are also English-taught courses, but getting an LLB degree fully taught in English is impossible. However, don't miss this huge opportunity.

All public universities in Norway are tuition-free

All public universities in Norway are free for domestic and international students. However, you need to be proficient in Norwegian to get an undergraduate degree. This means most universities teach all undergraduate courses in Norwegian. However, that's not the case for graduate studies. Most graduate courses are taught in English. Undergraduates should not be discouraged because Norwegian is the easiest language an English speaker can learn within a few months.


Sweden is a great choice for you if you are a graduate student intending to pursue a Ph.D. degree for no tuition cost. Universities in Sweden charge tuition fees for undergraduate and graduate programs. This is from non-members of the European Union, the European Economic Area, and the Nordic region. Yet, the university offers Ph.D. positions free of charge. You will even receive a salary! You don't want to miss this chance. Good luck!

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