5 Tips For Writing an Application Letter

Published on: March 27, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Tips For Writing an Application Letter
Tips For Writing an Application Letter

An application letter is a document that you submit to a potential employer expressing your interest in a position. This post highlights 5 simple tips for writing an application letter.

Most people assume that submitting their CV as requested by a hiring manager is all that they need to do when applying for a job. The truth is that unless told not to do so, you should always submit an application letter alongside your CV.

You see, your CV shows your skills, experiences and professional background. It's a record of your education, skills and profession put together. However, it doesn't say much about your interest in that particular job, neither does it talk much about why you think you should be considered for the role.

So, your application letter should show how your background and experiences make you a good fit for the position. It means that for every job or position that you apply for, you need to write an application letter. Every application letter ought to be channelled to the specific company and position that you are interested in.

Now, that you understand the importance of writing an application letter and why you should write one for every job you apply for, whether it is stated or not.

Below are 5 simple tips for writing an application letter:

1. Tailor each application letter to the job

Tailor each application letter to the job

Again, every job or position you wish to apply for must be done with a personalized application letter. 

For instance, say you are applying for the post of a social media manager in a fashion company and the same post in a media company. That they are for the same positions doesn't mean that the same application letter will apply to both. Yes, they may have similar responsibilities but the industries are different. As a result, the medium of execution is likely to be different. Understanding this will help you express your interest in these two different industries in a way that will earn your potential employer's trust. Your ability to make them trust your competence even before they see you or hire you lies in your ability to present a captivating application letter. Hence, the need to tailor each application letter to the intending job or position.

2. Emphasize your abilities and skills in your application letter

One of the best ways to show your potential employer that you are not only interested in the position but also able to carry out the responsibilities attached to the role is to emphasize your skills and experiences.

So, it'd help to include specific examples of instances in the past that you've applied your expertise in an organization. You can also include data to support your claims.

3. Use the job listing keywords in your application letter

Use the job listing keywords in your letter

Most people often skip the important parts of a job vacancy ad. It is the part that highlights the roles and responsibilities of the person who is going to occupy the position.

Here's a tip for you. Include some of the keywords in the job listing in your application. It tells the hiring manager that you know what you are doing. It also shows them that you might be a good fit.

4. Be professional

An application letter should take the tone of a formal letter; be professional. Be professional with your salutation, to start with. Do not address the recipient by their first name unless otherwise stated. In a situation where you do not know their name, you can use Dear Hiring Manager. 

5. Be concise

Finally, go straight to the point when writing your letter.

You see, your aim should be to keep the letter to one page. Otherwise, no one will be willing to read it if it's too long. I mean, the hiring manager probably has a bunch of other letters to read. So, to get yourself in his/her good book, you need to go straight to the point and keep your letter concise.

So, here's a format to help you write your letter;

  1. Review information about the company and the position.
  2. Open the letter by describing your interest in the position. 
  3. Outline your skills and qualifications. 
  4. State what you have to offer to the company. 
  5. Express your gratitude for their consideration. 
  6. Close the letter.

Here's an example of an application letter:

Dan Smith,

14, Kofo street, Ikeja, 

Lagos, Nigeria.



Kelvin Chuks,

Human Resource Manager,

Adwin Apparel Home,

261, St joseph way, Ikoyi,

Lagos, Nigeria.

Dear Mr Chuks,

I was excited to have stumbled on an advertisement from Adwin Apparel Home on 21st Vogue magazine looking for a social media manager with backgrounds in digital marketing.

From my research on the company, I've come to find out that Adwin Apparel Home is an exclusive fashion label brand that prides itself in the production of high-quality silhouette dresses for busy entrepreneurs. I understand that social media has been a helpful tool in reaching young entrepreneurs who fit into this class of women. I believe that I am the ideal candidate for this role.

I've interned with ABC fashion company as a social media assistant. I worked with the company's editorial assistant, social media manager as well as the video team in creating campaigns that pushed the brand's voice on social media, increasing their followers by about 40% in the space of 5 months and improving sales by about 60% in that time frame.

I worked with XYZ company thereafter as the editorial assistant. Working with the digital team, we created a content management system that improved the brand's awareness online, while telling the brand's story in a captivating way that led to an increased social media following of the company by about 60% in 12 months.

I am a certified social media manager and content creator. My expertise includes content management strategy, digital marketing and high-level knowledge and experience of Google analytics. I have great leadership skills as I have successfully led my teams in different companies to a good finish. I am committed to delivering under pressure as well.

I would love to speak with you about my qualification and what I can do for your team. I hope you would reach out at your convenience.

Best regards.

Dan Smith.