5 Things Students Can Do During ASUU Strike

Published on: September 15, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

At its 8 month mark, the ASUU strike this time around is beginning to feel like another pandemic, another lockdown, with no end in the nearest sight. Many of us who are affected, feel like our entire lives are on standstill. We just want to resume and get the degree over and done with.

Others have reached the point where they just don't care anymore and who can blame them? After these many months at home, anybody would be fed up. I know I am. Regardless of whichever point we're at though, and in spite of how we might be feeling, in this article, we'll be learning how best to take advantage of the "indefinite" ASUU strike.

Although it's yet to be the longest strike ever (and hopefully it doesn't), this strike seems to hit different, and not in a good way. Perhaps, it's the untimely doggedness of this ASUU administration, or the insensitivity and unfeelingness of the federal government, the future looks bleak even to the optimistic ones among us.

One thing is certain though, resumption will come, but when that will be, no one knows. Until then, all we have is time on our hands, and this time is one powerful tool, when used properly.

Here are things that you can do during the ASUU strike to make the best use of your time:

1. Acquire some skills during the ASSU strike

Many would argue that if they wanted to learn skills, they'd have skipped the whole schooling thing in the first place. While it might sound like a valid argument, it's flawed reasoning in more ways than one. The truth is, times are changing and what is logical and wise, is that we move with the times, and the times are asking one thing. "What skills have you got?" While your degree and certificate matter, your skills give you an advantage over others. After all, there are many degree holders, many first class graduates, but what do you have that others don't?

Not only are employers also searching for these skills, skills grant you an avenue to set up a side hustle. As the Yorubas often say "there's not only one route to the market", neither is there one route to success. You could opt for digital skills (which are in high demand) like coding, digital marketing, and so on, or soft skills like critical thinking, communication, which would also help you in a professional setting.

You could also learn some hard skills like hair dressing, designing or photography. Many people have made it in this line, and what better time to start learning than now?

2. Make some money

There's nothing quite like financial independence, trust me. That feeling when you don't have to ask before you make that purchase, or the exhilarating feeling of self accomplishment on payday. It's a blissful one, but sadly, neither money nor financial independence falls from trees.

Whether you're working under someone or starting a little business of your own, to make money, work (legal work please) has to be done. If you're not the entrepreneurial type, build your resumé, and apply for jobs online. It doesn't matter that you're not a graduate, this is a good place where having skills would help.

Nevertheless, there are job openings that are specifically matched for students, apprenticeships, paid internships, etc. Not only does this give you the opportunity to earn some cash, you're also gaining the so called "experience" employers always demand for.

3. Save up

While making money is great, having solid savings set aside is even better. Saving is a habit everyone including students must cultivate.

It's a fact that, not many people can work and still run their studies concurrently. But wouldn't it be a relief, if you had something stashed away from the time that you've worked? If we're being honest, every student goes through those "sapa" moments, when even your regular allowances would fail you. To avoid further reoccurrences of those trying times, as you make money during this strike, please save.

4. Undertake professional courses during the ASUU strike

Physical classrooms and lecture rooms are overrated. These days, we don't need them before learning and getting certified, and we have technology to thank for that. You can enroll in professional courses online and complete them in a matter of weeks, all in the comfort of your very home. These courses will help complement your main discipline, and also help build your qualifications.

Remember, employee are looking for applicants who have something extra to offer. You can enroll for these courses on platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Alison, and many others like that.

5. Develop yourself during the strike

If there's one thing to thank the ASUU strike for, it's the excess me-time it gives us. But instead of spending that time, cursing the government, complaining about boredom and eating away your frustrations, you can spend it developing yourself. It could be personally or professionally. Professionally could involve interning or taking up those courses we talked about.

Personally, you can decide to go on a reading spree, learn a new language, build new and healthy relationships, lose some weight or even overcome your phobias. All that matters is that you're being added to positively.

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