5 Reasons Why You Should Pray Daily

Published on: March 3, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

5 Reasons Why You Should Pray Daily
5 Reasons Why You Should Pray Daily

Some of us have formed habits of praying only when we’re happy or when we need something; how selfish! This should not be the case and I’ll give here five reasons why you should pray daily. Praying when you feel like can be easy but praying daily and without ceasing, as instructed in the Scriptures, can be a task indeed.

Below are 5 Reasons why you should pray daily:

1. Prayer is an expression of our love for God

When you’re in a relationship, you’ll admit that constant communication is one thing that makes the relationship grow stronger. Imagine not speaking to your spouse for a whole day; not nice right? The same way our relationship with God should be; prayer is a proof and expression of our love for God. It is a call to fellowship and intimacy; trust me, when you get used to this sovereign partner, loving Him becomes easy. This is why you should pray daily.

2. Prayer is a medium of Intercession

Prayer is a medium of intercession

Through prayers, you deliberately bring to the knowledge of God the happenings with other people around you and how they affect you. From the mentally deranged man down your street to the child abuse victim in your compound to the ills in the government of your country, and even the drug addict in your family. You daily tell God how He should heal the sick, raise the dead, save people from sin, restore the lost, strengthen the believer, and even defeat the devil. Remember the saying, if there’s a man to pray, there’s a God to answer. Consistent standing in the gap for others in and out of your territory indirectly makes life better for you.

3. Prayer leads to receiving

Why you should pray daily
You could experience miracles if you pray daily

Prayers are bound to receive answers, you should ask more to receive more. Praying daily allows you to seek the face of God concerning personal situations like wisdom, guidance, protection, and provision. It also helps you receive peace in cases when you need to heal from pain or forgive others. This way, you tend to daily live a better life. With this knowledge, you should pray daily with a receptive heart.

4. You should pray daily to renew your mind

Praying constantly checkmates you. I noticed that whenever I’m going to request something of my father, I ensure we’re on good terms. If not, the first thing I do is to apologize. This also applies in our prayers to God. Even the scriptures make it clear that you can’t receive from God with an unsettled grudge in your heart. Follow peace with all men. Praying daily helps you checkmate yourself as frequently as possible to ensure you are in right standing with God and all Men. This in turn helps you to be a better Christian.

5. You would experience spiritual encounters if you pray daily

Encounters lead to empowerment. When you pray more, you are led into realms that are only available in God’s presence. It makes the truth of the Gospel more real to you and in turn, builds your faith. Daily prayers make you understand God’s dealings with you per time. It will be a disaster if God is teaching you total dependency and you think it’s the devil afflicting you with poverty. Prayer makes you sure!

Now that you know the reasons why you should pray, you should make it a habit to pray daily henceforth. The importance of praying daily cannot be overemphasized, no matter how short. Watch purpose and power being unveiled to you as you become prayerful.