5 Quick Fixes For Common Computer Problems

Published on: August 31, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

There are lots of computer problems that arise, but many of them require very simple technical skills and knowledge to fix. This post will show you 5 quick fixes for common computer problems. Anyone can learn these simple solutions and apply them to common computer problems.

quick fixes for common computer problems

We live in a day and age where computers are indispensable. Almost every job, task, or occupation requires the use of a computer one way or the other. It becomes a problem when our computers start acting up. This can be very frustrating especially when we need to quickly accomplish one task or the other.

When common computer problems occur, many people are worried they would have to visit a computer repair store. However, it may interest you to know that not every computer issue requires the skill of an IT expert to fix.

Below are 5 quick fixes for common computer problems:

Your computer wouldn't start 

If your computer refuses to start up, do not fret. There are a few easy troubleshooting steps you can take. Firstly, you should check to be sure if the issue is not from the power source. A failing power source could cause your laptop to have start-up problems. Ensure you check your power source with another device, or plug your computer into a different source. 

If the problem persists, then the issue might be from your charger. Ensure your charger is plugged into its port properly. If you check and it is properly plugged in, then your charger might be faulty and you might need a replacement. However, if the issue is not from your charger, you might want to check your monitor. Try connecting your computer to an external monitor and see if it turns on. If the problem still persists, you might have to take your computer to a technician for a check-up.

Your screen is frozen

This usually occurs when your computer's RAM is low, if there is spyware, or if there are corrupt or missing files on your computer. If your screen is frozen, you might have to consider rebooting your computer. Try pressing and holding the power button until your computer turns off. Restart it and free up some space to relieve it from its load or download an anti-spyware tool. You could also consider doing a factory reset, or reinstalling your operating system.

The computer monitor goes blank

This may occur when your monitor isn't properly connected to your computer. This occurs mostly on desktop computers, however, on a laptop, there might be an issue with the internal connection which would require an expert to fix.

If your screen shows a blank white screen or a rainbow-colored screen, it might be an issue with the video card and would need to be replaced by an authorized repair center. One of the major causes of a blank screen is a faulty operating system which is usually caused by a corrupt system file. If you are using a Windows computer, you may need to restart your computer. After restarting, if the problem persists, then you might eventually have to erase the hard drive and then reinstall your Windows OS.

Your computer is usually slow

If your computer is functioning at a slower rate than normal, there are a few simple fixes you can try before heading over to your local technician. Try ridding your hard disk of unwanted files. This is usually the cause of a slow functioning computer. If that doesn't work, then you could try installing a firewall and antivirus on your computer, and scan frequently. You could also try getting an external hard drive if your CPU is overworked. This would often help your computer work faster.

System starts overheating

Overheating often occurs when your computer is doing too much work. Your computer would start heating up especially when it lacks an appropriate cooling system. Overheating could also occur if your fans are not working properly. To fix this issue, you could simply turn off your computer to let it rest and cool down. You could also try getting an external cooler to use when working on your computer.

There are so many issues that can arise when working with your computer, the above are just a few. If you need quick fixes for common computer problems, you could try applying the solutions above. However, if the problem gets too complicated, ensure you seek out a competent computer technician for assistance.



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