5 Proven Ways to Control Anger

Published on: March 12, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

5 Proven ways to control anger
5 Proven ways to control anger


In this post, I will share with you 5 proven ways to control anger.

It was my first day at Masters Class. I had to literarily scamper out of the office that afternoon before the close of work so I could meet up with work. I knew that would affect my appraisal someway but I could not afford to waste my tuition fees. I had to travel 60km interstate to meet up with JIL 861 lectures…

Here was I, seated in class and trying to calm my nerves. It was already 7:30 pm and the lecturer was 90minutes late. I was exhausted but there was at least 32km between my bed at home and I. Quel Malheur!

Just as I had emotions rising, the attendance sheet that had been passing around got to me and the lady behind me said…

No… young lady… it’s not for undergraduate students… it’s for Masters students.

I had to explain to her I was for that class and she went ahead to say:

What?! How did you even gain admission?

‘Oh! What a life! Not again! How long more do I have to suffer these insults because I’m petite in stature?’ I was about to charge at her when I decided to use the following tips in controlling my emotions.  I call it the CHECK approach.

5 proven ways to control anger

1. Choose your emotions

You have to respond not react. Choose not to be angry. Often what people don’t know is that it takes their cooperation with the other party to be really angry. While I can provoke you, it remains your own choice to actually let out anger or to remain calm. So, next time you are provoked, CHOOSE to control your anger!

2. Hold yourself

You will definitely want to vent but rather, mutter a peace agreement under your breathe. This works like magic because by speaking to yourself, your inner ears will pick the signal on what to do and act accordingly.

3. Excuse them

Focus on the situation, not the person. Excuse their shortcomings and create excuses for them. Find the why. In other words, you must learn to give people a benefit of the doubt or long rope so in case they fail, they can be easily forgiven.

4. Cease your thoughts

You want to think of doing evil as is man’s innate nature. Choose love instead. Lay hold of those thoughts because if you don’t cease or tame the thoughts, they will run wild and you wouldn’t like the outcome yourself. You could even walk away at this point if need be.

5. Kill the anger

It’s time to find a solution, forgive and forget. Kill that emotion. Somebody says, “Kill that anger before it kills you”. Please do so. Some of our toxic emotions like anger usually require a drastic effort such as this. You have to let go of it completely in other not to be defeated by it in the long run. Dealing with it on time saves you from draining yourself of strength unnecessarily.

I basically told myself that minute… “Mercy, CHECK!” and just like magic, I was pacified. Let me know if you too would adopt these proven ways to control anger when next those anger emotions kick in.

Yours peacefully…