5 Proven Tips For Raising Godly Children

Published on: March 7, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Tips for raising Godly children - Family praying together before meal.
Tips for raising Godly children

In this post, I will share with you some proven tips for raising Godly children. Raising your children in the way of the Lord is a big deal in this age and time due to the rate at which even moral standards are decaying and are being relegated to the background. Most times people just want to get through, leaving behind the processes that are possibly obtainable.

Imagine this:

Mrs. B woke up with a start! Policemen were banging at her door for the third time in two weeks. She could hear their voices. Junior had done something wrong… again!

Now, you are a parent in these times that are perverse and morally depleting. What do you do? There has to be a way out. Your children are still young and they definitely spend a lot of time out there in the “wild”. They go to school and meet all kinds of people within and beyond their age grade. They meet the good, the bad, and even the ugly.

Why should you raise your children to be God fearing?

You need to ensure that your children have quality moral standards built in them from home. Just like the popular saying goes that “charity begins at home”. It’s true because you remember your upbringing also when you were at their age, the kind of things you got exposed to that early, and how it tampered with your psychology.

Some solutions are applicable just for you. Solutions that will help you train them up in the way they should go, so when they grow old, they will be responsible adults able to contribute quality value to you and the society at large.

Below are proven tips for raising Godly children

Teach your children the Word of God

This will basically make them fear God and in return make them wise. Once your children or wards have God’s fear in them, you can be sure to sleep with your two eyes closed even when they stay out for very long or are even grown enough to stay alone. This can be factored into their foundational growth recipe. Feed them with God’s word. Which means you must yourself be equipped with the same.

Teach your children to take responsibility

Don’t wait till they are grown and as tall as you before you start teaching them that life is consequential and that whatsoever you put in is what you get. This way they will know that they ought to be responsible enough to stand in for their actions and inactions.

Teach your children to respect others

Often, if you come across people who lack basic respect for people around them, then you sure know that such must have been learnt from home in a way or the other. Your children have to be taught this by both your actions and in-actions. It will be naturally played out by them even when you are not there.

Set boundaries for your children

Some parents think when they give their children everything they ask of them, that they are doing them good. It is not so! Let your child know early how to trust God for him/herself. Let them know on time so that they would not develop an unnecessary sense of entitlement. Let them know that there is a process involved in achieving anything in life.

Encourage your children

You must be your child’s number one fan and encourager. Don’t let them get that from anywhere else because where a child gets encouraged goes a long way indirectly impacting where their trust lies. If you are finding it difficult to earn your child’s trust, then you must work towards encouraging them more frequently than anyone else. Never discourage your child. You can definitely discourage a bad habit or action. The emphasis is to strengthen their strength and place a premium on it by letting them know they have such strength.


The above tips for raising Godly children have to be factored in at a very early stage.

Teach your kids the way of the lord at a very young age.

Have you heard of the adage that says “the earlier, the better” or the one that says to “catch them young”? This is primarily what you have to put into consideration if you want to raise Godly children. You must not postpone when the training and discipline will start. It has to be early because if you leave it to chance by starting late, it may turn out to be too late. Whatever family culture you want your children to imbibe, be sure to introduce them to it very early.



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