5 Nollywood Actors That Deserve Accolades

Published on: June 20, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Gone are the days when every lead role is acted by the likes of Genevieve and Stella 'Damascus'. Now, Nollywood is filled with several actors who deliver the best quality. However, there's a downside to this. Because of how many they are, the resulting competitiveness and other prejudices, Some actors are not getting the recognition, awards and praise they deserve, despite their outstanding performances. This article highlights 5 Nollywood actors that deserve accolades.

Let's face it. The Nigerian Movie industry has in times past produced a stream of mediocre movies. Yes, the actors were gifted and the storylines were interesting and maybe even captivating, but the delivery was substandard and the directing, editing and production design plain terrible. We were forced to endure robbers removing their shoes outside before entering to rob, a gunshot wound to the head manifesting as a gaping hole in the stomach or the accident victims who fall and die way before the vehicle hits them at all.

Over the past few decades, Nollywood has managed to evolve into one of the biggest in the entire world. The industry now stands and even collaborates at international levels, which is really no surprise. With the crop of talents (both new and veteran, onscreen and offscreen) flooding the industry, Nollywood is only just beginning its ascent to greatness.

Below are 5 Nollywood actors that deserve accolades:

1. Kehinde Bankole

Although recently trending for her tremendous performance and role interpretation in Netflix's Blood Sisters, Kehinde Bankole has been in the industry since she made her acting debut in Wale Adenuga's Super Story as Caro in 2007.

Over the years, she's starred in various movies ranging from low-budget Yoruba movies to high-grossing ones like Dear Affy, prophetess, the legendary October 1 and many others. In all these, she manages to deliver her diverse roles with outstanding excellence.

There's just something about Kehinde Bankole's acting that makes her interesting to watch, whether she plays the lead or a supporting role. Of course, it also helps that she's not bad to look at, not at all. Kehinde has snagged a few nominations and even fewer awards, but in a world where things are fair, she'd have a whole lot more.

2. Seun Akindele

Seun Akindele is no newbie in the business of acting. Still, many of us have never seen him or we have, but can't put a name to his face, which is just wrong. Seun is one highly skilled and talented actor who portrays every single role exceptionally and also makes you laugh while at it. It's the outspokenness and confidence with which he delivers, that sets him apart from other actors. He has starred in movies such as Tunde Kelani's 'Dazzling Mirage', 'The Apartment' alongside Nancy Isime, 'The department', etc., (all of which are a must-watch). For whatever reason he hardly shows on the big screens, it needs to stop!

3. Damilare Kuku

Most people know her as the author of 'Nearly All The Men in Lagos are Mad', but Damilare Kuku is more than just a wildly imaginative writer. She's also an expressive and passionate actress with top-notch delivery skills and certificates to back it up. Yes, Damilare Kuku has a Bachelor's degree and master's degree in dramatic arts and theatre arts respectively. She's portrayed several roles in movies like 'Volcano', 'Time looped', 'Dysfunction', 'Chief Daddy' and even 'Blood Sisters'.

My personal favourite Damilare Kuku's role has to be her lead role in Biodun Stephen's 'Beauty and the Beast'. She played Senami, a girl taken as a debt payment by a rather gruesome looking (to say the least) and cruel money lender, and later they end up... You know the rest. It's definitely something to watch whenever you have time on your hands.

4. Daniel Etim-Effiong

Danie Etim-Effiong is one of the Nollywood actors that deserve accolades

Some people get this career thing right the first time, Daniel got it right the second. After a brief stint as a chemical engineer, Daniel Etim-Effiong switched careers and proceeded to study filmmaking, writing and directing at a film school in Johannesburg. He might have been a decent engineer, but there's no way he's not an even better actor.

I have never seen Daniel Etim-Effiong star in any bad movie. Whether he's the lead or a supporting character, Daniel is one person that's blessed with onscreen chemistry with just about anyone. His voice, calmness yet intense acting will have you glued to your seats till the closing credits roll. He's featured in several movies and shows like 'Storm', 'Fishbone', 'The Men's Club', 'Selina', 'Plan B' and so on. Like I said, no bad movie. We need more of Mr. Effiong in 2022.

5. Nse Ikpe-Etim

Last but not least on the list of Nollywood actors that deserve accolades is Nse Ikpe-Etim. Before I go on ahead, can somebody please just give this woman a round of applause? Nse's acting skills are legendary. There's no telling what her true personality is whenever she takes on a role, as she practically embodies whatever character it is she plays.

Whether Nse Ikpe-Ektim is playing an embittered wife, a domineering one or even a high-class pimp, Nse's execution is always flawless. We've seen this in Netflix's 'King of Boys', 'Mr and Mrs, 'Oloture' and many others. If it's ever within my power, I'd definitely give Nse a Grammy.

There you have it, 5 of the many Nollywood Actors that deserve accolades. If you ever see their names in a movie cast, you should grab some popcorn, sit and watch. You can thank me later.