5 Most Beautiful Nigerian Wedding Theme Ideas

Published on: April 21, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Nigerian wedding decor ideas
Beautiful Nigerian wedding themes

Here's something about a Nigerian wedding. The wedding theme, food, drinks, outfits and even seemingly negligible details are all important. They go a long way to determine how beautiful the wedding turns out.

You see, a Nigerian wedding is such a big deal to the couple, their family members and friends. So, that tells you how important every wedding vendor's role is when it comes to planning the perfect Nigerian wedding.

When it comes to wedding themes in a Nigerian wedding, you'd be surprised how much difference it makes to a place or hall. Some themes, however, can transform and beautify a place beyond recognition so that the couples and everyone who attends the wedding feel so special being in such a room. They aren't the regular wedding decorations everyone is used to.

In this post, I'll share with you 5 most beautiful Nigerian wedding theme inspirations or ideas that can transform your wedding venue effortlessly

1. Glass (mirror) aisle wedding theme

Try a glass aisle as a wedding decor for a Nigerian wedding

A good way to create a unique experience for your guests at your Nigerian wedding is to create unique designs. In this case, you can create a beautiful glass aisle for the couple. Not only will this be the talk of the town but everyone at the wedding would feel special to be a part of such a glamorous wedding ceremony.

Here's the thing; it will take a lot of time and effort and human labour to create this kind of wedding theme but it's going to make your Nigerian wedding fabulous and special, just the way you want it.

2. Play with flowers and plants

flowers and plants could be perfect wedding decor for your Nigerian wedding

Flowers are an essential part of decor generally. However, how you arrange them can make a difference. So, to begin with, how about a mix of plants and flowers. Get your roses and all kinds of flowers to decorate the couple's seat, the aisle, tables and chairs, and other corners of the hall, depending on the type of event centre that you are using.

In choosing the type of flowers you want to use for the wedding theme, consider the colour of the wedding, the asoebi colours, the colour of the backdrop (if you intend to create one), the colour of the chairs, and the rug. Your goal should be to add a subtle yet beautiful effect using the flowers, not to take over the entire space with the flowers.

Also, in arranging the flowers, avoid creating a cluster. Instead, try spacing the flowers so that the flowers don't take away the attention from other beautiful details in the hall.

3. Try hanging coloured balloons to create a beautiful wedding theme

Balloons are very useful for decorating your wedding.

Hanging balloons (especially coloured balloons) is a great design or option for your Nigerian wedding decor. That way, the event space doesn't look bare and empty, especially if the ceiling is high. Play with different colours and ribbons (curled into the spiral form) as well.

4. Play with coloured lights

Lighting is important in every space, whether home interior or wedding theme. It brightens a room and reveals the details of every other decor in that space. So, get some lights to decorate the hall.

For added effect, however, try playing with coloured lights as well as white light. That way, you'll be creating a mix of cool and warm environments for both the couple and their guests to feel relaxed. Also, the coloured lights will add some beautiful effects to the pictures taken in the hall.

5. Try a white-themed decor for your Nigerian wedding

Nigerians almost always choose colours for their wedding. It beautifies the event because of the uniformity in the hall. You know everyone is wearing the same colour of clothes, the hall decor is also complementing the colours as well. However, you can choose a white-themed decor for a more outstanding interior.

With a white-themed decor, you can introduce the colour of the wedding but softly. An alternative is to do an all-white decor and let the guests bring the colour to the hall.

So, which of these wedding themes would you like to try at your Nigerian wedding?

Fun fact: You can combine all these ideas for the perfect Nigerian wedding theme.