5 Learning Apps For Secondary School Students

Published on: June 25, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

5 learning apps for secondary school students

This post highlights 5 learning Apps for secondary school students. Students have always been on the lookout for anything that will help boost their grades. This has led to the use of multiple textbooks and sometimes, the cost of taking extra lessons. Although, the library has been a great source of help for many, not everyone has access to a standard one. Luckily, with the aid of several apps, the smartphone has made things a whole lot easier.

Below are 5 learning Apps for secondary school students:

Afrilearn: Africa’s Best-Loved Learning App

Afrilearn 1.0, developed by Afrilearn offers a vast library of advanced content covering all subjects across the Junior and Senior Secondary School classes. With it, students can analyze their progress, strengths, and areas of improvement through real-time analytic reports. Although to access some content requires in-app purchases, content can be downloaded and accessed offline.

This helps cut down on the data cost. A peculiar feature of this App is that courses can be listened to in audio-only mode! So, while taking a walk or doing a chore, students can listen to their lessons. For students with limited space on their phones, Afrilearn can be used on the Web too at https://myafrilearn.com/. In all, I think this is a wonderful App…and the reviews say so too.

Roducate – Africa’s No.1 Learning App

Roducate 3.0.7, developed by Robert and John Limited is a comprehensive curriculum-based e-learning platform. The self-paced learning platform has educational content for all subjects and organizes mock exams to help students prepare adequately. A unique feature of this learning App is that students can chat with certified counsellors on academic and career issues.

Students can also participate in educational tasks and competitions to win amazing prices. As a bonus, the App works on all devices. The best part is: everything is totally free.

SimbiBot – Your Private Tutor

SimbiBot 2.2.24 developed by Simbi Interactives is suitable for all secondary school students between classes SSS1-3. Its features include but are not limited to simplified lesson notes, 35,000+ practice questions, answers and detailed explanations. The App can be used without internet as lessons are fully available offline.

Students can get help and master concepts with the App's AI powered interactive learning assistant. The learning assistant identifies each student’s weakness in a subject and helps the student master that weakness. Again, no payment is required to access content. In conclusion, the SimbiBot App helps students learn, master and evaluate themselves in any topic across all subjects.

Complete Mathematics

Complete Mathematics 3.0, developed by Inducesmile.com is designed for learning only mathematics in a simple way. If you’ve got a problem with mathematics, this learning App is your go-to. As a bonus, it comes at no cost. Its sections include formulas, theory questions, quizzes, math tricks, brain teasers and much more. However, the questions and solutions section uses Past WAEC exam questions and solutions.


uLesson 1.7.3 developed by uLesson education (https://ulesson.com/) is designed to help students improve and excel in their academics. On the App, students can learn various topics in-depth through engaging pre-recorded video lessons. They can also perfect their understanding through practice questions and quizzes with detailed solutions. Timed Mock exams are also organized to get the students familiar with exam situations.

Analytics and reporting data for parents and guardians to monitor the child’s academic growth are provided as the lessons progresses. For an optimal experience however, it is recommended to use a device with a minimum of 2GB RAM. Students looking for more can always visit uLesson’s YouTube channel.

Though the learning Apps for secondary school students in this list point to Android, they might also be available on other platforms such as IOS.