5 Interesting Facts About Friends and Burgers

Published on: May 13, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

If you are a burger fan then you have probably heard of or ordered from Friends and Burgers. This post highlights 5 interesting facts about Friends and Burgers which has become one of the fastest-growing food chains in Finland and is now available in other countries in Europe.

5 interesting facts about Friends and Burgers
5 interesting facts about Friends and Burgers

5 interesting facts about Friends and Burgers

1 Friends and Burgers actually started in Jakobstad (Pietarsaarri), Finland in 2014 and you can now find them in various cities in Finland.

2. Friends and Burgers brand name is actually spelt Friends & Brgrs.

3. They make their burger buns in their restaurants and their meat is also ground in the restaurant so would you kind of get the homemade food feeling.

4. Friends and Burgers mayonnaise and french fries are also freshly prepared in their restaurants.

5. Friends and Burgers offer vegan meals as well, so no one leaves the restaurant with an empty stomach.

How affordable are the meals at Friends & Brgrs?

Well, Friends and Brgr meals are not very expensive but are not super cheap either in comparison with mainstream burger restaurants. Their average burger meals in Finland are usually around €12.90 which is pretty decent.

If you haven't been to Friends & Brgrs, it's worth trying. You can visit the restaurant without a reservation. You can also order on Wolt or other food Apps that might be delivering to your area. But personally, I enjoy visiting the restaurant in person. That way, I get to enjoy watching my burgers steaks being flipped on the grill.


Michael Akerele