5 Important Red Flags in Relationships

Published on: February 25, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

I'll share with you 5 important red flags in relationships. When you see them… run! If you are in relationship that you intend for it to lead to marriage, there is a lot to learn you will agree. Everything may look good but there is bound to be a sign you are not comfortable with in your chosen partner. While some of these signs are normal and bearable as no one is entirely perfect, some signs are total red flags in relationships.

5 important red flags in relationships

The idea of marriage is universally accepted and it is what a lot of young people look forward to. Statistics estimate that well over 100,000 weddings happen worldwide, daily. This is a huge number and describes the rate at which people get into relationships.

Below are 5 important red flags in relationships

1. They want more than they are willing to give

You know, it's a different thing when they want from you and are willing to give back but it will be a bad thing when it is not reciprocated. This scenario is often accompanied with unfair manipulations and unreserved domination. This actually paints a picture of greed and selfishness. Yes, it’s time to run.

2. You feel trapped in the relationship

Trapped in marriage

It’s obvious you both want different things in life and you can’t seem to be your true self around them. You shouldn't feel trapped with someone you will be living the rest of your life with even though you feel emotionally attached. The emotions are never enough. Recognize the fact that you are not yet married and as such you are at liberty to pull out now; especially when you know for sure that it's not going to work. Hi there, don’t postpone the evil days.

3. Looks like you are both in a competition

This is a huge no-no for me. Both parties are expected to be on the same page and same side, working towards a common goal. It should not be a case of one party proving to be of higher intelligent quotient or value compared to the other. If this is the case, there is danger looming ahead as toxic ways to stay ahead will begin to creep in to the minds of both parties. And then secrecy becomes the order of the day.

4. Violence and anger flying everywhere in the relationship

It’s okay to express anger once in a while so long as it is well managed. When it gets too frequent and results in violence, it has obviously become a danger sign and a sign of emotional immaturity.
No one likes to hang around a violent friend; It tends to spur terrible emotions in you. They are mean to other people, you get scared, you can’t express yourself, you can’t communicate effectively, it’s just a mess! In marriage, this could lead to homicide, divorce or even suicide. This is someone you'll get to spend the rest of your life with, choose wisely.

5. Zero trust in your relationship is a red flag

Yes, your partner has his or her right to privacy. However, if their integrity has been constantly questioned and they tend to hide important things and let you find out for yourself, something is wrong somewhere. Trust needs to happen for a long relationship as marriage to last.

Now listen, just in case you notice any of these red flags in relationships, what you should do is simple. To avoid changing partners like undergarments especially since no one is entirely perfect; Invest a lot in communicating and expressing your fears in a mature way with your partner. If you go through this process and changes don't get effected from them, take the next exit door… and don’t look back.