5 Great Performances of Helen Mccrory

Published on: April 24, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

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Award-winning stage actress Helen Mccrory was one of the finest actresses of her generation and the award-winning actress has been lauded by critics as an elegant actress with a bristle but compelling tenacious ability to embody roles in an alluring way. The 52 years old British actress died on 16th April 2021, after a long battle with cancer. This post highlights 5 great performances by Helen Mccrory.

Helen had always been an amazing actress with iconic roles and characters that could only be brought to life by her. While her death has now deprived us of ever seeing the elegant actress's performances again, her roles in these iconic productions will forever be remembered.

Below are 5 great performances of Helen Mccrory:

1. Polly Gray

Helen played Polly Gray in the British television series peaky blinders and her role as the smart matriarch of the Shelby family gained her further recognition and her character quickly became a fan favorite. Helen played Polly Gray with a tenacity that is hard to find in any other actress.

She breathes so much fire into a character that is already one of the most interesting characters in the gangster drama. Polly while a morally questionable character was played by Helen with a ferocious reckless abandon that is as enthralling and convincing to watch.

2. Narcissa Malfoy

In what could have been a limited role with no substance, Helen played Narcissa with quiet but powerful restraint and made a small role glamorous and enigmatic at the same time. Helen could have been overshadowed by Helen Carter who played her older sister Bellatrix Lestrange or by Jason Isaacs who played the formidable Lucius Malfoy but Helen effortlessly stole the spotlight despite playing such a small role.

3. Dawn Ellison

in her most recent role as Dawn Ellison in Dave Hare's political thriller Roadkill, Helen played prime minister Dawn Ellison with a dramatic but chilling flair that almost feels like looking at Margaret Thatcher on a small screen. The talented actress played Dawn with a formidable and compelling performance that will forever resonate with viewers and critics alike.

4. Hester Collyer

Helen had always had a successful theatrical career and in what will be one of her last performance, Helen played the tragical role of Hester Collyer in a revival of Terrence Rattigan classic; the deep blue sea that earned her nominations as best actress at evening standard theatre awards and Whatsonstage awards. Hester was not a character that should have been beloved by the audience but Helen was able to capture Hester with a yearning innocence that makes her act bearable to watch.

5. Kathryn Villiers

In an astonishing performance as Kathryn Villiers in Tom Rob Smith's motherfatherson, Helen played a British heiress and ex-wife of Max Finch (Richard Gere) and the mother of Caden Finch (Billy Howle).

Despite over the top premise of the thriller, Helen managed to bring a heightened performance to what could have been a rather bland role in the hands of an inexperienced actress but Helen was a powerful force in her role as Hester Villiers and ended up becoming the most compelling character on the show.

Notable mentions: Cherie Blair in Peter Morgan the Queen and Emma Banville in Fearless.