5 Good Locations For Cheap Houses in Ibadan

Published on: June 17, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

couple looking for affordable home on the internet

Are you looking for locations for cheap houses in Ibadan? In this article, we will be discussing 5 good locations in Ibadan where you can buy affordable houses.

Looking at the average price of houses in Ibadan, one might never dream of owning a house. This is quite unfortunate, especially for the middle-class and lower-class people. Regardless of what you find online, there are good areas with cheap houses in Ibadan.

Now, don't get me wrong. When I mean cheap, I do not mean ridiculous cheap. Kindly do not expect to see a good house listed for ₦3 Million. However, by getting your agents to look into houses in the below-mentioned areas, you might find budget-friendly options. Join me as I give an insight into the 5 locations for cheap houses in Ibadan. 

1. Ajibode

Ajibode is an underdeveloped neighborhood near Orile-Aro, north of the University of Ibadan. The neighborhood is one of the cheapest places to live in Ibadan. Housed for rent and sales are known to be affordable. Ajibode is not only known as one of the cheapest places to live but also one of the most secured neighborhoods. 

You can buy a lovely four-bedroom apartment in Ajibode for as low as ₦18 Million. This is the average price of a 44-bedroom apartment for sale in Ajibode. This price is over 200% higher than houses in Bodija, Ibadan. 


  • Low crime rate
  • Quiet neighborhood


  • Poor electricity supply
  • Poor road

2. Agbowo

Agobowo is the most populous off-campus neighborhood around the University of Ibadan. The underdeveloped neighbourhood is majorly known as student-resistant, surrounded by mud bricks and rusted roofs. However, Agbowo is one of the nice places to buy cheap houses in Ibadan. The community has a small marketplace located directly in front of the University of Ibadan. 

You can purchase a 12-bedroom apartment in Agbowo for as low as ₦25 Million. On the website, a six-bedroom apartment is also listed for ₦10 Million. While houses in Agbowo might need renovation after purchase, their budget-friendly price is worth the shot. 


  • Good electricity supply
  • Cheap transportation 


  • High crime rate
  • Poor road 

3. Ring Road 

There are very few areas in Ibadan as popular as the Ring Road. Besides its beautiful sights, there are many shopping centers there. One of Shoprite's malls is located nearby Ring road in Ibadan. Having the mall so close to the road makes it a convenient location. Numerous schools and markets are located near the ring road. Several industrial companies such as DN Meyer, Isoglass Industries Nigeria Limited, e t.c located in Ring Road.

Furthermore, house prices in Ring Road are affordable. You could find a decent 3-bedroom house for as low as ₦25 Million in Ring Road. You will also find various cheap apartments based on your requirement and budget. 


  • Good electricity 
  • Fair road
  • Home to great schools
  • Good security and low crime rate


  • Industrial Pollution 

4. Oluyole Estate 

Oluyole Estate is part of Oyo State's Ibadan South West Local Government Area. On Ring Road, Oluyole Estate is located in the center of Ibadan. It is a mix of Ibadan citizens from the high and middle classes. Oluyole is a moderately priced city. Due to its central location, Oluyole is popular with many people. The road system is excellent.

Oluyole Estate is home to many industrial companies such as Scannik, Nampak Nigeria Cartons, Seven-Up, e t.c. However, if you are looking for the best locations at a lower price, Oluyole Estate is one of the best choices. With ₦45 Million to ₦65 Million, you will purchase a very good well, structured house. 


  • Good road
  • Good power supply 
  • Low crime rate


  • Industrial pollution

5. Adamasingba

Adamasingba is a city in Ibadan popularly known for its Stadium. It is one of the most popular stadiums in Ibadan, Nigeria. In addition to hosting football matches, Adamasingba Stadium hosts local teams. This includes Shooting Stars FC and Ibadan Royals FC. While large houses are sold at a high price, there are also a lot of cheap houses for sale.

You can get decent apartments between ₦15 Million to ₦30 Million in Adamasingba, Ibadan. This depends on how many bedrooms and the state of the apartment. 


  • Good Power Supply
  • Fair Road
  • Home to Popular Local Sport Team


  • If you are the type that likes a quiet neighbourhood, you might find the area noisy sometimes due to commercial activities 

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