5 Fun Activities to Try Out This Christmas

Published on: December 9, 2020 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Fun activities to try out this Christmas

5 fun activities to try out this Christmas

Christmas is one time of the year a majority of us look forward to because we get to spend time with our family members, friends, and loved ones. As if that isn't enough, there are dozens of fun activities and lots of food to make the season a memorable one for everyone. I mean, who wouldn't love to be a part of such an eventful season? This post highlights 10 fun activities to try out this Christmas.

As much as we love to join in the festivities of the end of the year, the existence of Covid-19 creates some restrictions on our activities. So, it's either we choose to have a great time with our loved ones at the expense of our health or we choose our health over fun time. Trust me, no one likes to be found in such a situation where they have to choose. So, what do we do? Well, who says we can't stay safe and still have a fun-filled Christmas with our family?

5 Budget-friendly activities to try out this Christmas

Here's the thing: yes, we want to visit the nicest places in town doing some of the fun activities we longed for all year round. But it is also important to understand that Christmas wouldn't be what it is if our families are out of the picture. Okay, let me explain that. It means that Christmas is about spending time and creating long-lasting memories with our family. It's not really about the things we do, but the people involved.

Now, that we know that. It means that we can enjoy a lovely time with our family and still stay safe so that we don't expose ourselves to Covid-19 risks.

Below are 10 fun activities to try out this Christmas:

1. Try Christmas family picnic in a park

Good news! There are tons of parks in Nigeria where you don't have to pay any amount of money to get in. For those where they charge a fee, a small amount of money is all that's needed to get in. The good thing about parks is that they are usually big in terms of space. This means you could find a comfortable spot with your family at a safe distance without intruding on the space of others.

Grab your mat, baskets of foods and drinks, play clothes, hats, and sunglasses, cameras to capture the moments, etc. and you're good to go. Here's an extra tip: consider making special dishes that you don't make too often at home to make the event even more memorable.

2. Try karaoke with your family

Christmas karaoke

If you love music, and you've got a few folks that also share similar interests, why not create a memory together by trying out karaoke with your family this Christmas?

3. Try a Christmas road trip

Christmas road trip

Take a Christmas road trip

If you love traveling, or you enjoy driving on a long trip, singing, and eating at intervals, then you could try a road trip with your family. It could be one of the best fun activities to try out this Christmas with your family.

4. How about camping indoor?

You'd never believe how much fun doing certain activities indoor could feel until you try them. Camping indoors is one of those activities.

Look for a convenient space in the house where you can set up your tents, get games, music, food, and even some Christmas movies.

5. Try a makeshift Santa Claus costume

One of the best fun activities to try out this Christmas is acting out Santa. By this time you probably have a list of gifts for your households already. Why don't you surprise them with a makeshift Father Christmas costume while you share the gifts? Kids especially would love this!

Now, which of these fun activities are you eager to try out this Christmas?